DIY Stage Design for Churches | basement wall decor ideas |

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DIY Stage Design for Churches

DIY Stage Design for Churches | basement wall decor ideas |

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Eucatile Panels –

Projector –

In this video, Jake’s gives a run-down of the affordable video wall/stage design solution they use at South Fellowship Church.

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basement wall decor ideas



  1. Anyone near Louisiana have this set up?

  2. Thanks for the demo! God bless you bro and know that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, has given His life for your sake. Because of His great and deep love for you personally, God Himself became a man to pay for humanity's debt by dying in our place on the cross, and that man is Jesus Christ. God's love cannot and will not go against His own righteousness, so as Judge and Owner of His creation, our debt of sin had to be paid for, but only He could pay it because only He is righteous. And He didnt have to pay for our debt of sin but He chose to for our benefit. Yet we rejoice because our God is alive and well because He ressurected from the cross and conquered death so we could have eternal life, so just as Himself, those who believe will die but we will live again forever more in peace and joy in heaven. For the eternal God has paid for our eternal debt in hell by dying on the cross so we could have eternal life with Him in Heaven (John 17:3). Repent ( turn ) from your sins and turn to Jesus and He will surely forgive you. Follow Jesus for He is a GREAT Savior and Comforter in good and bad times (read the book of John in the Bible to know Him, it is Jesus' life History, He is the Word of God in the flesh, He is God Himself in the flesh). And we do not use His unconditional grace and forgiveness as an excuse to sin, even though we are not perfect, but I desire to devote every ounce of my being to following Jesus, the One who loves me and forgives me. When I sin I am deeply grieved, I lament and repent, turning back to Him, and He righteously forgives me because He has paid for my sin. We do not serve Him to earn His love, we serve Him because He loved us first (1 John 4:18-19). When He came the first time as a man He came as a lamb to be slain in our place, but Jesus is coming back as conquering King, the Lion of Judah 🙏

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  3. Will this projector be ok in room where it is not dark?

  4. Zhao Xie says:

    Wow i thought its a led wall

  5. Kax says:

    And european churches still look very monumental and old

  6. ejunky66 says:

    not that bad for real, we build Flexible LED Screens for a decade now also for churches and can really say that the Projector Use is way more uncomplicated when it comes to Transport and Assembly. Surely the Outdoor/Brightness Point 😁 no need to discuss. Anyways for Churches is a affordable Solution, thank´s for the Informal Video God Bless ✝

  7. Madaznkid115 says:

    You could boost the reflectivity by repainting it with projector screen paint.

  8. Mila Miranda says:

    Looks great! thanks for sharing

  9. Zaim Jasmani says:

    what software you are using?

  10. So the manufacturers and projector salesmen would say that this projector is no good for this size of a "screen"…but it seems to work anyway? Anyone confirm this?

  11. DA808BIGSOLE says:

    What type of camera shooting toward to cover the whole screen??

  12. Craig Marsh says:

    Hey Jake. Are you guys still using the same projector you initially installed for your video wall?

  13. Jay A says:

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for

  14. Live Renders says:

    Nice video. How close to the wall can you get without crossing the projection?

  15. Myke McKesey says:


    Question for position of projector. Is it 12 ft from the stage and 11ft off the ground? Did I understand that correctly?

    Also — do you have any links to your church's YT so I can check out what it looks like Sunday to Sunday?

  16. Oh thank you… This is beautiful…. Can do out door

  17. akronimm says:

    This dude spent 9 minutes talking about triangle pillars and I have never been more fascinated

  18. God's true faithful churches don't mess with any of this garbage. Modern worship teams are fully unbiblical.

  19. Andrew Raia says:

    What was the actual cost for the setup?

  20. Xian England says:

    You could make some really easy paper-mache boulders and then buy a bunch of plastic baby dolls to dash on the rocks.

  21. John Kasonga says:

    Wow. This is genius. Thanks a lot for for showing this. God bless you more and more

  22. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Link to the floodlights, please (4:53)
    2. Also the camera did not show some of what you were describing: two side panels (3:37), two-foot bottom (4:24), i-hooks (5:476:15), the creases of the wash light (6:18).

    Really though, thank you for sharing.

    Also what would be your thoughts for lighting a low ceiling stage (5m high, 5m wide, and 5m deep)? The stage wall is a dull brown wood panel with a pattern on it.

  23. Jordan I. says:

    How far/high should the projector be for this? Trying to see if we could do something similar in our worship center!

  24. LED walls from Mexico are great and cheaper

  25. You mentioned your video wall was 10×20 and the projector has an aspect ratio of 16:10 so how did you resize the image to fit the wall?

  26. So awesome man! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  27. Titus Achema says:

    Great video; How do I source the Eucatile from Nigeria? Is Melamine tile wall panel same material with the Eucatile?

  28. Where can we buy connector that can support pro presenter extended? Thank you

  29. Will Leone says:

    Very cool. The triangles were actually used in ancient Greece theatre, they are called periaktos. This word literally means revolving.

  30. This reminds me of how we use to do stage design for Christmas plays when I was younger. 3 Scenes painted on wood placed on triangles to easily turn. Our panels were smaller to make them easier to turn.

  31. You're a genius. You landed me a solution to my age long troubles.

  32. Daniel Colon says:

    Big fan of your work!! To God be the Glory, thanks for sharing.

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