Pentagon officials testify on UFOs in rare House hearing | full video | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Pentagon officials testify on UFOs in rare House hearing | full video

Pentagon officials testify on UFOs in rare House hearing | full video | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Congress on Tuesday held its first public hearing on UFOs in more than 50 years. Pentagon officials testified before a House Intelligence Committee subcommittee about how the Defense Department is organizing reports of these mysterious objects.

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mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. 70 years We waited for a single congressional hearing. 45 minutes of nothing snd now they will throw trillions of dollars at it. Aliens logically will consider eradicating humans to save the planet.

  2. In my lifetime I’ve watched the government say “ It was another world craft that had crashed with the dead bodies of three creatures not from this earth”, and the very, very next day say “it was a rubber balloon with crash dummies”. I’ve seen them spend 50 years denying UFOs snd in 18 months, they’ve turned it into another Cash Cow.

  3. NobuLL man says:

    Does gaslighting explain anyrhing ?

  4. With all the rhetoric, not so much about the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, UFO. Once again is perpetrated that it is for the protection of the people. Which would require more spending and at the same time while the people are becoming homeless…

  5. Bartman says:

    I really hope that the next time DoD sends a couple of know nothing talking heads before a congressional hearing, that Congress holds them in contempt. They clearly performed a snow job, and treated Congress like they were a bunch of children.

  6. Alex says:

    We are not gonna wait for the gov to release evidences. I fear that, they will never really do it, they will just release some blurry pics/movies, and a kind of project blue book bis, who will, also, go nowhere.

    What we need, is multiples data driven project like Galileo project.

  7. Dan Geissen says:

    Ils ont été payés des dizaines de milliers de dollars et déclarent finalement "je n' ai pas d'explications "…!

  8. sabreea says:

    يمه ما يخلص جذبهم

  9. O K says:

    The truth is that the military officials/pentagon does not trust the civil servants/politicians.

  10. Did the flock find that Trump isn't the Golden one

  11. Start with JFk and John Paul an the DNA

  12. What if LSD is actually a telepathic communicator and we contacted aliens to come for us during the 60s?

  13. Alien
    Will attack the earth
    2023 is the begining..

  14. Between the lines message: Either they are hiding info or they a very incompetent department or both.

  15. Allen Aguiar says:

    They are preparing the public for the fake alien invasion. To take more freedom and usher us into socialism and their great reset NWO agenda. First was plandemic, next will be “climate change” climate control with the aid of DARPA weather manipulation capabilities. Third phase will be the threat of aliens. That’s why they keep putting emphasis on them being a threat to national security. Even though they’ve been here since recorded history and pose no threat

  16. @ILALALOCA says:

    So what happens now? & all the other conspiracies proven true. 🤔

  17. what if its man made with a flight system made up of rapidly compressing and decompressing helium with nuclear power system and ionization paneling

  18. Sub spanish please 😭

  19. KO Storm says:

    These things are absolutely real. There are several types of piloted craft. One in particular is the illuminating, glowing spheres in some sightings or videos you see that look like this 🧿. They appear to be individual observation craft. There is an entity inside each one, operating the craft (looks like a Grey 👽) . I know because I took a picture of one that was in a pilot’s video aired on a documentary series entitled “Unidentified”. He was flying his plane at night and saw a glowing, golden/amber like colored object flying alongside in the distance of his plane. I paused the program, took a picture from my phone, zoomed in, took out the glare and dimmed the glow and after some picture exposure adjusting you can clearly see what looks like a little grey entity, sitting inside. It has some type of apparatus on top of its head and you can definitely see the big eyes and what looks to be a black console with its long fingers on it as if it’s controlling it. It’s sitting in some type of a seat and staring at the plane. I was both amazed and stunned at the same time when I seen it after taking out the glow of the object. Im thinking maybe the bright glow is not only for them to see each other but to sorta blind the human eye from seeing them inside. It’s the same craft as seen during the day, but without the glow. Like a silverish white sphere. If you notice in the center of those you can see a head shape within the sphere. But, I dont know if the powers that be in the govt will reveal what these beings and UFOs are. I hope they do, because this is definitely real and I have my own pictures to convince me that these things are absolutely real. Go to my channel and Subscribe so you can see a few of the analyzed UFO pictures in the community tab. Subscribe, then refresh the page to see the Community tab. I posted them in there👍🏼

  20. K C says:

    Been seeing things in the sky for years 💯💯

  21. It’s coming against America from 3 sides. We are weakened, they are patiently waiting.

  22. Two problems: One there are those within the Government who know exactly what the intent of these others is. Two, if these others were a threat, A. that would have been apparent years ago. B. If they are a threat, there isn't a god damn thing we can do about it. This is all about the elites having to give up their hold on power if the true intention of these others were to be made public. A source of energy that is clean and inexhaustible for the planet to share. This technology has been offered to our governments who turned it down due to maintaining the status quo. We would have to unite as a planet to receive this technology. There is also some legitimacy to the governments not revealing the whole truth: Studies have shown that the release of this information could cause a breakdown in society due to political and religious dogma. So, these others are now taking a grassroots level approach to revealing their existence. Slowly acclimating people as to their intent and presence.

  23. They must have/know so much more wtf

  24. Children being abused and going hungry. The earth and the animals are being destroyed by human actions. There are people going around bullying, harming and destroying the life of others. Yet the existence of aliens are important? This is nothing but escapism from reality.

  25. Para Pitro says:

    The American Congress on Hearing. Nevertheless, they continue to lie because they do know what it has been for decades. Thumbs up because it is all very well to conceive the facts but thumbs down because they have known for decades that this phenomenon is very real and not ours.

  26. pirate cove says:

    I have been an ameteur weather watcher for many years and I seen some very strange things. Assumptions can be the mother of mistakes so I take a skeptics stance on this subject until it is proven otherwise. An interesting documentary.

  27. God Speed says:

    I would be happy to offer my services. I have what I believe to be a unique ability to detect interesting objects in images. I am focusing on Mars currently, but so far for my own interest and want of knowledge. I doubt I have much time left on this Earth so my offer is somewhat time limited. This all depends obviously on the sincerity of your apparent seeking of intelligence. I’m also happy to die with this knowledge without anyone else knowing about it.

    Either way, God Speed…

  28. Mr Crawford there is an alien sitting behind you!!!

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