Benjamin Moore Paint Colors | TOP Interior Paint Colors | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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Benjamin Moore Paint Colors | TOP Interior Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors | TOP Interior Paint Colors | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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Learning how to choose paint colors is tough! Do you have several cans of paint that didn’t work out in your home? Well, in this video I am going to share with you my top Benjamin Moore paint colors, share some interior painting tips and tricks, help you choose the best white paints, and teach you how to choose the right sheen.

I have been playing in paint for over 20 years! I have learned a lot, and I hope to share with you valuable information that will help you save time and money!

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indoor picnic decorating ideas



  1. It was very helpful.. trim tips..most videos forget to talk about that. Thank you

  2. Stacey G says:

    Wonderful video!
    What shade of white did you paint the wall behind you with the moldings? Its creamy and lovely

  3. All Me says:

    Jennifer on your front page screen, the curvy headboard-what furniture line is that please-I really like the curvature shape. Jana, TX

  4. I’m wanting to paint my patio a bright green. There is a pond in the area with ferns and limestone floor. Any idea of what colour you like please.?

  5. It would be great if you could apply the name of the colour discussed directly on the related picture. 👍😊

  6. Great video even though it's been over 2 years since it was posted. What color white did you end up painting the exterior of your home and what color white did you use in the background wall of your video?

  7. Thank you for simplifying this. Love your videos.

  8. Thank you! I am looking at colors for my house and your selections are perfect! I can’t wait to choose the ones I think will go well and get samples to view in my home!

  9. Thank you, Jennifer — fabulous information coming from someone who has used all the colors and why they work!

  10. Beth Bilous says:

    Love your video, can you please find out where this client of yours got that checked bench cushion. I am in love with it and i need a solid color that looks just like that.

  11. And what's wrong with you're eyes ,are you tired ? They keep closing !

  12. M L says:

    Great video with a lot of tips. Saving time and money!

  13. Aria Stavrou says:

    Great video !!! Thank you!

  14. Hi Jennifer! What are your thoughts on Pale oak or classic gray in a east/south facing room? I love white but I think I want slightly darker than white. Thank you ! 🙂

  15. K D says:

    Very informative video, you’re gorgeous madame

  16. Thank you for all your tips. I have SW satin extra white painted cabinets and I'm going for a modern cottagey look and wanted white walls. What color white do you think would look good next to my painted kitchen cabinets ? The kitchen gets a descent amount of light………What brand and color black would you put on kitchen cabinets ? Does brand really matter on cabinets ?

  17. Smile says:

    This is a fantastic video, great tips, and I love the colors you went over. Thank you! 🤗

  18. Lily J says:

    What would be good wall color for Saratoga Spring kitchen cabinets mix with Shale stained cabinets ( Benjamin Moore)? Thanks. Great Video!

  19. What is the name of the framed hymn over your shoulder, on the wall? I love the idea, and would love to have something like this in my studio. Thanks.

  20. Hi. Would you still choose a higher sheen for kitchen if it’s in an open concept with an eggshell living room / dining room ?

  21. Janet Hayes says:

    I love how you’re so down to earth and it feels like we’re at the kitchen table with coffee and paint samples!!

  22. Very helpful! Thank you! Cute pup!

  23. I disagree with her flat paint opinion. We painted our house in flat alabaster and it was the best decision ever! Because… you can paint over anything and not have to paint the whole wall like you would with any sheen. It absorbs light, looks beautifully soft, spot paint and in my opinion no paint can really be clean… that yellow stain sinks in… with flat you can paint right over and would never know!!! Best decision flat hands down!

  24. Is the color behind you White Dove or Dove Wing? Thank you!

  25. Judy Weaver says:

    Hi Jen,
    What is a good white for a French chateaux style? It has a stucco finish. Would a lime wash be good? And what is the trick to it?

  26. What is the white behind you ?

  27. Maura D says:

    Loved your tips! Thank you. New subscriber.

  28. a wills says:

    What is the name of the wall color in the backdrop of this video? It's warm and beautiful.

