Build a Halloween Cemetery Fence for $6 Dollars | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Build a Halloween Cemetery Fence for $6 Dollars

Build a Halloween Cemetery Fence for $6 Dollars | diy grave decoration ideas |


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PVC Pipe
6 Wood Rods (Yard Length)
Black Paint
Black and Grey Spray Paint

1. Cut PVC pipe so you have three pipes 38 inches tall (you will have one left over)
2. Paint the pipe and all you wood rods black (pipe will take two coatings)
3. Lay them out on the ground how you want them to look with the PVC pipe on the two ends (you can use a ruler to make the distance and set up more accurate)
4. Glue it together with a strong glue over night (weighed down)
5. Tie all the crosses together VERY TIGHT with the rope (try not to move the piece too much or it will break apart)
6. Use the black spray paint to cover the glue and rope
7. Lightly mist over the whole piece with the grey spray paint
8. Apply the varnish/protectant
diy grave decoration ideas



  1. She needs to make More videos. It's been 8years since the last one.

  2. I just came across this. This is perfect for me to make. You made it look so easy. Thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  3. Excellent Video. You are on your way to a Successful Career. Thanks for showing me this.

  4. I've been searching YouTube for a cheap and easy cemetery fence. So glad I came across your video. I can do so much with this!

  5. Maybe add dollar store doll heads or skulls to the dowels.

  6. I thought you did a great job. Even if its slightly more than 6$ its still very cheap to make. Thumbs up!

  7. Rose Molina says:

    What a great idea!

  8. B.L. Alley says:

    I know this is old, but it showed up in suggestions so I will add some details to an already simple build.

    PVC comes in 10'and 20' sticks. Home Centers typically have a PVC cutter available for customer use, so you can halve the 10' stick, then halve each of those, giving you four 30" 'posts'. (Alternatively, you can get three 40" 'posts' from one 10' stick) If you cut the bottom ends of the posts at an angle you can drive them into the ground much easier.

    As stated elsewhere, buy the doweling, glue, and sisal from the same Home Center as the PVC. It's cheaper and saves a trip to the craft store.

    Cheap paint never saves money. Get Krylon Fusion black enamel to paint the pipe and dowels. It dries fast enough to spray three light coats and still be able to handle the parts within an hour. It will also adhere to the PVC better and will protect the pipe and doweling without the need for a separate varnish.

  9. TheJaypalm says:

    Only just discovered this channel- love it! Any plans for more videos?

  10. Get your wooden dowels from your hardware store…much more reasonable than the craft store. And varnishing PVC is not necessary. Varnish is for wood. Spray paint is more than good enough for PVC.

  11. Love the videos, hope you post more.

  12. degenret01 says:

    Good, but you can save a little time by not bothering to varnish. That's for protecting wood. PVC doesn't need protection.

  13. good work excited to try!

  14. Tim T says:

    My calculations does not amount to 6$ gorilla glue is expensive. .just saying

  15. there building houses near our house, so im taking lots of scrap wood and using it for our first ever halloween fence out front, plus its going right along the road to keep anyone out since we sometimes have vandal problems. i wana make sure its good!

  16. fordescort51 says:

    6dollars, that's about 4euro's here. i asked price for the pvc and that alone was a lot more than 6 dollars :s

  17. Lucy Rivas says:

    Thank you for sharing your idea, easy to do, unexpensive, and way better to storage than other projects made of PVC and screws.

  18. Tilly Tia says:

    i love how i just subscribed and its 8:20pm halloweennight LOL!!!!

  19. You make all these awesome props but where is the video of your setup. 🙂 would love to see what your yard looks like

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