How to Decorate with Black | basement wall decor ideas |

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How to Decorate with Black

How to Decorate with Black | basement wall decor ideas |

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Have you tried to incorporate black accents into your interior design? Use these tips to make sure it looks on trend.

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Black Accent Wall

West Hotel Sydney

Office Closet Nook

Black undertones

Black Subway Tile

Black Kitchen

Black Laundry Room

Black bathroom faucets


Kitchen Stove

Kitchen Tile Floor

Black Windows

Black Door

Black Couch

Black Living Room

Green Chair Living Room

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basement wall decor ideas



  1. ALW says:

    Black couches are so hott love them!✨🖤

  2. Atom Nous says:

    I like the theatrical look, where the surrounding is black and the floor in the middle is bright. Most of the black rooms I've seen, painted everything in black and it's very hard to look at things.

  3. M K says:

    Your tips are always so practical and useful! Thank you!

  4. ELana says:

    I feel oddly proud now. I have had my black faux leather couch for 10 years now, and still love it. I have dogs, so it frequently has blankets on it, which does allow some change to colour and pattern. But mostly, I use green and black blankets on it.

  5. Samm says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  6. Sharon Webb says:

    Stunning! Don’t take this as a negative but the interior design videos where you only see the rooms illustrating the design style, with the presenter’s voice in background with tasteful relaxing music (never seeing the presenter at all) are far more enjoyable to watch….just a suggestion…

  7. Noah Harber says:

    What do you suggest we use for those high value, long term elements? Like tile and especially windows, specifically on their interior side.

  8. ADV Hawk says:

    I lived through the 80's and loved the use of black in decor…until you couldn't find furniture that wasn't black lacquer and festooned with tacky brass ornamentation. Like all good ideas, it eventually got ruined by the "if some is good, then too much is better" crowd. Black trim and doors are the new hotness, and I couldn't be happier. The white-on-white-on-white retina assault needs to end.

  9. Wendy Smith says:

    I just redesigned my hall bath. I don't feel too comfortable with painting a wall black. I just painted it a Grey with blue undertones. My counter is deep green. All of my accents are in black.

  10. 43nostromo says:

    Once you paint back, you never go back.

  11. Black is definitely dramatic and masculine. Accent decor pieces and drapes would be a happy medium. I use black with a wrought iron floor lamp and the legs of 4 plant stands with large pots of zz plants, snake plants, and a monstera deliciousa in my front sitting room. The walls are then in mustard gold and burnt orange with light beige loveseats.

  12. Dstar1125 says:

    Great ideas. Also check out The House of Valentina here on YouTube.

  13. We had lots of black in out TN home. I chose to not use black here in SC, which was a very difficult decision because I love it. Our daughter bought her first home and she loves black, also, and we gifted her all of the black decor, furniture, etc. She was thrilled!!

  14. The movie It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin featured a kitchen with black windows and it was my favorite style in 2009 and that seems to be the exact same look you are referring to in this video. I don’t think black windows when done right will go out of style.

  15. D. Koehler says:

    More photos, less talking.

  16. Vikki Weigel says:

    Wonderful insights and info. Thank you so much.

  17. IngaCharn says:

    Where have you been? Just discovered you after I have made major errors in a house being built. The whole house flooring and baths are b/w marble tiles. And all white everything else. You get the pic. Can you save me? Do you do personal consulting?

  18. L K says:

    I absolutely love my black window frames and wouldn’t change them for any amount of money! Each person should have their own deco style and decorate as to their own personal likes and dislikes!

  19. L R says:

    Wait are you saying crittal doors and windows are going to date? 🙈

  20. YADia AG says:

    Love black in all my clothing but not in my home….I’m going bright!

  21. The use of black can be interesting also to hide flaws in unexpected places. We used black paint on our old garage ceiling (it was built with wood with its copper pipes and electrical cables exposed…plus the wood was badly stained. Our home is an old 1910 farmhouse and the garage was built much later beside the house with direct access to the kitchen. It was not a pretty transition from garage to kitchen so we added insulation and drywalls. Painted the walls white and the ceiling black. The black hid all the imperfections and exposed cables and piping. The garage is still not done bc of other more urgent projects but at least it is not such an eyesore.

  22. I like the black/cognac/green suggestions. With a black accent wall and those colors used in the room, what color should the other walls be?

  23. Love your style!
    May I ask what you think about Black exterior paint with white windows?
    Thank you for your time, Simone Australia xx

  24. Purple Yip says:

    Hi Sarah, are you running another class? When? For previous classes, any chance you have them taped and available on demand? I am planning to decorate our renovated 2,000 house black and white. Just saw your video today.

  25. I like black, dark green and dark blue. Especially dark blue because I'm a ravenclaw.

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