Animated Grave Digger Halloween Prop | diy grave decoration ideas |

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August 23, 2022
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August 23, 2022
Animated Grave Digger Halloween Prop

Animated Grave Digger Halloween Prop | diy grave decoration ideas |

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My latest Halloween prop! Its an animated grave digger using a wiper motor and an old shovel. I recently saw the haunted shovel props and wanted to take it further by adding a figure to go with it!
diy grave decoration ideas



  1. That is pretty darned good. I may take a "stab" at that next year!
    ("Stab!" Get it? I gotta million of 'em…)

  2. flywithbart says:

    I'm trying to build the same thing this year. Is that a possible skeleton that you loosened the joints on or just one of those floopy ones?

  3. Ray Bigness says:

    Great job, building mine today, Are you using a dc motor control? Or just the wiper motor?

  4. Sunflower says:

    Could you please do a tutorial for this? I really want to build this but i don't understand the mechanics. I've never tried to build animated props before or worked with wiper motors.

  5. Beth Schuler says:

    hey ant where did you get the mounts that the wiper motor and bar to the shovel at? also do you use locking bolts?

  6. Happy Dad says:

    Nice job. Can you post a link for the wiper motor. Amazon has several and I am not sure which one to select. Thanks

  7. Jason Newton says:

    Great prop!! Hope you don't mind if I copy it this year.

  8. Rob Logan says:

    Nice job, thanks for sharing!

  9. awesome video, where can I get a full sized cheap skeleton?

  10. Very nice prop, Ant. Are you going to dress him up or leave him 'bare bones'?

  11. Sue Warner says:

    I did not get a chance to get a motor on mine but I took a heat gun to the fingers to get them to hold the handle of the shovel better. Give it a try.

  12. M Schutzman says:

    Great job! I'm trying to build one myself. Did you take the arms out of the shoulder sockets to get more of a fluid motion? If so, how did you attach them back?

  13. I love this prop! Great job. Would you be willing to say what you used for the Motor Mount please?

  14. barbjoz63 says:

    Looks great! Did you see how creepycreations melted the fingers a bit so they would wrap around the shovel handle?

  15. corey ford says:

    This looks great.  I always seem to not have the hardware adjusted right for my motor to turn correclty.. At the 2 points where the long peice of metal is attached, do you keep those bolts somewhat loose so it can turn?

  16. That is excellent..turned out great, always love your videos. Looking forward to seeing more of what you will be adding to your haunt this year.

  17. very cool idea thanks for sharing

  18. capazontwo says:

    Turned out very nice.

  19. An hour, really? I'm definitely doing that this year.  Great job!

  20. chris huerta says:

    good day sir .how do I wire my wiper motor . would you be able to break it down for please

  21. Thanks everyone for the kind words!!!

  22. I love how the skeleton is attached to the shovel at the foot.  Good job.

  23. deoblo85 says:

    turned out awesome man love it !!! HFL!!

  24. Awesome idea man, I'll have to build one when I find the time

  25. have you thought about using a heat gun to form the hands around the shovel handle?

  26. Wow, that turned out great! Great motion on it. Is that a tomato pole in the back? I don't know what they are called. This looks pretty easy to build. Thank you for sharing!!!

  27. tzkelley says:

    What Facebook page was that? I can't find one called "Haunters' Hangout" (or even on similarly named).

  28. Nice prop. I'm looking at a few different ways to make a gravedigger.

  29. HomeHaunter1 says:

    Great work. If you take a heat gun to his fingers you can make him grip the shovel. I will probably be making one of these myself now.

  30. PsychoAxeMan says:

    i need to build one of those.great job

  31. VirusHaunt says:

    there it is…
    nice work

  32. Very, very cool! You did very well with the movement. I like the overall creativity- it's always refreshing seeing something different.

  33. Gonna have to build me one lol the simplest and effect will look really good with the right light and ground cover too look like dirt also what are you using for the power module

  34. That's pretty damn awesome Ant! I really like that movement!

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