Building a Wall Mounted Wardrobe Dressing Cabinet || D.A Santos | basement wall decor ideas |

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Building a Wall Mounted Wardrobe Dressing Cabinet || D.A Santos

Building a Wall Mounted Wardrobe Dressing Cabinet || D.A Santos | basement wall decor ideas |

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i used 4pieces 3/4 plyboard for this simple wardrobe dressing cabinet project, i only used three power tools jigsaw, electric drill and a circular saw for straight cutting. and it took 2 days to build.
i hope you enjoyed my video:)

basement wall decor ideas



  1. Halo apa kabar mbak ayu, kita senasib dan sepenanggungan. Pekerjaan saya juga di bidang perkayuan

  2. Просто мастер.Уверенно и доступно.Спасибо большое.

  3. I'm gonna build mines tomorrow. Thamkd

  4. Iqra Naz says:

    V nice video so easy i will definately try

  5. InternetGuy says:

    Wish my gf was this handy 😆

  6. BP TV says:

    Mam baka may sukat po kayo pwedeng pa share gayahin ko sukat nyan salamat

  7. Exelente, lo haces como si fuera facil de hacer.

  8. Dieu World says:

    Awesome 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 job

  9. Super galing naman ate! Pwede ka din ba magturo ng sliding door?

  10. Esther Newme says:

    What ply is that??
    I want to try too

  11. I love your hair and the cabinet… Wow

  12. Hi i would like to know the sizes of every wood you cut, im planning to build my own wardrobe

  13. richi s says:

    She is just not a beautiful girl, she is very talented too. Fair play to you girl. 👏👏💯💥

  14. Good idea. Now I know how to make it.

  15. TD says:

    Beli mesin potongnya dimana ka

  16. VINTEKNO says:

    ah iyeu si eneng tiasa an nga damel lomari,neng bumi na dimana ?

  17. djy delacruz says:

    in tagalog karpintera😁😅 nice? i am also carpenter🤝👌

  18. og atkinson says:

    Very nice video, first time I have seen it, you are very resourceful with simple tools.

  19. teresa lagos says:

    Bravo, 👍lindoooooo 😍👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  20. joe hanley says:

    An no level in site 🤔 walls and floor….

  21. Usman Afzal says:

    Very nice. Stay blessed and strong.

  22. Nagka idea ako sa video mo, gusto ko rin tuloy gumawa gaya nyan.

  23. Mark Miller says:

    Great job, but I wouldn't recommend using glue until you have a lot of confidence your abilities. It is completely unforgiving and will ruin your wood if you need to disassemble it for whatever reason.

  24. Nodia Khan says:

    Is it on a dry wall ?

  25. What sizes did you cut the wood down to?

  26. Hi Girl, I don't have enough words to say you motivates me to go and motivate my daughter whom I trying to teach her upholstery job. WELL DONE 👍✅

  27. Hats off to you, very well done, simple effective job done.

  28. Gerald Reyes says:

    Galing mo naman ate salute

  29. Mounir Turki says:

    Your work is great and I work in the same task, so I love you and of course you are attractive and wonderful and are you married?

  30. Please ask for details.
    what wood do you use What is the size?

  31. Your husband is lucky you do all the DIY jobs

  32. job. but I can't understand how to cut and make wardrobe……

  33. yan ang plan ko habang nandito sa abroad magkokolekta ako ng mga tools na need ko,,,para kahit wala ang asawa ko makakapag construct ako

  34. ganito mga vlog gusto kong panooring isang babaeng marunong mag construction na nasa pinas,,,nakaka inspired gaya ng mga women na vlog sa ibang nakakagawa at nakakapagdesign ng bahay by her own,,nakaka proud,,,,magaya nga kita ate,,,nakaka inspired ang mga babaeng may konting genuine ang gesture,,,dna uso ang masyadong feminine

  35. I've learn something and it's my first time. I'm going to buy the equipment

  36. Garden Hero says:

    Pansin ko lng di siya gumagamit ng working gloves 🙂 Minsan ko lng siya nakita nagsout ng gloves nung nag welding siya para sa plant rack niya isang kamay pa. hehe

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