Introduction to the Operating Theatre For Medical Students | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Introduction to the Operating Theatre For Medical Students

Introduction to the Operating Theatre For Medical Students | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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MMUH is a major surgical teaching and training hospital in Dublin as well as being one of Ireland’s leading surgical centres in the fields of complex elective surgery, trauma and emergency surgery and adult cancer surgery. This video gives an overview of the role and etiquette for medical students attending in the operating theatre during their medical rotations at the Mater. The video is available in smaller segments also on this channel and is as well associated with a separate information piece by Dr Dominic Natin of the hospital’s occupational health department. Click subscribe for further content notifications!
mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. Anil Naik says:

    Thanks for uploaded this type of vedio

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  3. Greg White says:

    Where I work (in a office) electrical leads going across floors are considered a trip hazid and are not allowed.

  4. Mam Tamil la videos send pannunga plece

  5. I have enjoyed the lecture, thanks alot my God bless you abundantly

  6. Dustin Platt says:

    Thanks. Now i can operate with confidence! Still trying to figure out why the doctors and scrub team are yelling at me to put down the scapel but at least I know where it belongs.

  7. O'Le LOKI says:

    Hello do you have a check list for surgical standards and infrastructure for operating rooms . Can you please send?

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  11. G,Day do they have a Camera in the main lights when operating a video as i have been there over 15 time i have noticed a camera in the handle to control the angle of the surgicel light is this true please Help from down just had a colonoscopy today cheers from down under .

  12. Thomas Lau says:

    Thank you Madam for the introduction.

  13. Abraham Okode studying as Medical theatre assistant but am far but stil we can share via email.

  14. how I wish to join this hospital for learning but my bad luck

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