Easy & fast crochet baby hat/four sizes crochet hats/crochet for beginners | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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September 16, 2022
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Easy & fast crochet baby hat/four sizes crochet hats/crochet for beginners

Easy & fast crochet baby hat/four sizes crochet hats/crochet for beginners | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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This crochet baby hat is very easy & fast crochet hat you can made. From this crochet hat tutorial you can get four different pattern early born crochet hat, 0 to 3 , 3 to 6 month & 6 to 12 month crochet hat in one video. Due to easy of this crochet pattern & explaining from the basic even beginner can follow this tutorial.

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pom pom :

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hospital pumpkin decorating ideas



  1. Can I use 4.25 or 3.5 hook???

  2. Jeannette says:

    Excellent 👍👍👍👍

  3. Sherony Lock says:

    I want to make this for 12-18 months (for my niece's 1st birthday). Does the first chain need to be 72, and then have 11 rows before starting to reduce? Or do I need to do something different?

  4. Diana Besada says:

    So pretty 😍♥️

  5. wbr karan says:

    Please make video of pom pom

  6. Very nice pattern and way to tutorial 👌👏👏🥰😍 thanks for your lovely pattern 🥰😍

  7. Grace Noel says:

    Hey! I just made one of your hats! Really love it. I was wondering if the pom poms would be alright if i washed the hat? Idk if the pom pom would fall apart.

  8. Thank you, this was a lot easier than I thought it would be…love it…

  9. زءزء says:

    You are an artist, girl. I worked on a hat like you, but the result did not come out as beautiful as yours. I congratulate you on your very beautiful work.

  10. very nice I really liked this channel beacaus it explains everything well done, more brilliance 😗👍💖💖
    جميل جدا أعجبتني جدا هذه القناة لأنها توضح كل شيئ . أحسنت مزيدا من التألق😗😗💖💖

  11. I followed the instruction. Same size yarn and hook. Mine came out tiny. I have no idea why.

  12. Very well explained and super cute 😍 thanks alot !! 💖

  13. Chris Baxter says:

    Beautiful hat , I have made several now thank you xx

  14. Very beautiful.. Starting mine now 👌❤️

  15. Love your patterns & tutorials thank you, have been looking for newborn beanie that I like & yours is nice & simple & looks great 👍

  16. naira beegum says:

    other tutorials of other peoples were boring its the first time I never felt bored of a tutorial

  17. Padma Mani says:

    It is easy to look but little difficult to proceed Baca & front

  18. Do you have written directions?

  19. I love your work. You explain so well. Thank you, can't wait for more of your work.

  20. Thank you! Your tutorial is the best..

  21. Non è venuto perfetto come il tuo ma grazie a te sono riuscita a completare il mio primo cappellino 💙💙 da principiante sono molto fiera 🤩 grazie ancora

  22. Prativa Das says:

    How to make this pom pom please make a video of this,,as I completed knitting the hat and need this pom pom to finished look

  23. Kajal Dewade says:

    What is name of the needle

  24. That is great I will give it a trythankyou

  25. Gula Kasum says:

    Hi. with this pattern I get small hats but I don't know why

  26. Thankyou. Really beautiful baby hats! Can I know the lengths(cm) of the newborn baby hat starting chains?

  27. Isma AMD says:

    Thanks you so much from France 🇫🇷 i didn't think that i could do this at the beginning then i read the comments section and saw people who were in the same situation and finally did it. So i start to believe into myself, i hope my comments will help someone else. Your explications are very detailed and it's perfect but i still had to slow the video ( × 0,25 ) 😅 it helped me to see each of your movements one by one Thank you very much ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘

  28. Mulțumesc mult! Il voi lucra urmează să devin bunică! Voi avea un nepotel!

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