Tesla and Elon Musk – the future of electric cars | DW Documentary | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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September 13, 2022
September 13, 2022
Tesla and Elon Musk - the future of electric cars | DW Documentary

Tesla and Elon Musk – the future of electric cars | DW Documentary | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturing company, initially appeared to leave the rest of the car industry behind. But competition has become tougher.

In the running to establish electric vehicles, Tesla initially appeared to have left the rest of the car industry in the dust. But things have gotten tougher for Elon Musk’s crown jewel company. The race to dominate the market for the car of the future has entered a critical phase.

Tesla has set new standards in the automotive industry. For years, its CEO was as celebrated as any rock star. But both the boss and his company are coming under increased fire from critics. Employees have claimed working conditions at production facilities are chaotic and often questionable. Production on the Tesla assembly lines has often been brought to a standstill. Meanwhile, losses are growing, while Musk’s reputation has also become somewhat dented and scratched. Meanwhile, other major car brands are working at top speed to bump Tesla from its pole position, with Porsche leading the pack. Little is known about the German carmaker’s new electric Taycan model, but this documentary reveals just how dangerous a new electric Porsche could be for Tesla. And major carmakers have another trump card to play. They have decades of experience in the mass production of cars, while Tesla is still a newcomer to the field. The film also shows how much German technology is hidden in Tesla models, and how both Musk and new Chinese competition are betting on German expertise. The race to dominate the market for electric cars is far from over.

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  1. Dear viewers,

    We accept critical comments, but not comments containing insults, swearwords or profanities. Please stick to our netiquette policy: https://p.dw.com/p/MF1G
    This documentary was commissioned by a DW partner broadcaster, as was ‘The Diesel Disaster’, which critically deals with the German car industry. Take a look: https://youtu.be/gguwJRrzzF8
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  2. Theknifedude says:

    Three years ago and they are just as far back plus three more years! And now they have a GIGAFACTORY in the neighborhood!

  3. Roberts says:

    "Good for enviroment" thats a lie, the production of the cars and batteries hurt alot of people around the world.

  4. Andrew Saint says:

    This would have been pretty good at the time but in August 2022 it's very dated.
    Tesla factories have become 18% safer than other American auto factories. Injuries cost money and affect productivity.
    There was no mention of the Gigafactory Grunheide which went from concept to production in less than the age of the video.
    Astonishing given that German Red tape is legendary and an airport took 20 years to build.
    Tesla Grohman has gone from strength to strength and is still expanding.
    The Supercharger network is now an asset opening to all giving Tesla an unassailable lead in the electric filling stations of the future.
    Yet Tesla is still underestimated.
    The Model Y introduced after the video will become the biggest seller globally next year.

  5. this is a very poor attempt by German manufacturers to make tesla look Bad… Beat tesla in the market… not by using social media… I love German Vehicles but Lost respect because of this poor style…

  6. I L E says:

    It's difficult for someone who works as much as Elon Musk to understand what regular people actually need to stay healthy! He is different and much more driven to work hard and long hours way much more then most others! Working for a person like this who doesn't have much experience with working with regular capacity people is no fun!!! It's just not possible for anyone to be 100% all over the place! Oh he is good but what about those working close to him? This might be the problem

  7. Well, if the energy that is used to charge and produce the car is produced by 100% eco-friendly means then I would see the viability of it. Otherwise it just Makes no difference other then making one feel good about him/herself contributing to the good of the environment, which would be far from the whole truth.

    Energy consumption increases. And if that increase in demand of energy is being filled by energy produced by fossil fuel or any other non-green way, than it would just go on to harm the environment even more on a larger aspect.

  8. Jasboy H says:

    Battery fires are horrendous to put out.

  9. Jasboy H says:

    Polestar a beautiful car.

  10. Nothing changes – USA workforces are a disgrace plenty of money being made thanks to Musk – Billionaires son well connected to Silicon Valley!. Goverment hand outs helped launch Tesla!.

  11. CARLOS DIEZ says:

    Elon Musk is the creator of this electric car competition. If he doesn't make electric cars available for the masses, right now we would be driving just gasoline cars.
    Please do not forget that.

  12. Al Dabiri says:


  13. Irene Sorina says:

    It was indeed a good product but the concern point of view was its safety and to be able for tesla company to manufacture this car,first picks the problem of his employees who are the main source of productions. Then make the product available here in the US,such as the spare parts of the cars itself. There are lots of talented engineering students and even graduates students in engineering that he can utilize. I still like the idea changing the world environmental problem and not depending on fossil fuel. But it's good to know that the possibility was infront of us.

  14. Michele Kett says:

    I drive a Diesel with a catalytic a converter and technology that cleans the fuel. It’s cleaner than an electric car if you consider that Lithium batteries have the same disposal problem as nuclear waste, and the need for some form of power generation to keep the batteries charged. Modern petrol is toxic and smells like sulphur. I get more mileage and as it’s a Peugeot, it’s also very strong, well built, comfortable and great to drive. I object to Musk using Tesla’s name to market a vehicle that doesn’t use any of Tesla’s technology it’s fraudulent and a con.

  15. MrGtsouth says:

    Go Musk! Workers who can’t take the pressure should find a different job. This guy is a loser who can’t stand the pace of American manufacturing. Musk is going to leave European and Asian workers in his dust. Germans forget the cheating they did on the diesel cars they sold to Americans. Something Americans won’t soon forget. Musk will be colonizing Mars before the Germans graduate from high school rocket clubs.

  16. mik mak says:

    Tesla has no future whatsoever. You really think that 1 man can change the world? Think again! Tesla's cars are useless with no quality. His focus on Mars is hilarious. How can you spend trillions of dollars on research when knowing Earth has been destroyed in only 50 years time? How long will Mars last when mankind will arrive?

  17. 66% of electricity used by cars is still generated from coal.

  18. Albert Haah says:

    To my eyes, he is no better than Kim Jeoung Eun.

  19. I am an Aryan from Germany.

  20. Paul S says:

    Where do these idiots think electricity comes from rainbows 🌈

  21. Tesla .. "Just one of many"
    Where would that "many" be had not the leadership of Tesla been there.
    The German company plans to undercut by producing 'made in China'?? Then there will be untold suffering that we will never know about. Forget about union's and 'Workers Rights'. The 12-hour day, 6 and 7 day weeks are considered the standard in China. Sick or injured? "Go away, there are others ready to take your job."

  22. Jahspecs1 says:

    It's a big mistake not include minorities in your workforce. Not talking about affirmative action, I mean real talent…. Not one African in this video

  23. Virg Entina says:

    congrats lang you billionaire Elon musk good luck bye bye 😅😅😁😁🤣🤣

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