Why You Should Not Wear a Dead Person’s Clothes | Sadhguru | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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August 21, 2022
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August 21, 2022
Why You Should Not Wear a Dead Person’s Clothes | Sadhguru

Why You Should Not Wear a Dead Person’s Clothes | Sadhguru | diy grave decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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#Wear #Dead #Persons #Clothes #Sadhguru
Sadhguru decodes the process of death and explains why clothes of the deceased must be burnt or widely distributed.

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#Sadhguru #Death
Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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diy grave decoration ideas



  1. Dr.Q says:

    He is right a live incident i saw of this when after my neice wore dress of her dead bua she started appearing to her whenever she was alone trying to suffocate her by holdong her neck

  2. I have a dress of my deceased sister who left us 12 years ago. I don't wear that but I've kept it. I don't want to lose it and her. She's still with me.

  3. I lost my husband 12days ago, and unable to let go any of his belongings.The perfumes he used, his clothes and so many other things.
    Im unable to wash his used clothes too.

  4. I feel very bad for everyone in comments . I'm really sorry 😔🙏

  5. It is africa culture too to was the deceased clothes hang them in the sun to dry and tje day after the funeral, the clothes are distributed to tjose in attendance. Thorowing the items into tje attending crowd. The Sadhguru just rubber stamped and explained further this practice.

  6. Mirza Viquar says:

    How about the Jewellery, Diamond's, and their immovable properties.
    How about staying in rented flats and offices which are left by someone else.
    A big question?

  7. Thanks you guru ilearn this now 🙏☮️🌍🙏☮️🌍🙏💖🙏☮️🌍

  8. zhoucheng says:

    i lost someone i loved a lot, its been a few days and i got some jackets from the house because she had tons of clothes and i wanted to keep at least something for me, from her. I know she never used these jackets or did once like 20 years ago. I felt like with just washing would be alright but i dont know what to do as im lost with all this. Also we lived together for a long time and theres a lot of food leftover by her, fruits milk grains etc that either she bought or were brought to her by someone else. Is it okay to eat those things?

  9. It is part of the grieving process to have things of loved on. Many people wear jewelry of deceased people ie. Kate Middleton has wears Diana's ring. I think it is a personal choice if something brings you comfort then use it if it doesn't bring you comfort get rid of it. When my step mom died, my step sister wanted her clothes even though they were to big for her . Personally, I am not comfortable wearing other peoples clothes dead or alive.

  10. Tiny Diale says:

    In my culture we wash all the cloth and distribute them

  11. joel jelliff says:

    This extends to bedding, rugs, and homes. I can attest to this as a carpenter for 40 years. When a home has been lived in, it aquires the person's living in them. Energy remains, physical traces remain, indexical identity is real. Clothing is very personal and very close to the person.

  12. Gaming Zone says:

    And European send those clothes to Africa as some sort of donations… They really undermine Africans

  13. What about furniture the dead person used?

  14. Debra says:

    I lost my 17 yr old daughter also and I wear her jewelry her shoes and what I get from doing that is comfort!! I don’t see anything wrong with that

  15. There are jewelry and other things made with people's ashes in them. I find that disturbing. Like pls let the people rest in peace already.

  16. Makes sense. I kept some hair accessories from my mother after her passing, tightly kept in a plastic bag when i opened it after some yrs a strong scent of hers was still present. The first year after her passing the scent was comforting but the third year when i opened the bag i was ready to let go of that scent and energy 💜 I still feel her presence at times.

  17. Now , I'm going to stop buying few more into my closet !

  18. Benu Kakati says:

    His words come out in the most perceptive way.
    Thank you Sadhguru.

  19. I don’t have to watch this video to know I will NEVER again wear a deceased person’s clothes nor will I make a doll out of the material. Never again!

  20. I lost my mom to cancer in 2021 and exactly after 1 year on her death anniversary I was diagnosed with cancer too. I took her clothes when she died as few wee brand new and few of her saree which I use to adore. Does this mean something as I got cancer too??

  21. Really smart! I like to listen to you I last my father 7 week ago it’s really hard I like your videos!

  22. I lossed my daughter few days ago I can't tolerate that pain till now. I have another son 11 years old that's why I am still there in this world how can i live without my agel i dont no

  23. I need your help. Friend of mind was Ill & took her own life due to the suffering. I know she didn’t pass over because of the heaviness in her home & I feel her around me & makes me tired & just a very icky feeling. What can I do using candles or rituals to get her spirit to pass over? Please help

  24. I wear my bf clothes cause I don't have much clothes that are practical to begin with! I wash in sanitize and hot water. Thst should take care of any DNA! I believe that "when a man dies, after that the judgment". When they are gone-they're gone! But their familiar demon spirits though…another story! Don't be attached to things or people-period! That will give them familiars an opened door to deceive you cause you are grieving. Do not talk back to them! They might appear even in vision or dream to deceive you and lure you down!

  25. A m says:

    You know what's crazy? master shamans of amazon say when someone dies the purple glow (that only few can see) stays in the gut for up to 4 weeks slowly dissipates into mother earth and beyond. he broke down the steps which is the glow they spoke about. amazing patterns, truth is ONE.

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