Dede Westbrook + Bold Predictions for OU in 2022, Anthony Evans & Makari Vickers Commit & Ws/Ls | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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September 9, 2022
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September 9, 2022
Dede Westbrook + Bold Predictions for OU in 2022, Anthony Evans & Makari Vickers Commit & Ws/Ls

Dede Westbrook + Bold Predictions for OU in 2022, Anthony Evans & Makari Vickers Commit & Ws/Ls | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Gabe Ikard and Teddy Lehman bring you the latest news with OU football by discussing the commitments of Anthony Evans and Makari Vickers and they make bold predictions for OU players in the 2022 season (4:03). 2016 Heisman Trophy finalist Dede Westbrook joins to talks some OU, NFL and promote his new food truck! (47:17) Teddy and Gabe give their “Winners/Losers of the Weekend:” Nebraska, Scott Frost, Northwestern, Jim Harbaugh, Max Verstappen, Vanderbilt Football, Geno Smith, Matt Araiza & the Buffalo Bills (1:22:04).
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mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. @47:16 Holy shit…Did everything just jump around, or did my brain just stroke off there for a second? Did we accidentally tear a hole in the space-time continuum? Gabe and Teddy changed shirts suddenly when Dede Westbrook was introduced to the show. I swear they were wearing different shirts. Is this that gall-dang Mandella Effect people keep talking about? I guess there's just no way for any of us to ever know the real truth. I mean, I can't just go back in time and watch the beginning of the video. I'm not crazy. I know that isn't possible.

  2. Amazing Interview! Love Dee Dee Westbrook.

  3. Man, how is Jerry Jones not blowin this dudes celly up RN?

  4. Big Beau says:

    Dede is seriously making me hungry right now!

  5. Steve s says:

    Agree with you on Stripling, he's due

  6. Joseph Leigh says:

    I would love to add a Westbrook Packers jersey to my collection of packers jersey

  7. By far the best podcast on YouTube

  8. How are the Thunder not the loser of the week???

  9. Tony Yates says:

    And the fights in the locker room can tell you he’s not a good leader he wants to stir up crap

  10. Tony Yates says:

    I know Vanderbilts in the SEC but I still believe there a basketball score mostly

  11. Tony Yates says:

    Coach Harbaugh wants to see each one in a real game I believe no practice not scrimmage but I kind a lean towards what Teddy said you know these guys and you know you watched them at spring practice which was not a real game but pretty darn close so I believe he should already know but he kind of wants to let somebody else see what he’s saying himself

  12. Tony Yates says:

    Here’s the deal we Oklahoma sooners need to beat the crap out of Nebraska especially if they’re losing too bad northwestern team so now we’ve got to go up there and smash them and now I would’ve rather went up there and smash them when they had a better record like winning every game till they meet us

  13. Tony Yates says:

    I think Scott Frost to be leaving before we play them in Lincoln Nebraska because they can use that as an excuse that you know they didn’t have a main coach how do use of secondary coach if they lose to us which we should win anyway that’s my opinion

  14. I love hearing about what other players do for each other. Talking about Baker picking Him up at 5AM just so He would not be late and the bond that developed. Look at the both of them now.
    Teamwork makes the dream work.

  15. James Thrice says:

    Bold take: Justin Broiles will lead the team again in turnovers.

  16. Switzer was the master at selling mothers. It's a proven formula.

  17. Austin Ham says:

    Anyone who onsides a kick with the lead deserves to lose.

  18. Westbrook is the shit

  19. STEVE MOORE says:

    If Marcus Major has 6 rushing TDs I would be completely shocked!!! If he has 12 then OU is in the Playoffs. Hope ur right Gabe. Boomer!

  20. Snrynkee says:

    I so love it that Ikard loves F1.

  21. STEVE MOORE says:

    Billy Bowman has a lot to live up to. His GF is a 2 time Nat'l Champ and 1st Team ALL AMERICAN!!!

  22. Mark Vigil says:

    What needs to happen is praise for Nebraska. Cause when/if Nebraska beats Oklahoma man imagine all the shit everyone everywhere will be giving OU shit. So for now praise Nebraska until Oklahoma beats them.

