CONSTIPATION से छुटकारा ये 12 food खाने में शामिल करें ||12 FOODS TO EAT FOR CONSTIPATION RELIEF | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas |

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September 6, 2022
September 6, 2022
CONSTIPATION से छुटकारा ये 12 food खाने में शामिल करें ||12 FOODS TO EAT FOR CONSTIPATION RELIEF

CONSTIPATION से छुटकारा ये 12 food खाने में शामिल करें ||12 FOODS TO EAT FOR CONSTIPATION RELIEF | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas |

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CONSTIPATION से छुटकारा ये 12 food खाने में शामिल करें ||12 FOODS TO EAT FOR CONSTIPATION RELIEF || विशेषज्ञ -डॉक्टर वी.के.मिश्रा (गैस्ट्रो एवं लिवर) || The Gastro Liver Hospital Kanpur || हॉस्पिटल में सम्पर्क करने के लिए इस नंबर पे बात करे || बात करने का समय 10:00 सुबह से शाम 6:00 तक :- 9956653103, 9793555775, 9793555776

Scientific facts with evidence

Dr. Vinod K.Mishra MBBS, MD, DM (Gastro) is a senior gastroenterologist , herpetologist, and endoscopist. He is an alumni of prestigious post graduate institute of medical education & research, (PGIMER) Chandigarh. He is a busy gastroenterologist performing about 1000 endoscopic procedures per month. He specializes in liver problems and all gastrointestinal diseases. He is trained in endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, and endoscopic ultrasound.He has previously worked at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and Medical College, Jabalpur. He was President of UP chapter of Gastroenterology society.

The GASTRO LIVER HOSPITAL, where he works is a gastroenterology and herpetology super speciality hospital. Hospital has MEDICAL, and SURGICAL wings. It has ICU and plenty of accommodation facilities of different levels. The hospital performs all complicated and advanced surgeries under team of very senior and experienced gastro surgeon . All laparoscopic and open surgeries done .Advanced operations as whipple’s preocedure and oespophageal replacement s are done regularly not to mention of routine surgeries.This is possibly the only centre in north India doing cholecystectomy with intra operative ERCP on regular basis for Gall Bladder stone and CBD stones.The endoscopy unit has following facilities—-

• Endoscopy including multi band imaging.
• Colonoscopy
• Endoscopic ultrasound.
• Capsule endoscopy.
• Hydrogen breath test.
• Urea breath
• Fibro scan for liver diseases.

Currently he is working as
Dr. Vinod K. Mishra MD, DM (Gastro)
Chairman and Chief of Gastroenterology, Liver diseases and Endoscopy services at
The Gastro Liver Hospital
Swaroop Nagar Kanpur (UP), India

For online appointment or consultation

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hospital pumpkin decorating ideas



  1. Your Papa says:

    Just eat different types of fruits and vegetables and you will get rid of constipation and walk

  2. Most Important question tha sir thanks👍

  3. pavan sirure says:

    Sir ur videos n knowledge r so useful… they help us to prevent the diseases

  4. Dibetic patient can eat sweet potato. Fatty liver patient can eat sweet potatoes.

  5. delhi mom says:

    Am so impressed aftr seeing ur video. Actually my teenage daughter is suffering frm chronic constipation since v young. She has enlarged tonsils by birth also. We have tried many aloepathic and homeopathic medications but not of v help. We had her ultrasound also done….and it was normal. No organ damage was visible. She doesn't eat junk food on regular basis. But still she is suffering frm constipation. Please guide me…where we shd follow homeopathic or ayurvedic treatment.

  6. viral hingne says:

    Thank sir nice information

  7. Simran Kaur says:

    Thank you for the knowledgeable video . Diet ke sath sath aap Yukti Herbs ka ROZ OUT jrur try kry . Ye aapke lea sch me helpful hoga.

  8. Prajyot Poll says:

    Very informative Video as far as my story is concerned, Roz Out by Yukti herbs was very effective for me and also my grandmother I think anybody reading this must try it

  9. Kajalpreet says:

    Kya rajma ki sabji bna kar kha sakte hain

  10. sir is video me apne beans rajma na khane ki bat ki thi. To please Clearfy kare

  11. Well presented and easy to understand really liked it. Ayurveda had mentioned many herbs in their classical textbooks of medicines for constipation and Planet Ayurveda had many useful products for that.

  12. Sanjay Raina says:

    Beans, sweet potato,kiwi,popcorn,nuts and seed,

  13. Nanda Rawal says:

    Very informative video very well explain thank you doctor ji 🙏🙏

  14. Seema Sharma says:

    Thank you sir , but I already have cronic hepatitis because of which my liver is damaged so what should I do

  15. Thank you Dr..ji…very good knowledge…your every video helpful worth watching fully and following all tips given….pl.tell more about inserting related obstruction..what test required….

  16. shakarkandi kya sugar patient kha sakte hi??

  17. Poonam Raut says:

    मेरे लिए करेला, बैंगन, भिंडी और शकरकंदी काफी है पेट साफ करने के लिए। अभी…शायद उम्र की वजह से… बहुत से बार पेट साफ नहीं होता है, तो हफ्ते में एक बार इनमें से कोई भी सब्जी बनाकर खाई, तो दूसरे दिन पेट साफ!!! 😌😌😀😀😀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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