How to Burn Designs into Wood with your Cricut | diy grave decoration ideas |

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September 14, 2022
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September 14, 2022
How to Burn Designs into Wood with your Cricut

How to Burn Designs into Wood with your Cricut | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Join me in watching tips and tricks on how to create all sorts of home decor items for your home! Woodworking, CNC Machining, Cricut projects and more! In this video I show how to do woodburning with a pyrography pen and and a cricut stencil! Stay turned for more on my crafting journey!

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diy grave decoration ideas



  1. What don’t did you use for the Ellison name?

  2. It didn't look like regular vinyl, can you tell me the name of the pen and vinyl you used?
    Great video!

  3. Which brand markers are you using and where can I buy them?

  4. How do you like your heat marker as compared to scorch marker? Where can I get one and how much did it cost?

  5. Jon Astin says:

    No wood burning? Just stenciling?

  6. I tried this but the pen bleeds and did not make straight lines…would you know how to prevent this?

  7. Can you put a finish on it afterwards? Like oil or poly?

  8. Amanda A says:

    What font was used

  9. Are you able to stain or paint a surface and then burn into it using your method?

  10. LeeAnn Tabor says:

    So exactly what kind of marker did you use?

  11. So I want to make a sign for outside. Should I cover this with something like sealer? Let me know. Thanks for the info. I was buying chemicals that I don't need! bummer!

  12. S Muling says:

    I love your videos. Short and to the point. Thankyou

  13. You don’t seem to have an issue with bleeding. Could it be the type of wood or type of marker? Have u ever had bleeding problems on wood?

  14. Nurel G says:

    The font used for the name is beautiful. Could you please tell us the name of it?

  15. Mama Wolf says:

    Thank you for being so "straight to the point" instead of spending 5 minutes explaining which tool you"re using, why, what you were doing when you bought it, & what the weather outside was, etc.
    Simple, educational, quick, to the point.
    Perfect. ❤️

  16. Susan Lock says:

    Unfortunately these pens don't give a burnt brown look, just looks like a black marker pen has been used. It's a pity

  17. Demi Jones says:

    Does anyone know if this would be safe to do on building blocks for babies or would I need to put some sort of non-toxic varnish over it?

  18. phoebe davis says:

    could you give me some advice, every time I do this my pyrography marker always runs, I've always prepped it before and even when I only use it gently my design still runs! what am I doing wrong? it's so frustrating 🙁 great video though x

  19. I tried to watch this as it interest me. You music is too loud and not even necessary since you're talking.

  20. Karen Hadden says:

    Very cool! Does this fade after a period of time?

  21. joy cottle says:

    Im all the way in South Africa, I cant seem to find this marker anywhere 🙁

  22. Loooooooove, do u have a slow step by step tutorial how to make the stencil.i said slow step bc I have learning disabilities and need slow step by step.its hard to find on YouTube. I would love to learn from u .my circut just sits there alot ugh

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