Kreg Kitchen Makeover Series Part 6: How To Extend Your Cabinets for a New Look | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Kreg Kitchen Makeover Series Part 6: How To Extend Your Cabinets for a New Look

Kreg Kitchen Makeover Series Part 6: How To Extend Your Cabinets for a New Look | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Learn how easy it is to update your kitchen! In video #6 in this series, master carpenter Gary Striegler shows how to upgrade your kitchen by making cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling using easy-to-build frame-and-panel inserts. With Gary’s great tips and some awesome solutions from Kreg®, you can complete a kitchen makeover yourself!

Click on the links below to learn more about the Kreg® Solutions tools used in this video.

Mobile Project Center:

Kreg Jig® K4:

Bench Clamps:
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  1. Agreed, the satisfaction of doing it yourself is a great feeling. Even after years and years of projects.

  2. Beth Finney says:

    Great project and finished work. Impressive. I’m looking to do exactly this to the kitchen in my new house. How long did this project take you?

  3. Lalo says:

    Shaker style doors up on top with clear glass and led lights

  4. dnnymitc says:

    What is "45 miter UNDER" ??? I am putting up panels like this and I would like to know why it was started like that.

  5. Looks great but so much wasted space that would be great for storage.

  6. Beehumble10 says:

    Omg! This looks amazing! Yes, You did that!

  7. April S says:

    Nice job, looks great!

  8. Levkin says:

    I don't understand why you have to route a channel in the back. Why not just attach the plywood overlapping the frame? It won't be seen anyway

  9. I have re done my kitchen just like your shaker style cabinetry in maple stained. I want to enclose from the top of the cabinets to the ceiling like you have done. However, I have a sloped/angled ceiling, so putting the board blocking at the ceiling will not be straight up and down. Therefore there will be very little area to tack on the extension at the ceiling to be straight. What is your solution for this? How would you tackle blocking at the ceiling that is sloped? Thank you in advance for your input.

  10. Hellwithpots says:

    That look out of place something bad. Not sure just completely slick wouldn’t have looked better

  11. what kind of wood are you using for the rails and stiles?

  12. Janet J. says:

    That is an improved look, but I would like usable storage space up there.

  13. I can't believe you put those soffits in that tight and then installed a piece of trim over the connection at the ceiling. I would've installed the trim. But not installed the panels so tight. Too many problems can show up.

  14. Kathy Blair says:

    This is just what I was looking for!

  15. wayne miller says:

    Yes, as others have said, use the space. I will be remodeling my (similar) kitchen in many of the same ways, but one of the reasons, is to extend the cabinets to the ceiling.

  16. Can't…..stop….watching….series……… Please no more….I have to eat at some point

  17. C Bales says:

    If I want to use the space instead on enclose it, would you be able to explain that process? Enclosed shelves is what I’m thinking, no doors but the face in place?

  18. Really enjoyed this Kreg Series. What would have been cool would be if you had made Hidden secret cabinets for your treasures. Out of site out of reach. Thanks for Sharing such a Great Video Series.

  19. Not criticizing you, but why not take advantage of the space and put doors to use that space

  20. I think making some doors would be great for more storage space. But thats just my opinion

  21. YES!!!!  Im doing this in my kitchen but using a frosted plexi-glass in the back, adding a handle, and making an actual faux door!!!  Cant wait!!!

  22. Ran Hinds says:

    What kind of wood is that

  23. Finally, I found a vid that will help me solve this problem.

  24. Should have aligned the styles with existing cabinets

  25. robalan57 says:

    Yes, this does sounds like a great idea. But as others have said I would make access to the new area for additional storage.

  26. Chris Boyd says:

    I believe it would have looked better if you lined up the stiles and made doors that opened for more storage space. just my opinion. Instead of just making a facade.

  27. John McNeill says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to good out and buy all of the Kreg jigs and tools. It will make my wood working projects much easier. Question; what paint did you use on the cabinets and the process to do it?

  28. Brilliant thanks Kreg. I am slowly getting some Kreg stuff to try out, at the moment i have the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Four and some of the Clamps to try. Thanks Again.
    Barry (ENG)

  29. Thanks Kreg for encouraging DIY people of this world to have a go at making with your genuinely quality jigs 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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