Nike Go FlyEase | Behind the Design | Nike | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Nike Go FlyEase | Behind the Design | Nike

Nike Go FlyEase | Behind the Design | Nike | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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If you could make a hands-free shoe, how would you do it? This simple question is where the Nike Go FlyEase design team started. See how they met the goals of building a shoe that changes the way we get in and out of the day.

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Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.

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mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. Its so crazy! So simple, elegant! Its genius!

  2. LIL SCRAP says:

    You guys should make a donation to the elderly these shoes would be great for old people or even people with disabilities

  3. Angel Haze says:

    If you are a Nike fan I recommend you to watch this video –

  4. "
    You will be impressed by these real facts about the interesting background of the well-known Nike brand!"

  5. Nike is rhw worst most crooked co.pany in the world. Smart people never buy Nike. Only riff raff and gypsies.

  6. jet44444 says:

    I got these for my senior mom who just had hip surgery, she was having a hard time putting on her shoes.

  7. Mi Santos says:

    A idéia é ótima porém inacessível para os bolsos de quem realmente precisa…..

  8. MrStanko287 says:

    Vous êtes des génies Nike ✌️

  9. I'm lazy and I want one

  10. PS check your audio levels when recording!

  11. The idea looks really cool! Wonder how fit they stay while working out. Also how long that band will hold its compression strength

  12. Nakedlunch02 says:

    So it's much later in the year, and I still have not seen these available yet for the "broader consumer"

  13. Paul Gabriel says:

    When are you guys gonna put it back on the market though?

  14. Mike Genson says:

    Except it doesn't address the needs of those in a wheelchair that are not able to hold their toes out straight. shoving toes in a shoe makes them twist and bend which causes blood flow restrictions which causes tissue to deteriorate… this is why people in wheelchairs, 20,000,000 in the US alone, wear oversized sneakers or something medical looking.

    Fashion has left the lives of all those people… same thing can be applied to Seniors (25,000,000 of them), as well as little children (1-5 yo, 22,000,000 of them)… how do you know those little toes are in there flat and straight?

    there is a solution, there is footwear that has three US Patents on it but companies such as NIKE refuse to even look at it… they think the disabled community as a whole isn't worthy of being included in the Nike family… Tommy Hilfiger spent $2,000,000 researching the amount of disposable income the disabled community has and after this two year study concluded it was $42 Billion… Hilfiger was first to start producing shirts and pants and jackets and dresses that look EXACTLY like every other piece of fashion but with hidden features that make them easier to put on. Hilfiger saw this revolutionary shoe technology and went into negotiations to buy the patents and the then the CEO of Hilfiger America left for greener pastures and the project got lost in the process.

    Imagine just how many pairs of shoes a company could sell if they offered this technology to a group that is in marketing terms considered a "captive" audience.. they all need this footwear, they all want this footwear… thousands have seen this footwear at expos and have placed their names on a list to be updated as to when they might be able to buy a pair, or several pairs.

    Perhaps someone at Nike will read this and then go ask Jennine Hayes why she has ignored this technology, or Paul Saracen, or Mark Parker, or Erik Sprunk…

  15. orla spring says:

    Keep innovating, Nike. That's what sets you apart. Bring more and more inclusion into your marketing and advertising too.

  16. As a Famous Cartoon character once say "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"

  17. Why don't you show people with actual physical limitations and disabilities, instead of young, obviously healthy people? Your market for these would absolutely grow.

  18. This is an essential product for individuals that have motor limitations. Actually it can be life changing. However, the price makes it unaccessible to most average people. It's unfortunate that a shoe designed for diverse individuals will only be seen on the feet of A-listers and celebrities. I appeal to celebrities to buy a pair but buy one for someone with physical limitations.

  19. Great piece of innovation and design work from the designers 👏

  20. Bro ,can I repair my nike shoe ?
    I want repair my nike shoes in any area like nike company or any nike store ,,because that's was costly 🙄🙄
    Please give me advice bro please reply 🙏

  21. Mika Levy says:

    what happens if the band snaps or loses its elasticity?

  22. BList says:

    Now if only Nike would actually make enough of these that they can be used by the disabled community instead of making a limited run so it can hype up their value

  23. MIX HEADED says:

    why advertise something you can’t buy

  24. These were suppose to be available for sale on on 4/30 but they were not.

    You can pick the up on other sites for hundreds of more dollars. Scalpers. Hate them all.

    NO ONE buy these for more than the $120 they were first announced for!!!!!!!!

    NO ONE BUY THESE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. js718 says:

    I thought they drop today…no?

  26. Lana says:

    This shoe was made for people with disabilities and the hypebeast world took that away from us. As someone who has cancer and struggling with putting on their shoes, I wish they would’ve allowed us to purchase them.

  27. 물건 says:

    I want these shoes! I hope the prices go down a bit and they make more. These would also be pretty great for people who have difficulty with getting in and out of shoes. Obviously not gonna pay 200 dollars or more, but if these go a bit more affordable, I would absolutely pick a pair up.

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