DIY Teddy Bear Balloons | Baby Shower Centerpiece | baseball room decor ideas |

wall hanging / Holi craft ideas / Holi decoration ideas / Holi craft #shorts #viralvideo
wall hanging / Holi craft ideas / Holi decoration ideas / Holi craft #shorts #viralvideo | holi party decor ideas |
August 21, 2022
Como DISEÑAR UN BAÑO pequeño (debajo de una escalera) + MEDIDAS EN PLANTA (2x2)
Como DISEÑAR UN BAÑO pequeño (debajo de una escalera) + MEDIDAS EN PLANTA (2×2) | ideas para decorar baños pequeños |
August 21, 2022
DIY Teddy Bear Balloons | Baby Shower Centerpiece

DIY Teddy Bear Balloons | Baby Shower Centerpiece | baseball room decor ideas |

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A sweet teddy bear taking flight makes a cute decoration for baby showers and birthdays. Follow along and I’ll show you how to make one!

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My favorite tools and supplies I use:

Stuffed animal 15″ tall
34 – 5″ balloons in assorted colors
20″ or 24″ balloon stick and cup
6″ cake board or cardboard circle
Curling ribbon
Mini rubber bands
Glue dashes
Balloon Hand Pump
Hot glue gun


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baseball room decor ideas



  1. toni ringer says:

    How cute! Thanks for sharing 👍

  2. Sara Hirt says:

    Amazing! Thank you!!!!!

  3. Angela Ervin says:

    Yes I Love this I can’t wait to try it🥳

  4. Loved the tutorial! So detailed and instructional.
    One question, how long before the party could I have those centerpieces prepared?

  5. Fanny Valdez says:


  6. Where did you get your teddy bear from?

  7. Great tutorial!!! Thank you

  8. TheLS1Queen says:

    How long ahead of time can you make these

  9. Very beautiful 💕 and easy to follow steps. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Is there a way to add weight to this so it is more sturdy? I’m thinking of making this for a baby shower but the event is outdoors.

  11. I was making this while watching, and it’s not really really working for me. I’ll keep trying until I get it ! Thanks

  12. Made it yesterday for a baby shower and it come out very cute!

  13. gplina13 says:

    How do you even out the small balloons on the top? Did you use all 12 smallest pieces? Also, can you use electric pump or hand pump is preferred? Thank you!

  14. Ok, so I totally loved this and I have already tried making it. Thank you, you just gained a new subscriber who won't be floating way. Lol

  15. Diane R says:


  16. Hermoso ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Ana Magana says:

    What size bear did you use?

  18. Ely gomez says:

    Gracias muy profesional y muy bien explicado

  19. Thank you for this detailed explanation being a newby at this I genuinely appreciate this

  20. Mily Cruz says:

    Gracias, me encantó! Saludos desde Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  21. iris chavez says:

    Que hermoso me gusto muchisimo.

  22. This is so cute and very clever!! ❤

  23. Hermoso muchas gracias 👋👋👋👋🇨🇱

  24. Can Can says:


  25. How many inches will 4 pumps create? I have an electric pump not a hand pump. Looking forward to making this for a baby shower!

  26. Renata Nunes says:

    Amei 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  27. i love it you are the best!!!!

  28. Ohhhhhh, so that's how they get the bear on the pole?! I've always wondered how that's done. I really want to enhance my balloon skills. Not to do it as a business but just to know some helpful hints to provide a few designs for my clients. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  29. What size is the teddy bear? I love this idea.

  30. oun neth says:

    good video 😘

  31. Me encantó a ponerlo en practica

  32. Do you have a video tutorial on how you made the top cluster portion of balloons?

  33. Hello. Where did you order the stand from

  34. Wow this video is so easy to understand. I'm definitely going to try this out.

  35. Mina says:

    This video is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to follow directions. Thank you! What size Teddy bear would you recommend?

  36. T D says:

    The best instructional. Thank you so much.

  37. Bambi Rillo says:

    Thank you for this video. This is exactly what I was looking for to make for my daughters baby shower. Quick question, if the shower is on 4/23/22 how far in advance can these be made. Also should I use hi- float in the balloons. The earlier ahead of time I can make them the less stress leading up to the shower! Thanks again BR

  38. Sharon Nash says:

    Oh my! This is the best instructional balloon cluster video! Thank you sooo much for sharing and your time. Found this just in time, now I won’t have to pay an arm for having several made. I can do it 😃

  39. Alice Levy says:

    What a creative decor. I love it. Thank you for the video

  40. This is just so awesome. Brilliant explanation 👌

  41. Iris Lopez says:

    Very cute thank you

  42. Shanaaria says:

    wouldn’t the balloon stick bend with the teddy bear

  43. Just ran across your channel beautiful job

  44. Judy Najar says:

    Sorry in advance if you answered this already but what size and where did you purchase your bear please..

  45. Where can I find the bears? What size are the bears?

  46. Zaia Aguiar says:


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