Decorating My Fairytale Library! | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

DECORATE FOR AUTUMN/FALL WITH ME 🍁🍂 | kitchen, living room & bedroom cosy vibes | 2022
DECORATE FOR AUTUMN/FALL WITH ME 🍁🍂 | kitchen, living room & bedroom cosy vibes | 2022 | high ledge decorating ideas |
September 15, 2022
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September 15, 2022
Decorating My Fairytale Library!

Decorating My Fairytale Library! | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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Beauty and the Beast library in real life?! YES PLEASE!

Hi angels! Welcome to my library!

Today I am taking you on a book shopping spree all around Los Angeles to turn an old bedroom in my new house into a full fairytale library! So here is my new book collection and mini book tour “decorate with me” style vlog…

…all with me wearing a princess dress to match lol

I LOVE YOU! dream forever – fairytales are real 🙂

3,448,000 kisses!

blue dress:
hair bow:

My Favorite Editions of My Favorite Books:
The Little Prince:
Peter Pan:
Robert McGinnis Art:
Sleeping Beauty:
The Alchemist:
Spell Book:
Winnie the Pooh:
The Velveteen Rabbit:
vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Isaiah Ruiz says:

    I can’t wait for the full house video one day

  2. Audrey-Anne says:

    So she made it seem like she had zero books to start with? Why would you dream of a home library if you don’t read.. 🫥

  3. i get asmr from this. i re watch this for asmr
    purposes because amber has such an relaxing voice

  4. H says:


  5. H says:


  6. H says:


  7. Chad Chad says:

    i know like no one is gonna believe me for this but my family is like related to the guy the tempess is about


  9. Thalia Matos says:

    You should ask your subscribers to send you their favorite series and buy some of those!

  10. Hellow Amber, I am Alice, I from SPAIN. I am a new suscriptor, I am addict to books . Very like this video.

  11. I would love to have a library🙏🏼

  12. Just found your channel a few days ago from Colby’s and ugh! I’m obsessed! I’m so obsessed! You do the “Girl’s Guide” stuff so well, you should have your own TV show! You just nail all of the nuances. I love living vicariously through you and your wonderful life!

  13. Melissa says:

    I can't with people trying to gatekeep thrifted books. Corny.

  14. You can get fake book baskets that look like a full shelf of books! That way you don’t have to buy 20 million to fit

  15. I love the enthusiasm. 😊❤

  16. Rosa Cancel says:

    I loved how she did looked by the cover but actually selected so many good titles that I would like to read and and I barely read.

  17. Lori l says:

    the vibes of this video are so strange

  18. I love watching your videos because you are a girl after my own heart.
    I’ve never met or seen anyone who has similar gifts/talents, passions, decor tastes….I could go on but it’s simply amazing. I’ve thought about starting a YouTube channel talking about similar things but I didn’t think there were people who liked things that I do but I guess I’m completely wrong. Lol I have watched your channel for a few years now and I saw you were interviewed by Forbes recently.
    I just wanted to to tell you I’m so proud and impressed by your success and I look forward to seeing you get blessed with more of your dreams and your hearts desires.

  19. I feel like, she shouldn't be doing that. If she actually is going to read books she likes on the side, and just have "pretty" ones for decoration, she should just putting books she's actually going to read on the shelfs.

  20. The store that you went to with the book tunnel is the same book store I went to with my mom it's such a beautiful store.

  21. Abdul Eve says:

    Most annoying video I've ever seen

  22. Caity Burns says:

    you should go to savannah GA, there area ton of antique book stores.

  23. Grims fairy tales …..YES!!!!

  24. Adrianne says:

    girl has never been to a library

  25. Does anyone know what that molding piece is called??

    And what I would give to have a library like that, honestly I would pay to get a tour of Amber's house haha

  26. Haleema Butt says:

    Lol I don't even have shelves

  27. I love your video you give it that Disney theme with the library and your costume I love it and I love your excitement with books I love to read and I love to read since I was in the sixth grade thank you for making this video

  28. As a bookworm, I wish the books were all read.

  29. i went to the library u showed first once and i just🥲 i remembered how it looked and everything once you showed the inside

  30. If you take some of the books out and make other books hold up other books it’s fills more plus it takes up space so you don’t need to buy as many

  31. Have TOTALLY started doing this today in a random book shop in a Castle 🏰 🤣 and then came back to my grans and she has given me loads more 🤣🤣🤣

    You give me such great ideas Amber
    Love ya 🤎🤎

  32. This is my dream home

  33. Are you going to read them?

  34. You shod shop at a second hand book store they are cheaper and more elegantly covered

  35. This video hurts so much 🥺

  36. sspur says:

    I need another 2 whole rooms for all my books! You go girl! My basement holds so many as it is!

  37. Shyanne says:

    I love peom books that have pictures n them

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