  23. I didn't think I could like DeDe and Baker anymore than I did.

  24. Tim Martin says:

    QUESTION – anyone can answer. Was the Team that Coach Stoops took over his first year better than the Team that Coach Venables is taking over?

  25. Book Nerd says:

    Dede with his back against the wall is going to go crazy. Can't wait to see how he comes back!

  26. Andrew N says:

    DeDe is so awesome!

  27. I love to hear a good Baker story

  28. You guys aren't taking into account the increased snap count on defense. The tempo will lead to more snaps, which leads to giving up more yards and points on defense.

  29. Axel Foley says:

    Just as excited about Dede's food truck as I am about OU Football this season…lol

  30. Jay Lee says:

    *9-3 (loss 1: Nebraska or K State. Loss 2:Texas. Loss 3 Baylor or OSU).
    I also have OU losing big 12 championship to Texas, Baylor, or OSU.

    *Gabriel 63% completion 3,300 yards 30 td 10 int 140 rtg

    *Eric Gray will not be the starter all season.

  31. Bexx Chat says:

    Dede please come back!! I love hearing your commentary!!! We want you on the show monthly or more!!!!! Move over Ikard and Lehman!!! Also praire on the podcast and hornsdown — just make the rounds!!! YOU ARE STILL AWESOME!!!!!

  32. mike happy says:

    Watching Nebraska for me just mirrors what Texas has become since Mack left. Mack Brown and Dr. Tom have never been replaced. Both programs seem to have just collapsed.

  33. John Ashe says:

    Enjoyed the Dede interview…

  34. Mark Floyd says:

    You guys are the Best for OU football talk and info.

  35. When Dede said he bought his forever house in Moore; did anyone else think “possible wide receivers coach at OU”?

  36. Loved the show as always

  37. falconsooner says:

    Dede is a fun interview

  38. This is GOLD! Thank you guys!

  39. Amazing still lead on hicks the best player in utah and i think the neb kid who top neb player malachi Coleman

  40. Tony Yates says:

    That’s pretty cool man I graduated from one Oklahoma

  41. Tony Yates says:

    Yes I really have been believing that Marcus Major is that bowling ball type running back that he can smash the pins and mow their defense down when he’s running I don’t know about 12 touchdowns but I’ll give you half of that he is really good at short yardage that’s his specialty

  42. Mike The Red says:

    After watching Nebraska's defensive and offensive line I think OU will dominate them

  43. Mike The Red says:

    I have a question can someone give me the injury numbers and a comparison between when Smitty is at OU and when he's not did the injury's increase after he left I'm just wondering if maybe our players will be a little more durable and less prone to injury 🤔

  44. Ray Elson says:

    Catfish and Spaghetti 👍🏾….a huge debate with my GA friends (they don't know). Looking forward to trying the food truck on my visit to Oklahoma.

  45. Y’all I don’t think the QB run is a normal thing with Lebby the way it was at Ole Miss. I’ve watched some of their games last couple of years (big Arkansas fan lol). Matt Corral was a great runner and put up big numbers, but he wasn’t a great thrower of the football. In a lot of big games he misses on a lot of downfield throws. The offensive line wasn’t bad, but they weren’t just great either. So I think the QB run game there was more out of necessity. It’s kind of the same thing happening at Arkansas with KJ Jefferson.

    A QB like Gabriel who is more consistent in accuracy will make the offense look more like it did at Baylor. A monster rushing attack with explosive plays in the passing game.

  46. KillerBrees says:

    Venables is straight up embarrassing TBOW on the recruiting trail. And the best part of this highly rated recruiting class is the fact that it is full of highly rated recruits on BOTH SIDES of the ball.

  47. Nobody is even talking about Emeka Megwa coming to oklahoma.

  48. John Petrig says:

    Recruiting is wild in this new age of NIL. So much going on behind the scenes. A&M had #1 class in 22' and currently has the 47th ranked class for 23'.

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