RUSTIC LUXURY: The TREND REPLACING FARMHOUSE IN 2022 : HOW TO + TOUR | basement wall decor ideas |

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RUSTIC LUXURY: The TREND REPLACING FARMHOUSE IN 2022 : HOW TO + TOUR | basement wall decor ideas |

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Let’s Chat about the New Farmhouse style that is taking 2022 by storm!
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Pacific Natural Book:
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Velvet Pillows:
Boucle Pillow:
Sherpa Pillow:
Iron Candlesticks:
Concrete boxes:
Taper Candles:
Match Striker:
Large White Vase:
Terracotta Vase:
Caned Chairs:
Black basket:
Rattan basket:
Marble Candle Holder:
Candle Tool Set:
Black Tray:
Manolo Blahnik Book:
Black Velvet Pillows:
Chenille Blanket:
Art Wall: desenio and House of Valentina
Knit Blanket:
Velvet Lumbar Pillow:
Rustic Burlap Pillow:
White Cabinets: IKEA
Rustic Target Vase:
Sculptural Pieces:
Grapefruit Basil Candle:
Paper Mache/Gray vase:
Still Book:
White round vase:
Caned Chairs:
Similar Cane Chairs:

V’s Faves:
Paint colors: Midnight Oil by Benjamin Moore on fireplace and Simply White by Benjamin Moore on walls
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basement wall decor ideas



  1. What is rustic luxury? :

    White font you can't read that says something about the living space, a ton of open light, busy textures that are faint enough to pass for both smooth and also patterned, natural involvement in wood, cloth, and the ersatz look of natural colors to resemble those cloths. A matte heavy contrasted section of an otherwise faint light glowy home to offset the heaven home look, plant life to contrast both the lights and darks with mid tone elements, and the item list of a horder featured at your kitchen top and table. This is definitely the style of NYC chic mixed with a contemporary farm house. Its that inbetween of vintaged styling that doesn't quite make it to victorian by any theme, yet offers the mix of modern elements and again those heavy textures like wood, cork, and rust on scratched tin. Its almost utilitarian but still elegant to a 35 year old mother who wears 2010 floral dresses.

    In a nutshell: monochromatic minamalist horder farmhouse

  2. Audrey Cole says:

    The fireplace would look so much better with large artwork or metal wall art. Seems a bit sparse.

  3. Atom Nous says:

    Some touch of black is a must. Gorgeous

  4. *remii* says:

    With lumber up 400%, food costs as well as gas prices still being through the roof I really really hope luxury becomes less expensive lol. A girl can dream

  5. John Nopeyy says:

    Searched for "fallout games ranked" … Got this. Good video I guess 🤷‍♂️😂

  6. S. Family says:

    I just found out our channel and omg I'm obsessed and I don't have a ton a channels I follow I'm pretty selective. Just thank you for all of your expertise and knowledge that you're imparting ❤️

  7. Love from S.A 🇿🇦

  8. Rustic Luxury! Perfect blend and you're right it's been around forever. I look around my house now and that's always been my style. Love your channel and look forward to more post.

  9. Brooke says:

    Yes!!!!!! I’ve been looking for a style that gives these exact vibes!!!!!

  10. Meka Jones says:

    Yah, That Meso American kind of vibe is actually kinda cool. For farm house, modern farm house too, check out Chip and Joanna Gaines.

  11. Meka Jones says:

    Have you checked out what the flip? Theses guys are famous. OK bye.

  12. Hello! Loved your video! I'd like to ask you something. I noticed that a lot of these images are from Lulu and Georgia; I know this because I actually worked on/styled quite a few of them, haha! I'm looking to start a YouTube channel, and I'm wondering what the protocol is with crediting brands for their content/images. It's something that I'm trying to figure out how to do if you have any advice.

  13. L. M. Lewis says:

    Lovely, informative presentation. Helpful links. Love the dog!

  14. Looks a bit like japandi. What would be the biggest differences between this style and japandi?

  15. RobinBird J says:

    Reading recently about the Colonial Revival style (last seen as Modern Farmhouse, and before that just Farmhouse— or Colonial in the 1980s), I had a light bulb moment.
    We’ve been modernizing Colonial style over and over. Elevating it, repurposing it, marking it, making it our own. Do the research— super cool. And you do this black, chic, practical and luxe version of Colonial style very, very well. Brava!