  29. Natalia says:

    Excellent choices of color and great tips. Very useful, thanks

  30. I really appreciate your videos!! I love this color, we have it in our bedroom and we are planning on painting the exterior of our home with sea salt. My question is the trim. We live in florida, the front of the home is North facing. I was not sure of whether to add a bit of warmth- like westhighland white cream, or go with others like Greek Villa , White cotton or something else.
    We plan on painting the front door a rich coffee brown faux wood finish. Also some accents on home with deep bronze for chimney topper and louvers on two windows. But my main question if the trim. Thanks for any input!

  31. tanya singh says:

    Hi loved your video can you please help me with choosing right paint color for my kitchen cabinets my house is NS facing and my kitchen has one video on the south wall my whole house is painted in
    Walls and Ceilings – Sherwin William SW Natural Choice 7011 Flat
    All Trims – Sherwin Williams – Promar 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Paint Semi Gloss Extra White

  32. Linda Foley says:

    Used Manchester tan throughout house and I have no regrets! Love it- pairs beautifully with the various shades of blue accents in living room and dining room

  33. L. says:

    I have Whispering Spring in my bedroom and Heaven in my kitchen LOVE THEM!!

  34. L. says:

    I keep a small notebook where I keep a colour chip of the paint, and list the room, the sheen, and where I bought it. This came in very handy when our home had extensive flooding damage. I had all the info I needed for the contractor for the rebuild.

  35. I’ve used Sampilize. It’s great. Also Sherwin Williams offer you small sample containers. I love those since after you’re done painting you have touch up paint. Also for touch ups. I water down like you said and use a very small sea sponge to tap over the spot. It diffuses it and you’ll never see it

  36. Liz Blazina says:

    Great Video! And I picked a lot of your same colors before my daughter sent me this video. Question please, If I put Chantilly White on the Walls what color white for trim should I do? TIA

  37. Genna25 says:

    Hi here. Thank you for the tips. So much to learn. What’s the website to get sample paint colors that adhere to the wall? Thanks

  38. Laura Olsen says:

    Excellent information

  39. Ei k says:

    I just watched your video on BM paints. I just downsized & I painted my LR condo light gray. In the DR I want to put a focal wall. My condo is a little on dark side. Which colors are best to lighten room. I know some bounce light & others absorb it. Not sure what to do.

  40. sarah keith says:

    I want to paint my living rooms walls white and am surrounded by large trees – the house is oriented north and the back south – am looking at decorator white, dove white – any suggestions?

  41. Alex Ruppert says:

    In a raised ranch with navy blue cabinets, white counters and brass elements. Trouble is we have short ceiling and only moderate light in the main area. Would I want a cooler or warmer white?

  42. Jennifer D. says:

    What color is on the wall behind you in the video?

  43. Chaz Bickel says:

    The Hale Navy went so well with the white granite and tied together with the flooring too. That kitchen looked awesome!!
    Great video!!

  44. Franny says:

    I painted my kitchen and dining areas in the warm cream. I had no idea it was so yellow. I had no idea there was so much to paint! It looks okay as long as I use daylight bulbs and it hits just so but it's a touch too yellow for my preference. I have a lot of sun in that space in the morning and afternoon. I would love to buy the paint pages that stick to the wall so I can look at it before I paint over it. I'm thinking the Revere Pewter will go nicely with my very traditional space but this time I want to see it before I put all that time and energy into painting everything. Also, do you paint your ceilings the same color as the walls or something different and if different, how do you decide that other than keeping birds off the porch?

  45. gmamasj says:

    Don't forget light bulbs! Palladian blue will look mint under warm white light bulbs.

  46. Fantastic presentation.

  47. HIGHLANDER says:

    Thank you so much – so, I also needed that I'm going CRAZY choosing colors for our newly built, large home. I like very white, and hubby is an 80s child, he likes colors!!! Ugh… 😊🌻

  48. Bel Cerros says:

    Ugh we just bought a new build and yes ugh the matte white walls I hate them, can’t wait to get rid of them.

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