Can you install a TV above a Fireplace? (Fact or Fiction?) | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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September 2, 2022
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Can you install a TV above a Fireplace? (Fact or Fiction?)

Can you install a TV above a Fireplace? (Fact or Fiction?) | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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In this video we are going to explore whether or not you can install a tv above a fireplace. Most people feel that you cannot put a tv above a fireplace because the wall will simply be too hot. Which in some cases can be true. We are going to look into 2 different options for install that will allow a tv above a fireplace. The first is, you simply have the tv high above the fireplace opening. Usually you want the wall no hotter than 120 degrees. So one simple solution is to install tv at a higher point on the wall. Naturally the further away from the fireplace that you are, the cooler the wall is going to be. The problem with this is, most people don’t want the tv that high on the wall as it makes tv watching unenjoyable.

Thankfully there is a second solution, a lot of fireplace manufactures have come out with technology called a cool wall kit. What does this mean? Well they are vents off the top of the fireplace, that go in behind the tv. You then have a heat release above the tv. Where the extra heat comes out of the heat release. This allows for wall temperatures to be much cooler! Usually an executable distance will be about 6″-12″ inches or so. This is a great solution to the problem of having to mount a tv too high. There is one down side however. Some people will not like the visual effect that the cool wall heat release has for the desired look the homeowner is going for.

So there are a few solutions! Hope that helps!!

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  1. M. A. says:

    The reason you don't put a tv over a fireplace is because of the viewing angles. There is always a sweet spot for a tv to hang relative to your sitting position. Putting it over the fireplace often makes it to high for the best viewing. But you do you chiropractor will take care of the rest.

  2. Telephone number please

  3. Where do you guys located

  4. Craig Munson says:

    I am disappointed that there aren't any videos about placing a TV BELOW an electric fireplace. That would certainly solve the excessive height and possible heat issues.

  5. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. It's preference and personal choice but the fireplace and tv are fundamentally different. It's the principle. My mountain cabin spirit dies a little everytime I see a tv over a fireplace. πŸ˜‰

  6. 86" LG on wall above my massive open wood fireplace, dosent get hot as the mantle protrudes more than the TV.

  7. Vick C says:

    What model is the 1st fireplace in the video?

  8. Don Cena says:

    How about a mantle in place would make the temp lower?

  9. M-Set says:

    Unless you enjoy sitting at the first row in movie theaters, the center of the TV should be right above eye level when sitting.
    Above a fireplace is the worst possible place you could mount a TV. Eyes and neck strained, pupils going crazy because of the bright flame, image being like shit because of the angle…
    I don't know who started this idea in US but you're doing it all wrong.
    You're paying for a high end TV only to have a crappy image that gives you headache by stretching to look at.

  10. J B says:

    What was the model of the 2nd fireplace. And this video is 2 years old. So what's your most updated version of this 2nd fireplace that uses the vent system above the tv.

  11. What about the traditional fireplace with a mantle where the TV is 4inches above the mantle?

  12. You cannot use in infrared thermometer in the way demonstrated here. The built-in laser is very deceptive. They typically have about a 10:1 distance-spot ratio. Meaning if you are standing out 8 feet back from the wall in the video, you're measuring a "spot" on the wall just smaller than 1 foot. The laser dot is only representative of the center of the measuring zone or "spot". So, for example, you measured over 200F at 6" above the fireplace. Obviously the surface of the wall is not 200F. But part of your big measuring "spot" was the fire itself, throwing off your reading. To use an infrared thermometer, you need to stand much closer and basically forget about the laser. Honestly manufacturer's shouldn't have even included the laser because that leads to misconception of how they measure, and subsequently, their misuse. Nobody needs laser precision when aiming a gun with a 10:1 ratio so there's really no reason for the laser.

  13. munchy says:

    was hoping yousd show a normal low gas fire.

