Large 1930's semi renovation – What did we do to this house? (Part 2) | high ledge decorating ideas |

September 11, 2022
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September 11, 2022
Large 1930's semi renovation - What did we do to this house? (Part 2)

Large 1930's semi renovation – What did we do to this house? (Part 2) | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Welcome back to this little mini-series about past renovation projects. Watch part 1 first if you haven’t already where I explain a bit more about this property. In this video I’m condensing a 2.5 year renovation down to 40 minutes-ish. Sorry, couldn’t make it any shorter and believe me I tried! So what did we end up doing to this large 1930’s semi? Did we swap the living room and dining room around? Let’s find out…

Want to know how much this project cost? Support the channel and find out here:
Part 1 of this series:
Interesting article here about green goo on electric cables:

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  1. This is great. Which house did you take on after this and did you live in it while renovating?

  2. Gman 76 says:

    A bit late now, but never use those awful socket things that are supposed to prevent child intervention with sockets (next to your daughter's bed) – they do more harm than good. Have a look at the fatally flawed website. The things should be banned.

  3. I’m against taking down big beautiful trees like that. But it’s not the Amazon rainforest. Lovely nature garden btw

  4. htimsid says:

    Beautiful work, excellent explanation, really nice presentation.

  5. Julie Black says:

    I absolutely love this house 🏠

  6. Fabulous renovation, gorgeous house.

  7. Swxll says:

    i really want to know what happened for all the security measures like pressure sensors and barred windows ? does anyone know?

  8. Zero Likes says:

    Hopefully about to start something similar fingers crossed
    This channel is a good inspiration

  9. Hussein Musa says:

    Aww If you sink near Bath sink. When you closed the tap it presessaing water.

  10. I know this isn’t an interior design channel, and in general I enjoy your work, but the modern vertical radiators in the hall are awful. A mis-step! Having those ultra modern rads in a house of that age doesn’t work for me at all. Much better to go for something traditional in keeping with the overall age of the house. Other than that, great work! In general I don’t like your interior design choices but of course they are a matter of taste! Great work in the channel, keep up the good work!

  11. That wallpapering job was awful, how could they be happy with that?

  12. J B says:

    Hi, looks very skilfully assembled drum room. I wonder if the builder is still available and if so, please supply the firms name as we are looking for a builder too. Thanks and regards JB

  13. CORMAC JONES says:

    I would have removed or demolished the garage myself

  14. Jammy Dodger says:

    Love the channel mate, picked up a 1930's semi-detached in Carr HIll Gateshead. It's been a canny journey so far getting it all modernised. You're an absolute madman replacing property water supplies in your other videos by yourself as well, I don't have the stones to tackle things like that. Do you by chance do work on other people's properties or not interested?

  15. sjbock says:

    I would consider building an extra bedroom and soundproofing it for use as a drum room as grounds for divorce. You must have a very agreeable and understanding wife.

  16. Only a philistine could smash this bath suite up ……ridiculous……

  17. NO!!! That bath is gorgeous.. 😀

  18. Dan H says:

    1:41 is that a picture of Alan Sugar on the bedside table??

  19. Antony says:

    I reckon one of the previous owners were sleepwalking !!

  20. With all the renovations you've done I couldn't believe you hired someone to hang wallpaper!

  21. Bailey23 says:

    I woulda kept that Chandelier in the dining room that thing looked heavy and expensive.

  22. SAF says:

    I'm not a plumber, but I think here in Germany we have this type of water circulation in every house. Often in addition with a hot water pump.

  23. Jer0090v says:

    I'd be heartbroken to leave that behind. Beautiful job.
    Fantastic explanation and video btw, thanks.

  24. Sue Cox says:

    I've been watching the start of your 1920s semi renovation and Im looking forward to it, Just one thought–I know it's tempting to move the cursor around a lot as you're doing the voice-over, but it's really distracting. and verges on annoying. I've noticed it a lot myself with people doing Powerpoint presentations, etc. Practice keeping it absolutely still as you're speaking–what you're saying is the important thing. 😉

  25. Hi, please where was the footage with the acoustistop used. I have trawled the whole video to search for it, as I saw a pictorial reference in your stills. I suffer noise vibration in an old flat from neighbours above me. Many thanks..

  26. Sean McGuire says:

    How can the wooden floor boards sit on top of the wires that are laying on the joists like that?

  27. Ann Molloy says:

    I’m crying that you broke up that bathroom suite! The colour is so in now.

  28. Ann Molloy says:

    Sorry, I think bedroom 5 was unnecessary and I think it has ruined the profile of the property. You could have converted the garage at less cost and not tampered with the original floor plan. Just my opinion.

  29. aaron harris says:

    Looks like a lovely property. I haven't seen that many of your videos but why did you sell this place and buy a smaller new build? I am due to take on a 60s townhouse. It will be my 2nd property renovation. I also work full time and have children and will be living in the house whilst I do about 50% of the work!

  30. Wondering where they got that curved radiator that fits neatly into the curve of the bay window ?, …I’m pretty sure they don’t do them in screwfix!

  31. Mrs Miggins says:

    What a shame the bath had to be destroyed, personally thought it great. Purely only personal taste thought lounge was lovely..except for the small round mirror. Good family home and wonderful garden space. Just as well you had a like minded wife, that must have been very hard going for all of you. Great job

  32. Superseven says:

    Re the electrics, I did exactly the same in our 60's bungalow that we're renovating. I did the rewire with stage inspection and final EICR by an electrician. We also had the green goo!

  33. M. says:

    Yeah that loop is basically a hot water recirculating system commonly called HWS or hot water secondary accompanied with a pump of same name,

  34. John Purves says:

    I know home remodels are to the homeowner's tastes, wants and needs. I was sad to hear that the remarkable turquoise bath suite was torn out and disposed of, but I watch enough home/garden tv shows to know that there are very few people who want vintage baths/sinks. I also assume you tore out and threw away the beautiful leaded stained glass window when you built the room over the garage. Too bad it couldn't have been removed to use elsewhere or possibly sold.

  35. Ken Dowling says:

    Loving the work you do mate. Will be looking at your videos for inspiration when we buy. Also, those pink floyd meddle canvases. Class!

  36. Anthony Ward says:

    I know all about the cast iron baths. I spent a good hour cutting our old one in half. I had to use an angle grinder with a diamond disc to cut the enamel coating. Then once I had cleared that a groove out. I used a reciprocating saw with metal blades. No idea how I carried the half sections down the stairs afterwards.

  37. CherryzLove says:

    I have to admit I am extremely curious about those security measures. I'm not sure I trust that "just being cautious" angle but maybe I watch too many Dramas. Lol

  38. Tom Tom says:

    When do we get the follow-up to this ?

  39. clarkeysam says:

    Love this house! It must have cost a pretty penny! I'm house searching in Newcastle at the moment but can't stretch to this level.

  40. hardlyb says:

    This made me think of a 'remodel' that Matt Risinger did. He bought this 70's house, thinking he would remodel it and live there, and once he began digging in, he kept ripping things out until it was to the studs, and then finally there was nothing left except the slab. So all he retained was the foundation…

  41. bobarran says:

    Maybe someone already said this but plumberparts did a vid on a hot water loop within the last few weeks

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