Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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September 18, 2022
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September 19, 2022
Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill

Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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Ticks are one pest you don’t want to mess with. Once they find a secluded spot on your skin, they use two hook-like structures to tear into your flesh. Then they insert a barbed straw and get to work. If that’s not bad enough, ticks also transmit at least 16 different diseases to humans, such as Lyme. And research suggests that several species of ticks — and the diseases they carry — are now spreading in the US.

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Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill
diy grave decoration ideas



  1. zNiaxMaria!? says:

    While I got that tick in the midnight It was Bite my skins

  2. XxxLIZzxxX says:

    My friend has a tick in her head

  3. Cedar oil will kill and repel most of these.

  4. Gaby George says:

    1. Take a pair of fine pointed tweezers
    2. Grab as close to the base of the tick by your skin as you can and pull
    3. Drop the fucker(s) into a glass jar of Isopropyl alcohol and seal the lid
    4. Swirl the glass around for extra sadistic pleasure to watch them drown
    5. Pray to whatever you believe in that you don’t now have that disease that causes you to avoid eating red meat
    6. Squish the dead bastards with all your might after three or so days before flushing them down the toilet

  5. My dog once had ticks, I killed them by putting them in a pool of like really strong disinfectant and soap 😃

  6. Peter Van says:

    thought he's going to check her armpits

  7. "Why ticks are hard to kill"

    My dad: burns it

  8. "Ticks are so Hard to kill" pulls out shotgun and shoots tick

  9. no one says:

    Well i just burn them with annoying mosquitos

  10. Amber Taylor says:

    I remember touching my ass noticing there was something that i couldn't pull off, so i asked my sister what i had, it was a dead tick that got me by the ass, i dont know if my blood is poison or something but the mf did its job and then died

  11. Dropped into bleach kills them

  12. John Skogman says:

    Why are your pants so tight?

  13. Oh dear, and I've been lying naked sunbathing in the woods every lovely hot summer day now. Getting me some D3 for my disease, thinking I'll catch the ticks before they ´transmit any bad nastiness. They are said to not transmit any disease until after 24 hours. One can't be afraid of them and there is plenty of time. I get 1-2 ticks most days, see them wander up my body, or feel them as they have just started to attach and emít their blood-thinner. This itches so that the tick is easily felt, found and drawn out between my nails. I squash them, burn them with a match (or drown them in the toilet, whichwas done for the last time at this video info).
    I had Borrelia many years ago and many other things too. No way I am going to stay on boring broad foot-paths tucked in rubber boots and long trousers thóugh. Although I must admit this video got to me, so maybe I'll spread a thin sheet on the ground before lying down. it will still let the wonderful Hz of Mother Earth through.

  14. Stephen Wong says:

    Pour vinegar on the ticks they all died.

  15. I live in New Jersey and I went to my niece house in a area that was farm land. Well we’re eating in a deck and went back home that is very populated and the next morning I noted a black mark in my tights. I do not pay attention because I thinks that I hurt myself. I tough it and was hard fortunately my daughter saw and kill in pieces she took me to emergency and removed. Be careful when your are in desolate area , grass and Forrest.

  16. My cat had a tick in his neck amd I felt it and looked amd called my mum she fotnit out with a tweezer and kept it in a jar until it died but I was little and I didn't want it to die and I named it bob😂

  17. Easy says:

    My dad almost died from limes disease ticks need to die all of them I do not care what they do for the environment they need to die

  18. Step 1: get a paper
    Step 2: put the tick in the paper
    Step 3: ĞĘÞ Æ ĶńĪfē
    Step 4: §ťāb ťhē ťıčķ
    Step 5: Throw the paper with the tick on it in the trash can 😀

  19. I remember I saw a tick on me shorts when I was going to me Gaelic football match

  20. It's called a tick jar for those in the north. Isopropyl alcohol in a jar. Also why is there a "safe" medicine that kill ticks when they bite dogs but not for humans?

  21. Sometimes I stab them. Or shoot them. Or burn them. Or give them the Chinese water torture

  22. daily 5 says:

    Tick: come get your blood back in blood

  23. Tony. Chan says:

    Is there exsanguination in Hong Kong?

  24. Diego says:

    5:57 he enjoyed the “check your friend” part 😜

  25. ""Why Ticks Are So Hard To KIll''
    me: uh just step on it, its like, 99% smaller than us-

  26. super beast says:

    me chillin killing a tick using my nails 😎

  27. Why is this man wearing women’s pants 🤔

  28. JackJoToons says:

    POV: You have that feeling you have some on you right now.

  29. Feddy says:

    Yes it’s hard to kill them, but what if I squish them?

  30. Ticks are increasing at an insane rate.. 30 years ago, u could have fun in the grass with a female.. That would mostly go just fine, just check ur self after.. Now, u would be in mortal danger.. Something has happend

  31. New rule: find a tick in a forest? burn it down

  32. sumon raj says:

    Cockroaches: I am the most annoying pest on the planet.

  33. ZurikanFX says:

    When they said the toilet thing i thought of all the ticks ive flushed instead of burning 😦😳

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