Chameleon Cage Build 101 // Easiest Way to Put Together Chameleon Enclosure | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Chameleon Cage Build 101 // Easiest Way to Put Together Chameleon Enclosure

Chameleon Cage Build 101 // Easiest Way to Put Together Chameleon Enclosure | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Have you ever been at the point where you want to pull your hair out whilst trying to figure out how to put together an adequate habitat for your exotic cham companion? Fret no more! Dylan of Magickal Chams has got you! Tune into this video to see what the easiest, most effective way to put together a chameleon enclosure. OH YEAH! NO POWER TOOLS IN THIS VIDEO! WHOOP WHOOP!
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  1. Ivan Beltran says:

    What do you do for misting/humidity

  2. Ana Berna says:

    I'm rescuing a mature male chameleon later this week and this is one of the most helpful cage videos I've seen so far. Thank you so much for doing this – great job!

  3. I'm debating on making an artificial plant wall for my chameleons so when they're out they have places to climb and blend in for their comfort and security, so you think this would be a good idea?

  4. F22_V says:

    At 29:22, Can like I look on my phone when lights are closed without disturbing the chameleon? Or just for an example play on my computer

  5. Kenny Holton says:

    That was very informative. My buddy just gave me a cham and I really wanted to make sure it’s comfy!! Do you have any pointers for beardies?

  6. Kenny Holton says:

    Awesome info my dude!!!!

  7. Wow can you please do my cage

  8. For a first time set up, this helps so much! Thank you!!

  9. the basking temp… won't my critter if given multiple area's to bask just find his happy place ? YES it works just like a micropone on stage

  10. New subscriber and thank you for this video. I was stressing out about setting up the 24x24x48 enclosure cause it’s absolutely massive but your video helped a lot. 👍 ✌️

  11. Does this method work for any chameleon

  12. The chameleon on his face was like where tf am I?

  13. Pordnus3 says:

    This was a FANTASTIC video!

  14. Your Decorating an enclosure. How did you build the enclosure?

  15. What about water ? Or water mist , you recommend a Automatic mist or self maid ?

  16. HeH8Me2347 says:

    How much would you charge me for a wood tray for my 24 x 24 x 48-Inches Zoo Med Reptibreeze Open Air Screen Cage…. Trying to find a tray deep enough to capture the water from my mist king system…. Need to figure out also what to use to provide soaving between the flooring of the cage and the tray itself… Thank you

  17. Thank. You. So. Much. Very new to chameleon keeping and had the hardest time thinking of drainage and just set up in general. This video has given me great ideas for my chameleons new enclosure.

  18. Thank you so much for your video 📹 definitely helpful for new chameleon owners 😃

  19. PRIVATE EYE says:


  20. RavenMadd9 says:

    brother thank you …I am using these ideas for a lovebird a cage like this but shorter and also to keep rodents away

  21. Adam Adkins says:

    Ha that's great my male veiled chameleon named Rango loves to climb My face too lol

  22. lunarminx says:

    I am moving my anole back to a large reptibreeze. My cats ruined the last one and I have had them in a 40b double door terrarium. I just bought a bunch of 1/4 inch dowels to do almost the same. BUT I am making a U shaped frame for inside with cross bars top, center and bottom. Glued and tied with twine. I am also adding velcro to the back and sides for coroplast going up until 3 inches from the top to help hold humidity in during the dry winter months and I guess the dry ac

  23. lunarminx says:

    I love the lip hanger….lol

  24. RSGJaay650 says:

    Where can I buy all the supplies you used for the video ?

  25. I am wondering if I leave my enclosure top off, with a tree he could climb on and maybe a humidifier in that corner to make it comfortable. I’m wondering if he will go back and forth and explore comfortably or will I have to put him back manually…. I’d like to come up with a way to give him freedom and be comfortable but given the color changing, he could be hard to get back 😎🥸🖖 any suggestions or information greatly appreciated

  26. ZS Garage says:

    Love the video, and it was covered very well. However, I have a question…. What if said enclosure had glass sides? How would one go about fixing contact points of features?

  27. zanesimorgh says:

    Just met you at the reptile super show!! Thank you so much for your advice and help getting my new lil homie set up!!!!

  28. Kristie Tate says:

    Nice video with good info. I only wish you'd consider taking out the screeching guitar music. It was so distracting!!😫 I almost exited the video a few times bc it was so bad…I can only imagine how many people did just that. Sucks to lose a viewer over that. You have a nice voice with good info. That's all we need to hear.👍

  29. Kelli Stern says:

    Good video.. My only concern is advising people to use fake plants. These can harbor bacteria and are not good for chameleon enclosures. Also using zip ties inside the enclosure is not a good idea. I got my chameleon Stubby from a breeder who had no idea his tail had gotten stuck in a zip tie. By the time he noticed, Stubby had lost the bottom part of his tail. Just some words of advice.

  30. Have you done a segment on cleaning a enclosure?

  31. Can you do Pvc in loser they are a blip to try to figure out how to add and or connect branches plants etc. That's a video that is not out there.

  32. Man, your awsome! Nice video 🙂

  33. What is those wood branch things ?

  34. Mateusz says:

    Nice video, I'm not a technical person so this content really helps me a lot 😉

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