  14. Very easy to set up and use, attractive but be sure you understand the height–it's not tall. The heat is not overwhelming, but steady and pleasant fireplace . It's quiet, too. I like the possibility of easily moving it from room to room in the event we want supplemental heat elsewhere. Definitely a good buy.

  15. Jay Man says:

    How about showing us options with different type of chimneys. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  16. Something you failed to mention it depends on the type of fireplace you have as well and your TV mount.

  17. Denisa.G says:

    How close would you recommend to install a 65” or 70” tv above a electric fire place ?

  18. BazNard says:

    LMFAO! You proved the opposite point that you were trying to make. FFS.

  19. I have a 75 inch tv what do you recommend for the size of an electric fireplace?

  20. Dark Nite says:

    I always thought placing a tv above a fireplace looked a bit off… because of the angle…I always had my tv almost eye level because it's the best angle…having it too high in the ceiling above a fireplace just seems that it will strain your eyes and neck…but of course if you have a wide fireplace like the one in the video should be ok…

  21. Ken F says:

    thanks for the informative videos. I'm designing a bump out wall on a covered deck to include a ventless gas fireplace with a TV above. The TV will be recessed ~ 12" into the bump out to protect the TV during fireplace operation. TV would be on articulating arm to pull out/angle down for viewing. Hoping this will help extend the life of the TV but I realize that any "non-outdoor" TV operated outdoors won't last too long due to humidity and dust.

  22. Scott Kelly says:

    The question is not CAN you install a TV above the fireplace. It is SHOULD you install a TV above the fireplace. Almost universally the answer is and emphatic NO. This is not about heat or damaging your TV. It's about neck position and comfort while watching. Doing this give you an unnatural viewing angle. The center of your TV should be about the same height as your eyeballs while you are in the position where you most often watch. So sit in your couch and look straight ahead. That spot on the wall (probably about 3 feet up from the floor) should be the center of your TV. Unless you have a crazy short fireplace, or you mostly watch TV while standing, do not put the TV over the fireplace.

  23. zoroe says:

    The wall's not too hot but Danielle is. LOL

  24. Tom Smith says:

    My 64" Samsung plasma tv (which tend to run hot) has been above my wood burning fireplace for 8 years this month in my home in Rochester (built in 1924). I use my fireplace 4 to 5 nights per week all winter long and typically have pretty large fires. TV works as good as the day it was mounted there.

  25. Dylan Kadow says:

    Is there a shield or insulator that can block the heat from the wall on the fireplaces that release heat forward in the case that you want to heat the room more efficiently? How much less do the vented fire places heat the room?

  26. Robert Lowe says:

    An actual wood burning fireplace with an actual chimney, not a good idea. That entire wall be hot.

  27. Robert Lowe says:

    Not a real fireplace.

  28. CJ7 girl says:

    Can you put a TV above a REAL fireplace that's made out of brick?

  29. Can you put an electric fireplace wall mounted outside of the wall below tv giving heat out from the top front?

  30. If you have a heat release above the tv is there a height limit from the release if it is into the room? I have 22Foot walls and want to build a stone venner firelplace with Tv above fireplace

  31. Great video. No offense but you sound struggling to breathe.

  32. nath411111 g says:

    Very informative vid

  33. D. Rodriguez says:

    What about with a wood burning fireplace?

  34. REZWAN says:

    Thank you. Excellent video

  35. What if it’s a plasma TVs?

  36. TheNewGunGuy says:

    Would I be okay installing a tv above an electric fireplace? Bottom of tv will likely be two feet above the fireplace. It’s a Napoleon 60 inch entice wall mount electric fireplace

  37. DCUPtoejuice says:

    what about choosing an electric fireplace that does a better job emitting IR heat instead of heating the wall.

  38. Cesar Silva says:

    What about putting a TV above a wood burning insert? Can you put a cooling system on those? What if the chimney is made purely out of rocks?

  39. Walid salehi says:

    Can a fire place install insert in the wall or the wall need to be extended out to make room for fire place

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