Architect Designs an Off Grid Cabin in the Woods (Cabin Tour) | high ledge decorating ideas |

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August 20, 2022
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Architect Designs an Off Grid Cabin in the Woods (Cabin Tour)

Architect Designs an Off Grid Cabin in the Woods (Cabin Tour) | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Located on the north of Bruny Island, Killora Bay is an off grid cabin surrounded by untouched bushland and wild grass trees. The vibrant forest landscape embraces the home, allowing the residents to connect with nature and live privately in the delicate environment. The site, with its natural clearing, came with certain restrictions that included a predetermined building zone, which informed the scale of the off grid cabin’s structure.

The restrictions poised a challenge that ended up being integral to the design of the off grid cabin. The architecture needed to be flexible – the home’s small floorplan meant that each building element needed to work hard to achieve a comfortable and versatile space. This included having fold-out beds to work as part of the joinery, allowing rooms to be used for different functions when needed.

The internal spaces were designed with high ceilings and glass windows to bring light and movement into the interior design. Remaining connected with nature, the external greenery frames the interior rooms, with sunlight casting ever-changing shadows indoors. As an off grid cabin, the sliding doors allow the home to embrace the exterior as its own.

The material palette of the home is simple, giving the opportunity for the landscape to speak first. As an off grid cabin, it was important that the materials met bushfire regulations, but also worked in harmony with the surrounding forest landscape. The dark-stained timber cladding contrasts against the white concrete poured within the interior – the concrete has a raw finish and continues to bring the landscape’s earthy palette inward.

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Architecture by Lara Maeseele in Association with Tanner Architects.
Interior Design and Styling by Lara Maeseele.
Build by Driftwood Workshop and Tim Watson.
Structural Engineering by Aldanmark.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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  1. beautiful, im a bit worried about the growing problem of snipers though

  2. Plaese, tell something about electricity, water supply and sewerage in such a wild place.

  3. @The Local Project, I would like a playlist of this Interstellar music you guys use in your videos.

  4. I hear an Australian accent.

  5. I love this project. But please, be careful with ticks and lime desease! I have just bought a little Island which is a little Forrest on rocks, gorgeous, but I do have to treat my clothes against ticks as so many of my family members have lime desease, and we still had no island!

  6. Rasta Man says:

    such a delicate ecosystem around, why you no throw a cabin for good measure 😀


  8. Bradley P says:

    Fantastic home. My favorite feature is the huge skylight over the shower — like showering outdoors without any of the downsides.

  9. Jim Pinetree says:

    Nice house. But I noticed that the external wood elements all appear to touch the ground directly. Are you not concerned with termites, which are indigenous to any forest environment.

  10. I love tiny houses but this extra space and comfort would be the dream to live in. Gorgeous!

  11. Ella Hemsley says:

    How is this a 'shack' :/

  12. . says:

    Make it more edgy and pointy lol

  13. jjr says:

    God is good 🇪🇨

  14. Martin Jeri says:

    How can I buy the blueprints of this house?

  15. Buck says:

    Music is too loud

  16. John Hall says:

    Absolutely hideous. Modern architecture is shit. It's just boxes with windows, covered in paneling.

    It's unbelievable how disturbed our society must be for this to be revered as art. I spit on you.

  17. gravity says:

    why most designer choose to keep uncovered windows in bathroom in this day and age there is alot of concern for privacy.

  18. 倪cythia says:

    who designed this cottage

  19. This is a real life version of my fantasy

  20. interesting but please mix the music a bit lower in the next one so we can hear the prose easier.

  21. OverTheLine says:

    What is “delicate” about this building site. If it is delicate, why would you jeopardize that? Seems counter intuitive.

  22. Sauicaen says:

    you're one of the best channels i've ever found on youtube, many thanks for the inspiration you've been creating!

  23. ioana miruna says:

    This is so beautiful! It's so conscious and so close to nature and to what a human need

  24. LUX says:

    Background music too loud!

  25. Glenwald says:

    Who edited this mess?

  26. GRIFFIN TV says:

    that light fixture is absolutely gorgeous. the way it moves and animates the shadows is memorizing! can anyone tell us who makes it?

  27. Andrew Ralte says:

    The videographer is amazing. The house is great too. lol.

  28. The methodology, activities to build this dwelling is impressive.

  29. Birdie says:

    But what's inside the walls?

  30. Sergio says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  31. Most awesome "Shack" I've ever seen!

  32. Jorge Santos says:


  33. Moymoy says:

    I'm a young engineer from the Philippines and I curious how rain interact with the house considering there are no roof overhangs. I really like the look of it, but will it be practical?

  34. sound poorly mixed the soundtrack is disturbing

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