  16. Billie Cueto says:

    Valentina! Had to stop and say how grateful I am for stumbling onto your videos!!! This one help me reignite my passion for design. In the process of building a home and working on picking everything. Your videos are so helpful and I love that you encourage people to find the things they love 💕 Also your outfits are incredible! God bless you and your adorable family 🙏

  17. John Smith says:

    Way too many nik naks for me. I would have less pointless stuff. Colours are lovely though!

  18. So fun! Classy! Love the pup too💕

  19. Lupe Pena says:

    I want farmhouse outttttt……!!!!!!

  20. Love rustic luxury modern. The coffee table is a giant excuse of a mess not a style point at all. You can't even use it without worrying about spills.

  21. Enderboy 64 says:

    praise our LORD 🩸 thank you for being our savior jesus Christ PRAISE OUR LORD 🔜☮️ THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST FOR BEING OUR SAVIOR

  22. I’ve been looking for inspiration on this style and HERE IT IS IN ALL ITS GLORY!🙌🏼 So so beautifully done. Thank you.❤️

  23. MW Mw says:

    what color are walls

  24. Probably one of my favorite episodes!! This is the look that I have in our home now, but I picked up some great tips today. Thanks for all your fabulous designing tips…

  25. Brendan Bang says:

    I’ve really notice a trend toward using more natural materials that are honest and less synthetic stuff. This style really melt well the antique or well love pieces meet more clean modern pieces. This make our spaces more on trend.

  26. I can’t find those caned chairs anywhere and I love them! They are such a pretty pale birch color 😍

  27. Is this similar to Transitional decor? Thank you!

  28. I loved this video. I learn so much from you . Louie is PRECIOUS!

  29. Topp Catt says:

    That paper machet vase is awesome. 50 $ /

  30. Linda says:

    Great decor tips. Your giggle is endearing. I love this style the most. Thanks. Blessings 🇨🇦

  31. New Life says:

    I live in a condo in Florida so I'm trying to incorporate rustic luxury with coastal. I got a big very expense beige chair and I don't know what to do it with . My sofa is very light blue gray and the rest of my furniture is gray, I use blue in my decor to balance the gray. What would you recommend? Should I get rid of the beige chair? .

  32. I believe this is my style. I was looking for a name for it. I have a lake house but I also wanted luxurious items. Combining woods with metals and a rustic feel.

  33. OurHome says:

    Omg I love you!

  34. I love your videos. But I’m distracted by your absolutely sweet pooch! That’s my kind of dog! I love him!

  35. Maciej Fassa says:

    I like Your video :).
    When it comes to buying new windows or doors, I choose Dako.

  36. Fab🎃 says:

    What is the instrumental used in the video?

  37. This is totally my style, I’ve just always called Rustic Elegance 💓💓💓

  38. L E says:

    I think your natural color inspiration comes from your beautiful beige dog!😊

  39. This is me!! I just didn’t know what to call it. And to make it my own, I’ve got a “kiss” of rustic beach in my living area because I love the beach as well.

  40. I really love your house and your style! And your energy and bubbliness. I so resonate with that. My husband and I have been sharing an apartment with his parents for a long time and our time has finally come to move into our own place. And it is so exciting!! I am so inspired by nature and all-natural and eco-friendly furniture, the colours and of course your dog. We love animals too and we really can't wait to start with our home project. Thank you so much for sharing your style with us. You really have inspired me and I love the idea of pairing both traditional, modern and rustic together. So thank you! And yes, I just subscribed and absolutely love your videos. Very helpful and informational. 😊💗

    I don't understand these links. Not many of them bring you directly to the products. So how do we find them to purchase? For instance I want to try to find the blanket you pick up and mention it feels like cashmere on your video that you said is sold out alot on Amazon. But your link does not bring you directly to it. Many of those links are useless to find the items. Can you PLEASE HELP?

  42. Does ur grey marble go with ur beige couch ??? I am thinking of returning mine :/

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