Can I Remove These Ugly Soffits In My Kitchen Or Bath? | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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Remodelación de baño… #baños #bathroom #parati #remodelación | ideas para decorar banos |
August 23, 2022
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August 23, 2022
Can I Remove These Ugly Soffits In My Kitchen Or Bath?

Can I Remove These Ugly Soffits In My Kitchen Or Bath? | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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#Remove #Ugly #Soffits #Kitchen #Bath
Soffits over kitchen cabinets or over a bathtub or shower were very popular in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but today most people just want them gone! They tend to make a space feel confined and look dated. But, can you remove your ugly soffits when you remodel your kitchen or bath? Maybe yes, maybe no. In this video I’ll show you what you’ll need to look for to determine if your soffits are needed or not. Often times tradespeople leave unwanted surprises when they install services in a new house. Decades later these surprises come to light during a remodel. I’ll go over some of those surprises here.
vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Great video, very informative! Ty

  2. Win -didi says:

    Great explanation!!👍… I wished you showed the demolition of the sheetrock from the soffit.👍

  3. thanks for making this video, helps me a lot..

  4. faithfp says:

    I wanted to remove my soffits and the electrician screwed me big time. It would cost me hundreds of dollars to reroute it all. I have soffits but also the ceiling had been dropped about 8 inches before the soffits were added. Everything should have been placed above the soffit. I have metal electrical conduit everywhere in the soffit.

  5. joe routh says:

    Soffits look decent if they aren’t that boxy. 4” or so in depth

  6. 10:31 is that a kitchen exhaust above the window?

  7. I wish I knew someone like you out in NJ …

  8. Anonymous says:

    Would it also be a good idea to go up in the attic and see if there is any plumbing in the soffit b4 demolishing?

  9. Anonymous says:

    @ Enduring Charm LLC Would it be a good idea to DIY the soffit removal? But if I have plumbing, I should hire a professional or a handyman. ???

  10. I opened one up was super moist they ran the stove vent into it

  11. Methodical2 says:

    Installing wall cabinets on a renovation that has a working soffit (dryer and microwave vents) that is not even of course and there's no I'm removing any of that stuff. I'm installing new cabinets and trim to hide the gaps and be done with it. Built in 1978. Do you have any after photos of the job?

  12. D J says:

    Wow. I’m gonna leave my soffit the hellalone.

  13. tastyfpv says:

    I found an old chalk line in mine

  14. So did u move all that stuff or did u just talk about what someone else did?

  15. Samantha B says:

    They couldn't have just put all that stuff in the wall they had to make it difficult lol

  16. LaWanda says:

    I always wondered what they were called. I absolutely hate those over cabinets. 😳

  17. Listen fin, Noah wants to know if Ali is coming back to sea brook! Lol you sound like fin from the notebook

  18. marco lopez says:

    Nice job…my house was built in 2005 and softfit is not attached to ceilings since I have high vaulted ceilings in kitchen. I have the kitchen cabinets then I have the softfit on top of cabinets, then there is about 5-10ft of empty space between softfit and ceiling.
    There is a half wall between kitchen and living room that I wanna take down to open up the space. The softfit runs on this wall too and it has electrical and gas line in there coming from attic into kitchen, softfit also vents the stove. The problem is I have to reroute wires and gas line and find another way to vent stove after I take down softfit. Do you think it will be good to get one of those hallow beams and hide wires and gas line there across vaulted ceiling?

  19. estephanina says:

    What a thorough, illustrative explanation! Thank you.

  20. Me thinking it's 2021… I don't need a home phone.

  21. DaFade says:

    So an soffit is basically a low ceiling because my bathroom has one over my shower and since I live in a bottom apartment the hallway ceiling low and the kitchen has a soffit to.

  22. Why the heck would someone run pipes in a soffit??? It’s called being a lazy tradesmen. And yes electricians are very lazy.

