How to Make a Naked Wedding Cake (Your First Cake!) | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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How to Make a Naked Wedding Cake (Your First Cake!)

How to Make a Naked Wedding Cake (Your First Cake!) | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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Learn how to make a naked wedding cake with no previous experience required! Making your first wedding cake can be intimidating, but I will teach you how to bake, assemble, decorate, and transport a naked wedding cake! Plus tips and tricks for stacking and applying fresh flowers. Made with a delicious easy vanilla cake and easy buttercream frosting, no one will guess you made this cake yourself!

Printable recipe & instructions ►

Cake servings guide ►

Cake support guide ►

Naked Wedding Cake ►
32 ounces (907 g) all-purpose flour
32 ounces (907 g) granulated sugar
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
6 (300 g) large eggs room temperature
10 ounces (284 g) vegetable oil
20 ounces (567 g) buttermilk room temperature
8 ounces (227 g) melted unsalted butter (melted, but not hot)
4 teaspoons vanilla extract

Easy Vanilla Buttercream ►
48 ounces (1361 g) unsalted butter room temperature. (You can use salted butter, but it will affect the taste and you need to leave out additional salt.)
48 ounces powdered sugar sifted if not from a bag
4 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon salt
12 ounces (340 g) pasteurized egg whites room temperature
2 TINY drops purple food coloring (optional) for whiter frosting

00:00 Intro
00:30 Tutorial overview
01:53 How many layers?
03:32 My wedding cake pet peeve
04:05 Tools for flowers
05:26 Baking timeline
05:42 Easy vanilla cake
06:54 Frosting for hot climates
07:42 Should I use simple syrup?
08:14 Trimming the boards
09:03 Beginner decorating mistake!
09:49 Frosting the cakes
11:15 My first wedding cake disaster
14:19 Transferring to the board
16:27 The “oh s$!t kit”
16:41 Hiding the gap
17:13 How long can this cake stay out?
18:35 What size flowers should I use?
19:09 Safely adding flowers

Easy vanilla cake:
Eggless chocolate cake:
Red velvet cake:
White velvet buttermilk cake:

3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. Love love love you! This is the first video I've ever watched without fast forwarding . Imagine getting actual information without being bored to tears with tedious explanations as if you're an idiot. What a Great idea!
    Thank you

  2. Excellent! You've made the entire process, especially the stacking process, so clear and easy to follow. It's my new, favorite cake tutorial!

  3. How long do you bake 3 : 8 inch cakes for, at the same time and at what temperature? Also, can I cut the dome off before I freeze?

  4. Dave says:

    HELP! Love your video and I have a semi naked wedding cake I have to make for this Saturday (in 5 days) and I was nearly sorted and then saw your video and decided I wanted to try your vanilla cake so I went to the recipe which only ever talks about 2 x 8" tins.
    I used the recipe but I have now realised after putting the cake in the oven that these are amounts are NOT correct for 2 x 8" cakes? I did 1/2 the amount to make just one 8" cake and its now 55 mins and its not even close to cooked. I thought it seemed a lot but I loved the caramelised sides so much I just went along and hoped it was fine.
    Please, how many 8" cakes are these amounts for? Is it 4? Thanks

    *I've just checked the original vanilla cake recipe – you've doubled the ingredients but do not say it makes 4 layers you say it makes 2. Unfortunately I missed the oil on my first mix so thats a ton of wasted ingredients added to the 2nd bake which is still sitting in the oven baking after 60 mins – not your fault I didn't check it properly on the 1st bake but please change the references so they are right? :)*

  5. Great tutorial! ❣️ all the great tips and tricks! 👏💯❣️

  6. Minnie Shao says:

    Thank you for sharing such a great information just a question is it safe to use raw eggs in the buttercream

  7. you are the best. funny and an incredible teacher. congratulations! you just saved my wedding cake.

  8. Kay Lou Lou says:

    Question the ingredients you have listed how many tins will be needed please is it 2 or 4 in separate sizes and also if I do a 3 layer will I need to re make the ingredients as mentioned and add to all tins? Thank you 😊

  9. This is such a great video- I feel much more confident about trying to bake one of these!

  10. Literally me 😂 I’m making a 4 tiered wedding cake for next Sunday!

  11. This video was very helpful!
    Would you mind telling me how many wedding serving size pieces of cake would each tier of your 3 layer cake serve?

