2022 FARMHOUSE SPRING/EASTER DECORATE WITH ME | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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August 25, 2022
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August 25, 2022

2022 FARMHOUSE SPRING/EASTER DECORATE WITH ME | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com


Hi sweet friends! Welcome back to my channel! I am so so happy you are here and so happy to bring you a spring/Easter decorate with me!!! I know spring is just around the corner here in Canada and I couldn’t wait any longer to start decorating for it! Enjoy!


diy grave decoration ideas



  1. Summer Roman says:

    I love your decorating tutorial with the beautiful relaxing music and simplistic style. You have given me inspiration. Thank you!

  2. donna reeves says:

    Hi Holstein!! & Hi Rebekah!! I just love Holstein and I love the warm inviting looks you always add to home. I am glad you asked about pets, I love all the animals. My husband and love dogs and cats and we have 9 pet chickens . We even recused a Guinea Pig once and he was a wonderful pet. Thank you for sharing your home ideas and sharing little sweet Holstein with us. Many Blessing Always !

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful eggs you got for $10. We usually have a variety of different shades of colors for eggs sometimes they’re more neutral like you’re talking about and a lot of times or pastel and sometimes I really go crazy so you never know what you’re going to find at my house hugs and kisses from grandma Sandy and Debbie

  4. We have a little dog that we’ve had for about 14 years he’s a sweetheart and he’s so good and he will walk in my Fairy Gardens and stay on the path he never digs he never breaks thing and he’s so careful not to knock things over he is a real joy and he loves going out in the garden and watching me make videos and watching me make miniature gardens he like you said is a real joy and he’s part of our family. Hugs and kisses from grandma Sandy and Debbie I think I’m a dog person and but usually I like small dogs for I can have them on my lap and have them cuddle up in bed with me I know I’m crazy but I love him

  5. I agree with you I usually don’t overdo my displays too much either I like keeping it pretty simple I sort of like that look and I love the farmhouse look you put together And this beautiful display you put together today hugs and kisses from grandma Sandy and Debbie you always do such a wonderful job on your displays and you always do a great job explaining them also

  6. What a sweet, sweet doggie!❤❤❤

  7. Linda Harry says:

    My first time watching and I just love the way you decorated and shared your talents with us. Thank you and I will be watching again.

  8. I really like your Style.

  9. Holstein matches your entranceway very nicely. Love how it all turned out.

  10. Your home is beautiful…our color for spring is nature and white and yellow

  11. Carol Jilla says:

    Loved ur decor. Holstein Is adorable 😍 Thanks for sharing

  12. Brenda Desch says:

    Lovely. Your colors are a favorite of mine. Love baskets and spring flowers.

  13. Linda Norred says:

    Love the decor. I use pastels at Easter.

  14. Lis G says:

    New follower from 🇨🇦

  15. Looks nice. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Floralie says:

    Love the greenery and the cake stand in your hallway! What a cute idea 🙂

  17. Mary Long says:

    First time watching, Your space looks so elegant. My home is dark – not much natural light so I try to bring in pastels for spring and bright colors for summer.

  18. Mary Vetters says:

    Your home is so warm and inviting. Love your little friend too. Thank-you for sharing your home.god bless you and yours.

  19. Nene says:

    Thank you for sharing. Sooo beautiful.

  20. Everything looks lovely. I like your sign about starting your day.🙂

  21. I loves the peaceful environment. Beautiful neutral decor. An inspiration. New subscriber.

  22. Arizona Mom says:

    I like that you remembered Jesus!!

  23. Donna Neidl says:

    Just found your channel your designing decor just beautiful

  24. LOVE the neutrals! Where did you find the mini cake stand? You did an amazing job and your adorable doggie matches LOL!

  25. Looks pretty. Holstein, is such a cutie. How did you choose his name?

  26. Yutse Kelman says:

    Your space is beautiful ,I like the simplicity tfs and I do like the basket 🧺,and the idea of draping the coat rack,and girl them shoes you wearing they are popping,even the puppy is blending with your decor

  27. vivan111 says:

    Love the bunny!

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