On Location At Graceland: Priscilla Presley Gives Exclusive Tour | TODAY All Day | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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On Location At Graceland: Priscilla Presley Gives Exclusive Tour | TODAY All Day

On Location At Graceland: Priscilla Presley Gives Exclusive Tour | TODAY All Day | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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Priscilla Presley, the former wife of one of the most beloved entertainers in history, gives an exclusive tour of Elvis’ guest house at Graceland. She also recalls memories of the late star and what it felt like to receive the news of his death.
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On Location At Graceland: Priscilla Presley Gives Exclusive Tour | TODAY All Day
mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. Priscilla is still so beautiful, RIP Elvis missed loved an remembered always

  2. Van says:

    I loved visiting Graceland & will go again ❤️🙏

  3. Ben says:

    Elvis biggest legacy was his family. Rest In Peace

  4. Mr Gentleman says:

    Isn't the interviewr George Bush's daughter?

  5. I fell in love with Elvis when I was 8 years old, after seeing the mini-series Elvis and Me. I was hooked after that. Read her book and from then on all friends and family knew to get me anything Elvis for birthdays or Christmas. I just turned 40 and I still love this man. Once you love Elvis, that’s it. He sticks with you forever. Once you know him and his kind, generous heart, you’re done for. He’s it. The be all, end all. No one will ever replace him. He’s THAT good. I’m so happy that the new Elvis movie has introduced Elvis to a new generation of young people. TCB ⚡️💙

  6. i visited graceland last year during elvis week and had to leave the day before the memorial that had Priscilla and lisa outside graceland i was so upset but greatful i got to see his home

  7. shazz says:

    Love Pricilla, shes still beautiful. I really admire her for keeping Elvis alive and I would love to stay in this Hotel, that would be wonderful.

  8. Rose Shaver says:

    My cousins great great grandma was Elvis’s grandmas sister but they didn’t get and money

  9. PF3 says:

    A Very Classy 1st Lady of Rock N Roll !
    Thank you Very much 💕

  10. Menmphis mafia said  Priscilla is a cold woman. She puts cold

  11. Jill M says:

    Her cheeks don't move.

  12. RAG718 says:

    i dont know how i missed this couple years back , glad i caught it now ,, im here bcus of the elvis movie ,,, the interview lady just seemed out of place during this interview ,, just awkward ,, i need to visit here one day

  13. John Moye says:

    She looks like one of the characters from jack skeleton 😂😂

  14. Wade Shull says:

    This woman didnt deserve Elvis…..She is a disgrace …

  15. Kat says:

    Pricilla is the only reason we have still have Graceland and a museum to visit. Even his daughter would have sold it off piece by piece. She just can’t stop spending.

  16. Priscilla hurt Elvis' ego so much (which was big because otherwise he couldn't be big), castrated him and destroyed him as a person, that she, since he paid her off (and that's not a little) no longer deals with to them. The house should be shown by Elvis' daughter or other heirs of Elvis in a straight line, and Priscila should say a prayer asking Elvis for forgiveness.

  17. Denise Smith says:

    I can’t stand Jenna Bush. That’s why I never watch her on Today show. Disgusting

  18. Priscilla is a real doll, proper and so articulate.

  19. Sara Silver says:

    See you in heaven Elvis. He will definitely be there, as he loved the Lord very much.

  20. Lola's Mom says:

    No other singer has had their legacy and history protected like Elvis has. Priscilla has done an amazing job. Reality is that Graceland has to make money to support it all. Elvis didn't have endless money and isn't making enough now for the job they are doing with Graceland. Graceland is expensive to maintain and is only getting more expensive as it ages. Big money will be going into it now with as old as its getting. It would've already crumbled without Priscilla

  21. cooter says:

    she left elvis now she ridding his coat tales

  22. Priscilla is still beautiful ❤️

  23. Shayla says:

    I wish Michael Jackson could’ve gone this same respect he was also ground breaking in the history of music

  24. i saw the movie a few hours ago. i cried soo much. i have a trip to vegas planned in october but i kind of wish i was going to graceland! such an incredible man and the movie is so good, if you have the chance to go see it in theaters, go do so! 🥺❤️

  25. Without Priscilla Presley:
    – Elvis' stuff would've been sold off and disbursed for cheap
    – Graceland would've been sold, neglected and possibly torn down or turned into a retirement home or something
    – Elvis' would just be a curious footnote of history
    This woman deserves respect.

  26. CHERISH says:

    This interviewer is insufferable

  27. Renato Palma says:

    His movie was so beautiful and not only you feel the passion of his music but also the pain of his music. I literally teared up after the movie.

  28. Je P says:

    Guys you know he let himself go and went down hill because of Priscilla! Just saying! Today it's like she was never divorced!

  29. Esteve Jame says:

    He sang from the heart that's what connects with people.

  30. emma says:

    Anyone who criticizes priscilla for monetizing things, she is the reason his legacy is alive with dignity, and she manages things and relives difficult parts of her life just to make sure his legacy lives on for all of us! She blossomed into such a fantastic steward of culture and history and is a star in her own right. Love Elvis ❤️

  31. Heru- deshet says:

    People are in love with young Elvis. If he were alive today he would be a droopy 82 year old.

  32. I love at the end when the host says 'the cheese biscuits were fantastic ' and Priscilla laughs hahah

  33. 4:06 – Lisa Marie spent all of Elvis' money that he left her & that Priscilla built up from $3 million to $100 million. Now she filed for Bankruptcy.

  34. Jim Carr says:

    Which room did he do all the drugs?

  35. I Baca says:

    She’s such a breathe of fresh air .. such a graceful woman

  36. jamie T-jay says:

    FUN FACT – elvis & pricilla was not together before his death, infact for years before he died they wasn't a couple. But actually pending in divorce, elvis was in love with ginger Rogers & soon to be married to her until his unexpected death . Also nothing against pricilla but her family pressured & blackmailed him into marrying her after lying to him she was age of concent when he met her through his military travels. And unfortunately this cruella deville like witch still cashes in on his name!!

  37. "He was always beautiful, he woke up beautiful❤"

  38. carlo P says:

    Gold digger 🏦

  39. Priscilla is soooooooo gorgeous. I cant believe it.

  40. Silver Steel says:

    Why don’t journalists ask if Elvis was hung?

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