  12. Katya7 says:

    My first stacked cake was a disaster. Someone told me to use straws as support 🥱
    You know what’s coming don’t you?
    Didn’t say bubble or milk shake straws, soooo.
    Looked fine , sat fine then slowly sank .
    That was ten years ago and you cannot beat that first horror experience for maki g sure you cover all the bases in future 😂
    Lovely demo Liz and lovely cake x

  13. Iara Rabelo says:

    I have same turn table and I love it too !!

  14. XIMENA says:

    I am doing my own wedding cake for our civil ceremony and this video really helped me out! Going to try it out now 🙂

  15. jo pizza boy says:

    Hello, Where did you get the knife you used to cut top of cake off?

  16. Gwyn Justice says:

    Making my own wedding cake and this is so helpful!

  17. Rosa Mejia says:

    Omy gosh I just loved your video.

  18. are you using 2 " pans or 3"?

  19. I tried your cake and easy Buttercream frosting for my brother’s wedding cake, I must say your cake is really tasty and stable💖 Super yummy!!!! Thank you Liz!! #superloveit

  20. Adam Sara says:

    Please can I do 1 inch in each layer and do 4 layers in each tier

  21. Love, Love, Love the video, informative, funny and overall just perfect.
    I did have a couple questions; on your recipe, it's written for 2- 8" cakes, but you made three layers of each. Do I just make the recipe again or double it (which doesn't always work) to make an additional 8" cake and three 6" cakes? Obviously I have to make more batter. Also, my cake pans are 3" high, do I fill them 3/4 way or 1/2 way with batter. I love the size of your layers. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    I've been honored with making my niece's wedding cake, nervous of course, but your video has given me the tools and confidence to make sure at least it won't fall over or collapse. LOL

  22. Confeiteira brasileira estudando bolos em ingles 🥰

  23. Lily V says:

    Best stacking video!! Thank you so much for sharing all your tricks and tips!

  24. Wow this video is so helpful and informative! I'm confident I can make this for my daughters birthday

  25. Can we use the vanilla cake recipe you have using cake flour instead for this? Or would it be to delicate for stacking ?

  26. Lee says:

    When you use big boba tea straws versus the standard straws, can you use fewer straws?

  27. saira iqbal says:

    Such an informative video! Do you wrap the cakes as soon as you get them out of the oven or allow them to cool for 10/15 mins? X

  28. Eda K says:

    Danke.🌹Sehr schöne Torte. 👍👍👍

  29. Anne Lennox says:

    Hi liz I'm doing my first wedding cake I'm using your recipe the velvet cake what other flavours would you recommend? I'm doing 3 cakes tall

  30. A very informative video. I would like to know if I could use any cake recipe to achive a good result?

  31. What size cakes are show here please?

  32. Why would someone want a naked wedding cake?

  33. Bom dia minha amiga nova inscrita vc ensina super bem juntos somos mais fortes

  34. K L says:

    LOVELY🥰 I enjoy your video

  35. Had to watch this again. So informative as always. Thank you for the diagrams. They are so helpful. Thank you for sharing and keep on caking 💜

  36. Yesssss!!!! I love this

  37. Hey! If I’m going to do a ten and twelve inch tier how much cake batter should I make and how can I calculate how much to put in each pan to make sure both tiers are the same height?

  38. Emma Russell says:

    i love you – fantastic video super informative, info I didn't ever think I'd need

  39. Thank you for this video 💗

  40. Angel Jones says:

    I absolutely love watching your videos. Thanks for teaching in such an easy and fun way.

  41. Ana Minaya says:

    Hi thanks for sharing. ..I really appreciate it..I had learned a lot from you

  42. Thank you so much 😍💐

  43. Loved watching this video.
    .do u have a recipe for a gluten free white cake ? I tried a few on line and they taste like cornbread.. thank u Linda

  44. You put the cake in the freezer or in the fridge???

  45. LJ A says:

    Thank you so much for making this video! I don't want to pay $75 for a 3 layer 9" naked cake for daughter-in-law's Baby Shower, so I'm going to try this myself!😊 Bless your heart!

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