How to roll a wall like a pro | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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How to roll a wall like a pro

How to roll a wall like a pro | indoor picnic decorating ideas |


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How to roll like a pro

indoor picnic decorating ideas



  1. newwavepop says:

    what i want to know though is what roller are you using, i load mine with paint and it isnt getting anywhere near that much coverage.

  2. Gen-Zeke-8 says:

    So I'm dipping too much…okay. I kept putting too much paint to where it was difficult to roll out. I'd like to get an 18-inch and do it better.

  3. Dot Dotsy says:

    You make it look so easy! I've started painting my apt but I'm struggling. Is there a video explaining how to load the roller- my paints seem awfully thick and it's a challenge to get it off the roller onto the wall ☹️ or maybe I'm not strong enough to do it?

  4. muse me says:

    This video made me realize how bad I am as a painter

  5. DAMON MARCUS says:

    what about rolling the cut ins?

  6. dnae says:

    Thank you! 😀 Coming from someone who doesn’t paint walls often, this looks really fun. Can’t wait to try it myself!

  7. Gary Woods says:

    You roll walls to fast if your not using a lambs wool nap your going to splash every where.

  8. hoe do you cover so much wall with one load

  9. john john says:

    Great information. Thank you. Thumbs up and subscribed to show my thanks. 👍

  10. SirMize says:

    Step one get a 18’ roller

  11. Alex Thomson says:

    OMG if I could load a roller like that I'd be happy. I load it, do 2 rolls and the fibres are completely flat. Might as well use a cardboard tube ffs

  12. Nice I have a job I start tomorrow painting. Will use this info

  13. Austin Cozby says:

    Watch this at 2x speed

  14. I like your rolling style. You use right amount of pressure and all that.

  15. Sydney H says:

    Thanks for this video! Repainting my bedroom and this helped a lot.

  16. Saif says:

    What sort of roller you using ? Seems like it shouldn’t a lot of paint

  17. I can't walk away yet.. SERIOUSLY why don't you have an area code with that phone number? Maybe the paint fumes have gotten to your brain just a little too much? Or are you just "not smart" (There are so many better words I would use here. But I don't want to rial up the simple minded crybabies that are easily offended those little… what is the word I'm looking for, it starts with B and rhymes with itches? ) Oh yeah! That's them, those little b…

  18. Bet you don't get many calls huh? Has the phone ever rang?? I can't even imagine a reason why you would end the video with a business card that has a phone number with no area code?! What is even the point? Even if people WERE local to you they would not know it.

  19. Nice work thanks for the tips bro

  20. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing your expertise – very well explained – I learned an important lesson

  21. Eric Yeo says:

    Awesome instructions…

  22. Thanks I learned a few things

  23. LJ says:

    How is it no matter how soaked my roller was, I can’t get too to bottom and then when it dries I can see lots of spots of white still that weren’t visible when I rolled it initially? Is there such a thing as a really dry wall or dehydrated? Lol I know that sounds dumb

  24. Worst music choice ever

  25. What roller did you use?

  26. lahc faou says:

    Can I paint semi gloss paint on wall over semi gloss paint

  27. Zombi says:

    If you try ant paint with no masking like this pro you will be super bummed. The dexterity and muscle memory he has is not something a beginner will have. I watched him painting near the trim in horror. I've painted a fair bit and for me the mistakes are too easy to make causing you to have to do touch ups that are frustrating.

  28. Thank you for the great information..

  29. G C says:

    I can never seem to roll a wall without streaks. I notice, from your video, two things I'm doing wrong. I don't load the roller with enough paint, even though I always think I do. Also, I think I'm pressing with the roller too hard because I always try and squeeze every bit of paint out of it before I re-load it.

  30. Rod Snerd says:

    I think we all have similar ways to paint but also have our own little differences that still get professional results. I everything the same except for the second coat. I get the roller as close to the ceiling as I can but then I use a 3' roller and go along the ceiling. the roller I use ha a plastic end that sticks out enough so it can rub along the ceiling and not get paint on it. It may seem anal but the texture matches the large roller

  31. AJ P. says:

    How do I paint a wall that has imperfections that show on a wall with a dark blue Color.

  32. C says:

    Is a second coat always necessary? I'm going to paint an existing white wall with a beige color.

  33. Aren’t the lines going to be seen differently? The edges…. Just curious

  34. Todd Burley says:

    Thanks what a world of difference

  35. M says:

    Your experience is evident. Bravo. Thanks for sharing what you know!

  36. Hi what kind if roller are you using please?

  37. First use an 18 inch roll if you want to finish in half the time

  38. Noire says:

    what that actual fuck… I get like 1 line of paint out of a roller full of paint and this guy did half the wall…

  39. This video has made what would have been a terrible repainting job I could have done into a decent one (Not amazing, I live in a rented property and the walls are terrible. Only so much filling could be done to make the walls level). So thank you!

  40. What is this white patches on the wall ?is just white paint or some sort of primer ?

  41. 🤣 i did this without watching this video. After completed one wall. Decided to watch it. I mean my wall looks awesome. It's funny because I am watching instructions after i have completed one wall.

  42. Clinton Kim says:

    pleasant to hear the sound of rolling!!! Thank you!

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