Building a HIGH SCHOOL in The Sims 4 | baseball room decor ideas |

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September 11, 2022
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Building a HIGH SCHOOL in The Sims 4

Building a HIGH SCHOOL in The Sims 4 | baseball room decor ideas |

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This is my favorite part of the new High School Years pack


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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.

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baseball room decor ideas



  1. Kristeena M says:

    My high school had treadmills, it had like a whole gym with weightlifting. I do live in a city, but also we weren't even the most well funded of the district.

  2. 3lf1c_h8m4n says:

    13:11 I actually have one in my school (I live in France) so yup its quite realistic for me

  3. SDKN, says:

    Why not build a prison???!!!. The police building is so big, why the prison not being upgraded???!! Where to put jail the eligal immigrants???!!! """…🤣🤣🤣😄😄😉😉

  4. David Price says:

    Absolutely awesome as the opposite I built my own Boys & Girls Club on The Sims!

  5. I go to a very sporty school, we have this massive gym lol and every lunch I go and use it for the hour that we have

  6. Our high school had a weight room it's also a class you can take

  7. Is anyone else having a problem where we don't have "Highschool" for a lot type?? I have the pack installed… I just don't have the option to make my own high school lots ): help?

  8. Thank you so much for making this! I had all the same thoughts about the school but I was overwhelmed about how to redo it.
    Yours is way nicer!

  9. My high school never had treadmills, but there was a weight room for the sports teams (or if you took weightlifting as an elective gym class), so I kind of equate putting the treadmills and exercise machines in the build to having that. We don't have a lot of fitness equipment in Sims, so we gotta work with what we have. XD

  10. Can we download this school from gallery?

  11. Ibtissam says:

    how do you know how big to make the first squares youre placing for your building? i never know how big to make my buildings from scratch, it always turns out way too big or way too small

  12. Layla Zoe says:

    I never regret ordering Dr Adigba on YouTube herbal products for curing my hsv2 of course it works like magic thank you so much sir…😍🥰💝

  13. lisa Vees says:

    how can i rebuild the normal school? my built one is always deleted is that normal? or only I have that

  14. Celina Kay says:

    Oh when you said "gym" I thought you meant like a proper gymnasium. Like the big rooms with the hard floors where we played volleyball, basketball, etc.

  15. Joker says:

    at the high school near me, they have both an indoor and outdoor cafeteria space where you can get food from either. i'd imagine a solution like that would be your best bet for fixing your problem; it'd keep the school building itself small while also letting you have enough cafeteria space for play.

  16. Bro I need the school that u just built

  17. Tyler Spino says:

    I think you should look at Mr Olkan’s high school build

  18. Katie Pitman says:

    This highschool is so blah and bland… I like the OG one better… and I don't even like the OG highschool cause I'm rebuilding it now. The wood floor is an odd choice and it's as empty as the OG highschool… idk, the quality of your builds lately has gone downhill. There's no detail, they all look the same, even your community lots look the same too.

  19. Hannah says:

    This pack is actually really similar to Canadian highschool in a lot of aspects, we have small gyms with treadmills and usually you only have to migrate from one or two classrooms especially if you’re from a small town. Maybe my highschool was pretty lame but unfortunately the sims bare minimum attempt is pretty spot on for me 🥴😂😭

  20. Naomi says:

    How do I download your high school

  21. DJ-JDHM says:

    We have prom in the uk too

  22. School shooting mod to make it most realistic.

  23. Sara Salgado says:

    You never blink 😗

  24. Can you tell me how to fix my game nothing is working he can’t get to the phone you can get to the food you can get snagging you can get something something is lagging in the game that you please let me know what it is thank you

  25. i do agree that simsie is not the best community lot builder (though i do love her residential lots), however out of all the school builds i’ve seen, i would probably download this one to be placed in my game and to be played in. other builders’ schools look so good and very creative, but functionality wise, i prefer simsie’s builds. and this applies not just to this high school build. again, yes, simsie’s not the best community lot builder, but i love how she thinks about gameplay when she builds. i’ve downloaded tons of pretty lots of the gallery but they weren’t play tested or they were just not the best practically.

  26. So I don’t know if my high school was weird but in the early 2000s (2005-2009) my high school had treadmills and a whole gym we could go in their for gym class but it was also used by athletes during practice times

  27. l3il3 says:

    This build is more like a private school type of vibe, really cute and traditional. Newer American high schools are massive, mega buildings with an industrial feel to them. It's so crazy how big schools have gotten since the 90s!

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