  23. Rillic Smith says:

    Thanks…. Great video I’ve got several soffits in my kitchen and you’ve helped convince me not to mess with them for the time being LOL

  24. Cassandra says:

    Awesome video 👍 I’ve been searching for this type of video but I didn’t know the correct word for >>.soffit * so I wrote “annoying ugly wall over kitchen cabinets” 😂 Now I can finally search more videos on “can I remove a SOFFIT”
    I hate soffits.
    We love our beautiful large kitchen but it has ugly soffits. I will drill a hole and take a peek to see whats hiding in it … Thank you for sharing your knowledge 👍

  25. Victor Vek says:

    Would it not be easier to simply drill a 1/2” or 1” hole and send a camera with a light up there instead of creating all that work for yourself?

  26. I think cabinets were more expensive and required them to touch the ceiling. It was very hard to reach items stored at the top so instead they lowered the ceiling. Much cheaper!

  27. Cindy says:

    Is there a part 2. I'd love to see more!

  28. That second portion with pipes you knew ahead there wasn't much you could do about it. I'm wandering if the reason you still proceed with it was to increase your invoice… I don't see any other good reason.

  29. Lauren Fritz says:

    Great video! Super informative and made me pump the brakes on my own little diy soffit project. Will be consulting someone wiser. Thanks John

  30. Thanks for the info. Was thinking of taking mine out but based on previous experiences in this house I expect there to be stuff in there that shouldn't be. Probably best to leave them.

  31. Brooklin67s says:

    I cut an access hole in mine. Inside soffit in kitchen and there was insulation.

  32. Some people don't like the empty space above the cabinet and don't want to run the cabinet up to the ceiling.

  33. ET 2 says:

    Ahhhhh that's the name I'm thinking deleting these suffits because in relocating the kitchen and I already put all my cabinets in the garage But I'm thinking of connecting the 2 missing sides so all 4 walls connect suffits to look like vaulting like I have in living room. Then you can run cool lighting and color layers

  34. Man, you're lucky! Just demo'd my kitchen and removed the soffets. But when they built my soffets in 1968, you could hang a truck from them! Full 2×6 construction with 2×6's every 24 inches to the walls! I have no idea what they were thinking. And to top it off, there were no utilities or anything inside them except one over-sink can light.

  35. Yeah too much work I'd leave it alone. Save the money and spend it on other stuff to spruce the kitchen. But excellent video very helpful!

  36. Kathie says:

    Excellent video. What tool did you use to create access holes? We took hammer to remove drywall and there is plywood that is under it!

  37. I wonder how many people when they decided 30 years ago, thought "hmmm maybe I'll remove this soffit one day" when they were building this house? I think none. That is why there is electrical, plumbing, telephone going through them. If it is framed It's considered a permanent part of the build in most building conditions. Or why build it?

  38. KY Wired says:

    Perfect vid! I've always wondered what they were doing when they built those….Never seen inside one before & thought tearing one out would be way easier! Thank you a realistic view of what to expect! #newfan 👷‍♀️💯

  39. Mookieca77 says:

    Great ability to get your knowledge across easily. Good work. Looking for the final product.

  40. blastman8888 says:

    Getting rid of a soffit is not easy if your living in the home, or it cost lot. I wanted to remove mine myself but with all the plumbing, electrical, and duct work my home would be a wreck for a month. I got a quote for 12k to get rid of my kitchen soffit which ran the entire ceiling, but just too much money so were just going to leave it and put in new cabinets and be done with it. I know everyone will hate it if we go to sell but let them deal with it what do I care if it's there or not. Realistically the kitchen works just fine with it there I can still make a sandwich. It's ridiculous how much money is spent on trendy kitchens. If the house was vacant like the one in this video I could make a big mess take my time I would do it and save thousands.

  41. goosecouple says:

    Have the exact same cabinets.

  42. LightGesture says:

    Did a bathroom for a couple that had all this crap going on in their kitchen…
    Extra THOUSANDS of dollars and it finally got done…………. What a mess!

  43. Tink 2452 says:

    My wall cabinets are stuck I took out the screws in the wall – could they be attached to the soffit? you skipped right over taking down the cabinets -thx

  44. Retro Fan says:

    In some of these they act as a brace, not just for appearance. So be careful taking these off. Your cabinet can fall!

  45. poolahpot says:

    Those are oak cabinets?

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