Why Pizza Hut Fell Behind In The Pizza Wars | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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Why Pizza Hut Fell Behind In The Pizza Wars

Why Pizza Hut Fell Behind In The Pizza Wars | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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Before the pandemic, Pizza Hut was already falling behind its competitors. Pizza Hut was the largest pizza chain by global sales until Domino’s moved into No. 1 in 2017. Three years later, Pizza Hut’s largest U.S. franchisee filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Analysts say Pizza Hut needs to resolve three problems if it hopes to regain ground: reconciling its large restaurant footprint; upgrading its online ordering and delivery technology, which has been lackluster in comparison to its peers; offering a more popular menu.

CORRECTION (November 24, 2020): A previous version of this description incorrectly stated that Pizza Hut, not the chain’s largest U.S. franchisee, filed for bankruptcy. It also misidentified the reasons for Pizza Hut’s downward trajectory.

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Why Pizza Hut Fell Behind In The Pizza Wars
mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. KFS says:

    I've just ordered a large pizza meal for the equivalent of $40 in HK (280HKD) – you heard it right – that's one large stuffed crust supreme for an extra $5, one side, one main, and two pepsis. Even paid a weekend premium and used a free delivery coupon otherwise would of paid more. Delivery took 100mins+ and pizza was cold to the point it needed to be reheated in the oven.

    All the problems mentioned in the other comments eg bad tech, constant price hikes, declining quality over the years – is completely noticeable even here in HK where they have a monopoly on pizza delivery – and it's just sad because growing up they were hands down the best american pizza experience whether dine-in or delivered. Sad to see them go. Management needs a serious overhaul.

  2. Sad when Caesars is taking over Pizza Hut time to change your business plan

  3. Wuhan virus, not Corona virus.

  4. gt5228z says:

    Because its gone down hill…

  5. LOL its pretty simple. Pizza Hut tastes like ass. Improve the quality and taste of your food and you might win back some market share in the budget pizza market…

  6. Not gonna lie, I have some fond memories of Pizza Hut in my childhood. Born in '91 so my pizza tier was 1) Papa Johns 2) Pizza Hut 3) Dominos….. Today it's 1) Dominos 2) Papa Johns 3) Pizza Hut…

  7. Pat Otmaster says:

    NPC decided the way to stay in business and avoid bankruptcy was to cut labor costs. How'd that work out?

  8. SideLined says:

    In my country Pizza hut is number 1. Below it there is Domino, can't really compare, because pizza hut is everywhere in my country not just in big cities. Price is either same or cheaper than domino and taste is just good. The only thing I'll complain is that sometimes they don't cook long enough for the pizza, you have to remind them.

  9. Chad Cognac says:

    Number 1 reason that should of been mentioned,
    went from fresh to frozen.
    Went from tasty to gross.

    I mean, it’s not rocket science.

  10. Ell p says:

    Unfortunately the couple places that r left near were I live need updating badly!!! The place is original and disgusting! The seats in. The booths are all ripped and falling apart, the tables all have cardboard under the legs! The carpet is nasty! Even when it’s clean it’s disgusting and smells old and moldy!
    Good luck Pizza Hut!!

  11. Eli Matt says:

    TBH pizza hut doesn't put enough sauce on their pizza & it taste fake.

  12. atomizzzr says:

    Its all about the PRICE there to expensive now.

  13. Viking Nomad says:

    Because the pizza hut pizzas are dribbling greasy, half-cocked and over prized….

  14. George :) says:

    3:23 Did he say burger? Huh

  15. Mr12JETS says:

    When you go online and click on deals there's no such thing as deals…..

  16. Kim S says:

    Dominos actually took out time to improve their recipe. Pizza hut quality has went all the way down to the level of Cicis pizza.

  17. InitNormal says:

    why does it have to be a war? pizza would not want us to fight.

  18. The ONLY pizza place here (well, other than the gas station that makes pizza, which is more or less on par…maybe) is Pizza Hut, unless I want to drive 30min+ each way, which usually isn't worth it unless I'm already out doing something else. As a result, I haven't really had anything but Pizza hut for the past maybe 5 years. Other than store frozen pizza. And frankly, the Wal-Mart or Kroger brand frozen pizza (especially if you get the Sam's Choice brand from Walmart) is probably a better and larger pizza for less. I mean, yeah, it's frozen. But that's basically Pizza Hut anymore anyway.

  19. Steve R says:

    I used to like Pizza Hut back in the 80’s and 90’s. The last 15-20 years the sauce has changed, and pizzas always seem to be undercooked even when asking for them well done. The only thing that I still like is the breadsticks. Many of them closed in my area and I don’t miss it.

  20. Laureano Ali says:

    I remember going to pizza hut after church. the restaurant was always full on sundays. and pizza hut would make everything from scratch. once they changed to frozen products it was over for pizza hut for our family. if i was a advisor i would go back to the original formula

  21. Pizza hut’s quality sucks. I remember they used to be a great place to go eat. But once it became about delivery and speed all the chains have fallen. I remember that Little Caesar was the best pizza around in the mid 80’s. Now they’re bottom of the barrel. Better to spend a little more and visit a locally owned pizza place. Bearno’s is one of my favorites near me.

  22. Navajo Post says:

    It's the taste. PERIOD. They lost the last. That's why I stop buying it haven't eat it in many years- they don't listen to their customers.

  23. Phat Phan says:

    I have guessed Dominos will win the pizza war like 10 years ago while in college. If only I have money to buy some Dominos stock back then, I would have been rich by now.

  24. First, stop being skimpy with the toppings, especially the cheese. As i see in your commercials, the cheese strings off the sides of the slice as it is being pulled from the pie. The pizza i buy from Pizza Hut, the cheese doesn't do that at all. It is paper thin and extra cheese doesn't do neither. The cheese is not thick enough. In the 70's and 80's the cheese was like the ones you show in the commercials today, but the real pizza from Pizza Hut today, falls way short of that. My wifes complaint is, not enough sause is applied. Hope this lack of toppings gets attention and is resolved. Also a Philly Cheese Steak pizza would be a good thing. One reason for the decline of sales, is because the pizza is losing quality. Just look at the cheese on the pizza you show in this video, it is loaded with cheese, not like the ones i order, thin cheese! When you think of pizza, the one thing you think of is cheese. Bring the loaded cheese back! The technology is only part of the problem, lack of quality with the real pizza is the other problem. The ones in your commercials are now fake.

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