How To Install Synthetic Turf | baseball room decor ideas |

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August 28, 2022
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How To Install Synthetic Turf

How To Install Synthetic Turf | baseball room decor ideas |

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Synthetic or artificial turf can be a great option for landscape areas where turf maintenance and growth is difficult. Ewing Irrigation’s Jeramy Webb explains the process for installing Ewing Premium Synthetic (EPS) Turf.

Product Info:


Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply is the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and irrigation products in the country.

Ewing supplies professional contractors with irrigation supplies, water efficient and sustainable solutions, landscape and turf products, agronomics and growing, hardscape and outdoor living, landscape lighting, water features, erosion control and more.

Ewing also offers industry-leading training classes and events for professionals in the landscaping, sports field, golf and grower industries.
baseball room decor ideas



  1. I could see where they seemed it. I wouldn't be happy seeing a seem going down the length of my yard.

  2. Private Man says:

    What if installing artificial turf on a slope, 1 meter slope over 25 meter span, if I put infill – fine sand on top of the turf will the sand not run off during heavy rains? if so, what is the solution to installing turf on slopes? thank you for the video

  3. Amy Lenn says:

    Great explanation!

  4. Aufpassen Tv says:

    The vid states to use steel nails….over time steel rusts. Why not use galvanized or zinc coated nails?

  5. Peter K. says:

    Do I have to vacuum it?

  6. Mah Khi says:

    Synthetic Plants and Trees don't Attract Wildlife.

  7. Mah Khi says:

    Synthetic Turf is Better.
    It doesn't Attract Wildlife and Bugs Such as Moths and Spiders.

  8. El TONY says:

    I live in a apartment and I’m watching this 😂

  9. I need to put the new turf over old turn, and that's onto of metal!!

  10. Do you need weed barrier underneath the turf? Thx

  11. ktr4cho7 says:

    What kind of sand?

  12. I'm worried. Our landscapers are putting in turf right now. They didn't roll out the product and leave it out to relax and expand at all. I'm seeing ripples already as it's getting installed. I also see a big ugly seem that I can't deny. Is infill an option or a standard product for installation? Can someone help with a reply that knows what the homeowner should be looking for in terms of a good installation vs. not good. I am new at this and a bit nervous. Thanks.

  13. Drew B says:

    Thanks for the tips

  14. Dona Maria says:

    I have a question: can I use crushed concrete sand (aka 1/4 Minus) instead decomposed granite?

  15. Tanya O says:

    Was considering this installation until I remembered that my cats graze and that they would try to eat that artificial grass.

  16. Ya looks real easy, that's all there is too it

  17. It's less costly to have sand or gravel under the turf grass ?

  18. Jim Themmen says:

    Very helpful. Thanks for all the tips

  19. Abed Makkawi says:

    We are installing turf under a playground. I was wondering if it is necessary to apply a foam shock absorber layer or is the good enough without. Is it
    Recommend that playground be built over turf layer or should Turf be placed
    Around playground. Turf will laid on compacted rca. Primer

  20. Allen says:

    Hardest part is probably leveling the ground but afterwards seems pretty self explanatory

  21. Og og says:

    What do you have for permeability?

  22. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Diane Otero says:

    Great video! Been looking at so many videos on installing turf grass and this one has been the best 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  24. That's a great video, however my question is how to charge per square feet?

  25. I can use 3/4 minus gravel?

  26. Would the edges not lift up with a backpack blower blowing it???

  27. Allen says:

    Is the materials expensive if I may ask ?

  28. How long does it last? What will it look like in 30 or 40 years?

  29. James Lilly says:

    Do you have to mow this grass lol

  30. Dajuan20 says:

    Is the turf roll 15ft by 15ft?

  31. Team HPG says:

    Ill still prefer real grass over fake grass anyday

  32. Mike C says:

    Cutting from underneath the turf gives a more natural edge. Great video.

  33. That not professional what a wierd way to istall

  34. Alex Muncha says:

    How much does this job cost?

  35. Anthony Chan says:

    Great video! Do I need to install weed preventer beneath artificial turf?

  36. NickDaJoke says:

    Can you please write all tools you have used in this?

  37. YoungFlaco says:

    my wrestling coach was Mr. Ewing

  38. Jeri James says:

    Isn't this hot when its in the sun for long time. Like in Phoenix, az at 110 degrees. Can burn your feet.

  39. Just remember green side up

  40. Stu Bidaso says:

    why does this still need watering?

  41. I used to have to do jobs like this by myself

  42. This young man did a fabulous job at explaining all to does an don'ts..thank you. Our small gardening business is doing our very first turf back yard.

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