How we made designer Metallic Epoxy floors ? | basement wall decor ideas |

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September 3, 2022
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How we made designer Metallic Epoxy floors ?

How we made designer Metallic Epoxy floors ? | basement wall decor ideas |

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Fully detailed video about designer Metallic Epoxy flooring

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basement wall decor ideas



  1. what is the cost of this per sq mtr???

  2. Sadique says:

    How much cost will come for 15 hundred square feet floor??

  3. Can we do it over marble flooring

  4. J Vill says:

    So if u combine the total instead of tiles are u gonna save or not?

  5. What is the product that you used to sealed the floor before pouring the self-leveling concrete?

  6. But will it b slippery?

  7. J. Acevedo says:

    I know the name of the song if anyone is interested. It's called, ta,ta,ta,ta,ta,ta,ta…..

  8. Ogie jii says:

    That bass line is so anxiety inducing that it was affecting me physically.

  9. Sergio Ramos says:

    What's the life of epoxy floor in comparison to tiles/granite?

  10. is this fix the broken floor and save it from likeg??

  11. madulas po ba sya pag nabasa? and hm per sqm?

  12. Bhai- LaL says:

    Sir, Mosaic tiles per apply kar sakte hain ya nahi please let me know, thank you 👍🙏🇮🇳

  13. Manoj Tiwari says:

    I want to apply my home 🏘️ pls call no

  14. tina diokno says:

    how much will it cost per sq.meter?

  15. check this video to get more information about 10 Best Basement Flooring Options

  16. Alicia Lopez says:

    What colors did you use ???

  17. You can see a lot of the concrete still, not a good look

  18. SukaKlik says:

    Cara membuat motifnya kurang Bagus

  19. Hajju suwito says:

    good job , pattern motive not good

  20. Soooo amazing 😊…..vese Ye normal floor hi hai ky

  21. Adrian Adios says:

    Epoxy resin flooring is awesome.

  22. Music O says:

    How much is per sq ft cost and how long it takes to do a bathroom or a kitchen?

  23. Edgar Veliz says:

    Como se llaman los conponentes y como se utilizan como secpreparan

  24. Adding the element randomly, without accuracy and without one direction gives bad negative results because you cannot control the tastes, so let the owner of the matter choose

  25. sumera ali says:

    Cost for 15square room

  26. This product 100% scrachproof?

  27. Abdul Wahab says:

    Ye done se color nikl to ni jata

  28. Andrea Burai says:

    Gyonyorű. Mennyibe kerül ?

  29. Beautiful pattern of floring 👌

  30. প্রতি একশ বর্গ ফুট এর খরচ কত ?

  31. Mohamed M says:

    عن غسل أو تشطيف أرضية الغرفه بالماء الساخن ستنتزع كليا .

  32. STACEY BELT says:

    So amazing and beautiful! Looks like glass!

  33. Billi Hawk says:

    The music is sh**t man

  34. Agusia Sz says:

    Ciekawe jak z trwałością na zadrapania?
    Chodzi w kapcio- sandałach i nie rozmazuje świeżych maźnięć? Ma zadatki na Jezusa 🤓😜…

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