DIY Homeschool Room on a Budget | Classroom Decor Ideas 2020 | basement wall decor ideas |

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DIY Homeschool Room on a Budget | Classroom Decor Ideas 2020

DIY Homeschool Room on a Budget | Classroom Decor Ideas 2020 | basement wall decor ideas |

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I created a homeschool room for my kids who are learning from home virtually this year! This entire room was a DIY project on a major budget! I’m giving you a tour of our new Homeschool Classroom and organization, as well as a haul of classroom decor ideas! Thank you SO much for watching and being here, I appreciate you all more than you know!


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  1. Thanks so much for watching my DIY Homeschool Room Makeover! I had so much fun creating this special space for my kids! Let me know what your favorite decor item was! 🙂

  2. Megan Beam says:

    Do you have an Amazon shopping list or something?! I can’t find a link anywhere for one haha

  3. Great video!! It reminded me of myself when putting together our school room ❤️ I ended up using A LOT of painters tape to hang majority of stuff on the walls bc that's all I had 😂🤷‍♀️

  4. You did an amazing job…it shows on your kids’ faces
    The room is simple and spacious…that’s all kids and parents want
    Before the pandemic when my kids would go to school and I would volunteer in the classroom the classrooms would be so busy with classroom “clutter”
    It’s so nice to see this video that was easy on the eyes

  5. Joanna Yates says:

    Do you have a link for the table? Is it adjustable?

  6. Sara Coveley says:

    You are an amazing mum

  7. NIROSHI says:

    Wow the room look so beautiful 🥰😁

  8. Love these fun ideas for making your space beautiful! Homeschool Mom here too!

  9. It looks amazing you did a great job with the room. Love it🥰🥰🥰

  10. Wow!!! Noot only does the room look AMAZING, INVITING, you are a INSPIRATION, I absolutely love it. Great job!

  11. Such a great mom You are.
    Love and support from india 💜💜

  12. Awesome Job…I am abt. to do the same thing in our guest room!!

  13. Lillie oxley says:

    Is grade 1 year 1? I’m not American

  14.'re really a great mom🥰
    so inspired😍..makes me wanna to do that too for my kids..
    btw, i'm azie from malaysia 🙂
    done subscribe! 😉

  15. 😍😍😍 you are very intelligent

  16. Macky Macky says:

    Youre so beutiful ate pless adopt me pless

  17. It’s a really good video

  18. mrenaep says:

    Gorilla Glue's Mounting Putty will SAVE YOUR LIFE. It's about $3 and it leaves NO residue OR holes.

  19. WENDYtwin76 says:

    That's so good I'ma copy u. U gave me ideas

  20. April Bishop says:

    There reactions is my favorite part!!! Great job momma! Thank you for the ideas.

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