10 Renter Friendly Peel & Stick Products YOU NEED! | REMOVABLE UPGRADES! | lash room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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August 29, 2022
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August 29, 2022
10 Renter Friendly Peel & Stick Products YOU NEED! | REMOVABLE UPGRADES!

10 Renter Friendly Peel & Stick Products YOU NEED! | REMOVABLE UPGRADES! | lash room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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Best! 10 Renter Friendly Peel and Stick Products you need!

Hey Luv! Here is a list of all the peel and stick products that I think all renters need to try in order to temporarily and easily update any rental apartment on a budget.



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  1. Waynaworld says:

    Did I miss anything? What is your favorite peel and stick product?

  2. Great info…and would you ever consider helping someone who is clueless to it all?I'm a homeowner staring at white walls ect.need help.

  3. Vera Wroe says:

    I have just moved into my first rental and I'm amazed at how many Peel and Stick products you have shown us. Biggest ? Do they really peel off? Do they leave any gluey residue ? My place is dull but I cannot risk any damage. Please advise.

  4. Debra Perez says:

    Ty! I had no idea they made peel n stick wainscoting. Heading over to Amazon now to check it out. =)

  5. Love LOVE ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ your channel. Can you please tell me where you got the gold ring on the wall behind you? They look amazing and easy to apply. If it ain’t easy, then I stay away!!! 😂

  6. Debbie W. says:

    Great videos
    Am I the only one that 3M
    DONT WORK.???
    Fell off many times
    I've tried multiple times

  7. TaDa타다 says:

    All white is for the dull and boring.

  8. Katie Bales says:

    I learned about so many cool products! Let's talk mirrors for my small bathroom. On the inside of my linen closet door so I can pop it open, check the back of my hair across from my vanity mirror and my clothes! The peel and stick molding is perfect for upgrading those borderless bathroom mirrors too!

  9. suzan turner says:

    On what video, did you apply the gold metal work on the wall behind you? Looked, but did not find this tutorial.

  10. If you tell Amazon your experiences about the tape you an advice not to pull it directly off the wall that you've had that experience before that you have to twist it heck you can even make a video if you have extra tape you can even make a video of how to do it on Amazon and it will help people out my husband and I have done that and he's put in videos and stuff really well to show people just a tip for you you will definitely help a lot of people by doing that

  11. Thank you so much you are very talented. Have a blessed and safe day

  12. Krazii Daisy says:

    Hey!! I just discovered your channel while looking for ideas on how to mount a TV in Apartment A.K.A rented walls haha, and how to hang a mirror that has weight to it but not overly heavy like them Queen Of England mirrors HA ! Any suggestions? Thank you for all these renter-friendly Tips. Can’t wait to try them 😃

  13. SAM WELI says:

    Love this very helpful

  14. Loka Walters says:

    you talk more then you show.

  15. I'm going to try the sticky tile back splash for the kitchen.😍

  16. ZaZaMann says:

    Love the vid I’m subscribed now, me and my love will be applying all these upgrades thank you!!!

  17. Andy says:

    I had no idea so many of these existed! Im also glad you mentioned the twisting method for the nanotape because that same thing happened to me and I was like SHIIITTTT

  18. Denene White says:

    branson mo.
    Totally diggin your style boss lady!

  19. This was such a huge help! I own my home but I don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to decorate. Most of these tips I can actually do myself.

  20. K. Allen says:

    3M has the double sided outdoor mounting tape. I have mirror that's stuck forever 🤣🤣

  21. saasha j says:

    Dollar Tree has surprisingly nice peel and stick tiles

  22. Ty love 💕😘 your ideas finally different and affordable easy ty

  23. Hi Wayna, how did you get the shower curtain to stick on the floor for the bathroom tiles?

  24. Mame A says:

    Tips on how to remove the sticky 'goo' left behind once you need to move out and the 'goo' is stuck to your walls/etc? (no damage to wall/paint removal especially!)

  25. I have the nano tape and I love it. I use it for a walk tapestry that was hard to hang up.

  26. Im a dude and this video was extremely informative!

  27. I'm here from Texas👋 I'm a newbie and have starting binge watching you beautiful. Great ideas for a beginner like me❤️ tysm

  28. Maddie Vang says:

    Where’s the links?

  29. thekidkmbl says:

    I wish I could do some of these things wonderful design ideas. They even have area rug restrictions at my apartments, so you can’t really make it your own outside of furniture. So glad I found your channel you have some amazing tips I’ll still be able to incorporate!

  30. I love that paper behind you ,I would love to find that for my bedroom wall behind my bed, were do you get it??

  31. I've been trying my hardest to find some Louis Vuitton material that I can put up against the wall it doesn't have to be real just as long as it looks real

  32. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas I can’t wait to try them yes them cause this apartment is screaming for a little up grade lol ❤️

  33. Nicole Adams says:

    Dollar tree for peel and stick backsplash.

  34. Donna Miller says:

    I am from Ontario Canada.
    I bought peel and stick blinds for my apartment. My front door has glass at the top that you can see through so I needed privacy at night.

  35. Pam Clare says:

    where is the list of the products? 😭

  36. peel and stick MOLDING?????????? Be still my heart!

  37. Such helpful information. I just subscribed your channel. Love the simple and clear explanations. You are awesome!!

  38. BB Sal says:

    As if I didn't love peel and stick anyway. After watching this I love it even more and think I want to do my shower. Best invention ever! Especially when you're on a small budget, and I really think it always looks fantastic

  39. I love wood looking peel and stick too

  40. Hi. I'm Patricia from RI. In my old apt it was a basement apt. I couldn't afford too much, so I used bubble wrap. I cleaned the window, dried it then sprayed some water on it. Applied bubble wrap that I cut to fit ahead of time. Genius !!

  41. Elana Cooper says:

    Where did you get your wood wall paper from your bathroom?

  42. Denver Colorado love your ideas!

  43. Bella Bella says:

    You failed to mention that you can only put peel and stick over tile (not vinyl floors – otherwise it’s not rental friendly)

  44. ML Radcliffe says:

    That molding is my next purchase

  45. L. W. says:

    Such good info. Thx

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