Overnight in an Empty Old Haunted House! | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Overnight in an Empty Old Haunted House!

Overnight in an Empty Old Haunted House! | hospital pumpkin decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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#Overnight #Empty #Haunted #House
Things take a very unexpected turn as I explore a 100 year old house…
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Thank you for joining me on this adventure, or maybe misadventure? I do not know. Whatever this video is I am am delighted to have you here! Also… and old face (roughly 8-12.3 million years old depending on what historian or daemoniumologist you’re speaking to) makes an unwelcome return! Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear your answers to the question at the end in the comments!

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hospital pumpkin decorating ideas



  1. Clair Voyant says:

    How did I fall for this again?

  2. Natashia_ says:

    Seeing garret talking and interacting with animals, and insects makes my introvert heart happy. Like, he live a happy and dreamy place.

  3. svvrra says:

    i feel like the stock image lady that yells at garrett represents shane

  4. I know this video is 1 year old but I just have to say that I really felt that part with the racoon. Earlier this summer I saw a wild beaver eating an apple right in front of me and it was honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was so excited I almost cried and I still talk about it months later. <3

  5. Ri says:

    There was footsteps before the skeleton fell.

  6. zonxu T says:

    You are keeping me company when I'm alone/lonely. I really really like you and your energy! Thank you for making videos for us 🙂

  7. Logan Ruyak says:

    Maybe I'm tipsy or maybe I'm in love with you, or both. Ugh :')

  8. en says:

    Honestly, its a cool house, and i love the figures who just chill around the house

  9. JNB says:

    I simply love Garrett's antics.

  10. The bathroom was giving off The Shining vibes.

  11. Who else is watching this in 2022?? I literally am obsessed with you Garrett ! You’re being a smile to my face with out a doubt 🙂

  12. Kristen says:

    Garrett eating cocowhip right from the container while singing and laying on the floor was me for 15 months during quarantine

  13. JJW says:

    The beginning looked like a found footage video lol

  14. AlyseC12345 says:

    Lol I thought you said Hanson boy instead of handsom boy. Both would track.

  15. Uno what's creepy … My tablet clicking into this to then me realising its a video about a new house not a old haunted one . My screen is broke so I'll say it was just common technical difficulties.

  16. I feel like some curtains would solve a lot of problems here

  17. I love garrets relationship with bugs 🐜❤️

  18. Shaunna Kim says:

    Garrett please upload your sisters makeup studio soon!!

  19. You have become my fav youtuber, you always make me laugh and I enjoy the spooky content so much! 💛

  20. Garrett, I'm just watching this video but DID YOU KNOW that Rocky the Raccoon had copious amounts of corn/seed art of him done at the MN state fair that year?? I've got lots of pictures of them, they were ridiculously good. lol

  21. daythestar says:

    Bring back Sweet Boys😭

  22. Kurt Wester says:

    i would literally die for garrett

  23. Kris Deacon says:

    Love Andrew but Garret editing his own videos are way funnier

  24. Klarissa says:

    One sleeve is ripped one is not. That’s Garrett. I’m so glad you can film what you want and amsay what you want without being bullied and someone saying shut up. Maybe it was just for video purposes but some how I don’t think it was.

  25. i love how he has little figures everywhere in the house so garrett lol

  26. 24:24 I thought you said BED SORE🤣

  27. where do i even begin ! i fell in love with garret as a human a long time ago, unfortunately through former friends channels. i took a tiny break but coming back (thanks to my boyfriend, i recently moved to washington state to be with him & it was a BIG move, clear across the country !) & seeing videos of garrett with said friends compared to now that he's not around those said friends makes me SOSO happy. he's GLOWING. he genuinely seems so much happier, i can genuinely say that every living creature from human, to tree, to bugs gets a warm & loving feeling from garrett. i wish him the best in the world & wanted to thank him for showing me how to unapologetically & lovingly be the best version of myself & i try so hard to achieve the love & friendliness garrett emits in my everyday life. thank you so much garrett & i hope life treats you good. 💘

  28. You managed to click bait me into watching this twice
    And I finished the video
    Both times

  29. Your fireplace as a common room from Harry Potter would be SO COOL!! I love your ideas. I am obsessed with how u decorate your houses. I love the same type of things, and books. All of it. I am also a 90's kid. I also would LOVE to build miniatures. I used to build miniature furniture when I was a child for doll houses. I want to create furniture, and people, creatures, monsters etc. I don't have the space to do that currently where I am though unfortunately. We are honestly a lot alike, except you are far funnier, and way cooler than me. Never change Garrett. 😉 Secondly, I thought I was the only one that sings that Aladdin song at random times lol. It is constantly stuck in my head. What a great movie. What a great song for that matter! One of my fave Disney Movies. Prob my top fave actually.
    P.S. I love the old school style that some of your house has. I love how they used to design things throughout history. Especially the type where it's very detailed; as in carvings to make cool ornate patterns. Tall ceilings of old houses, the floors, the walls…I could go on and on. The 1800's had a lot of cool designs. None of our stuff now a days is made like that. It's all overly expensive, but cheaply made, and boring. I love to take furniture and paint, or decorate it in some way. I had this end table that was tall with very long legs. It had ornate design around the little drawer nob. It was so cool. It was also stolen. I got it for free from someone that got furniture after their grandparent passed away like 40 years prior. They had it in their basement for all 40 yrs. Their grand parent had the table themselves for like 20-30 yrs. The table was old, we'll just say that lol. I doubt anyone will read this, but I still like to write it, and remember. 😊 P.S.S I too will sit and watch bugs and/or animals for hours. Just watching them do their thing. I am a very curious person lol.
    Sorry for not only writing a long comment, but for writing TWO long comments. I just relate to you so much, and get way too over excited. I keep editing to add things lol.

  30. Influencers like Garrett deserve the money they make. He works hard, cares about his fans, is humble, doesn't think he is better than anyone else. I felt the need to write this, bcuz Garrett is trying to explain why he moved, and this and that. He shouldn't have to explain anything to us. You don't owe us an explanation to why you moved. I appreciate your honesty, and openness though! Great vid btw! I watched it before, but didn't comment lol. Can't wait to see your new vid that you uploaded the trailer for recently! Your vids bring me so much joy; actually, you as a person, brings me so much joy. I laugh my ass off. Your personality is the best.
    P.S. I hope you never make your house look like the inside of a celeb's home. I am obsessed with all your knick-knacks, gadgets and items. I want them all. Your background is never boring whenever you film inside where u live. 😊

  31. You don’t understand how happy i am to see a new video from you. Ive been falling back into a depression for the past week or so and just seeing your face on my screen and seeing that its a new video made me soo happy. Thank you so much Garrett you’re honestly a life saver. You hilarious and make me feel comfortable being myself. You are a god sir, Thank you.

  32. Izzy Chikon says:

    Why does the beginning sound like that one Minecraft disc- 😭✋

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