How to Extend or Add a Roof Overhang to Building – Remodeling Tips | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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How to Extend or Add a Roof Overhang to Building – Remodeling Tips

How to Extend or Add a Roof Overhang to Building – Remodeling Tips | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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Click on this link for more ideas for your next construction project and roof framing repairs. This video will provide you with a few ways you can increase, lengthen, extend or add a roof overhang to a building or house. Keep in mind that these are only examples and might not work for every situation.
vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. How to change the pitch and add 12 feet of new space beyond the current wall? The new roofing will be standing seam metal roofing – 2:12 pitch minimum

  2. Jeff Richied says:

    Nice video. I need to add an eave to the other 2 sides of the house. How would this be done? Thx!

  3. Some people also sit the rafters on top of the existing roof.?

  4. I am framing a 16' x 32' storage shed with a gambrel roof on a wood foundation. The truss ends land on top of the top plates but there is no overhang. How do I add a 12 inch overhang to the sides of the shed?

  5. Dak Kleven says:

    If we have a flat roof with 2×10 rafters overhanging 2 feet, can we nail a 2x10x 3 foot board 2 foot on the rafter and hang out an extra foot to extend our overhang a foot? It wouldn’t be over the wall but seems like it would still be strong enough, what do you think?

  6. Dak Kleven says:

    great video! can you sister 2-2x10x16s in the middle of a rafter span? we have a 24 foot span and 26 foot boards are super expensive. so it would be like a 6 foot overlap to create a 26 foot board so there would be a foot overhang on each side. thanks so much!

  7. mmmdesignllc says:

    Hi Greg. I have a similar situation but I have a deck I want to cover. Do you have a video of extending the roof over a deck. In my situation I’ll have to go from the ridge line out with rafters or new truss in order to keep the head height at the edge of the deck. Thanks

  8. At this point sell your house and buy another. Money down the drain unless you get a house like this for free from a relative who passed….

    Roofing is expensive enough. Doing this adds little value and cost a ton.

  9. K Su says:

    Or you throw up 2x6s outside and build off it

  10. Please show how to do the other 2 sides “pitch sides”

  11. B says:

    If I wanted to extend roof 8' for patio from existing patio, how would I tie into it? Would the b cut work or the blocking?

  12. Chris Figel says:

    This is a great start. Where are the next videos in this specific project?

  13. Mike says:

    I'm not sure how to integrate the new shingles into the existing ones. I am doing a simplified version roof extension for a 12 x 10 shed. Any videos on shingle repair/replacement?

  14. Luis Rojo says:

    You need to live the space open in between the rafteters for air flow true the attic

  15. Thane Fay says:

    Very helpful video, thank you! If I wanted to add an overhang that was a shallower pitch than the original rafters (1/12 or 2/12 for a covered porch), could I attach the new rafters to the joists rather than the original rafters using the same method? Alternately, if I was setting the other end of the new rafters on a header & posts rather than cantilevering it, would I have to run the new rafters as far up the old rafters as in your example?

  16. Sam Troy says:

    Air Flow would require some form of adjustment to the design to allow soffit to funnel air into attic, no?

  17. Terry Byrd says:

    Given 9ft inside walls, would building a roof extension from a ledger board attached to the wall studs just below the roof line be code compliant? I'm also considering attaching a ledger to a rim joist which sits atop the walls (custom built for second story addition later).

  18. Jack Sanders says:

    Excellent video. Way beyond my mechanical abilities but well planned out so even I can follow.

  19. steve smith says:

    So I am considering this as my roof ends right at the edge of the wall or brick, then the gutters are attached from there. The was a newer ridge vent installed, but from my understanding this is useless as there are no soffit vents install a they don't exist hence needed to extend the roof over hand to create the needed real estate. There are are gable vents installed at each end of the house but seem to be so inefficient along with the newer ridge vent. Should I extend the roof overhand and do the soffit and ridge-vent combo to properly vent the temperatureair flow to have the best result in helping keep the house cool i the summers, warm in the winter. Currently the roof has what appears to be 6" boards like a deck, then probably tar paper, and lastly the shingle. I also wanted to remove this and install plywood?

  20. Or you could do it all from the outside with a plate attached to where facial was with a brace back for enclosed rather tails

  21. steve smith says:

    I have the same problem, as I have no soffit vents as I have ZERO overhang with the roof. My gutters are attached right up against the facial piece of siding. Its installed properly but I have an extreme lack of ventilation . There was a NEW ridge vent installed the length of the home, there are also 2 gable vents at each end of the home. I want to extend the roof overhang to have (real-estate) area to install soffit vents to compliment the ridge vent thus giving me the proper amount of ventilation within the home while having the overhang provide some rain protection to the windows doors, etc. Every-time it rains the screens and soaked and seems to allow water to get into the window tracks. I will remove the Gable vents once the soffits are installed. The home is 40ft long 2 story, not very aggresive pitch, I can stand on it without major risk of fighting the angle to remain upright.

  22. Thank you,
    I like that you state there is more than one way to do this,
    Depending on how heavy the roof you plan to put on it is.

  23. I like your video very much. I build a small house, 6/4m and I,m building the roof now. I bought some beams for the attic, they are 8/8cm, (the base of the rafters, the rest of the rafters are also 8/8cm.), they are put horizontally on the walls (concrete blocks), the base of the attic. I,m a little worried that they are not thick enough, I mean those that are put horizontally. Coud you tell me if they are thick enough? Thank you so much.

  24. What's the rule for the size of the extension without having to use some type of supports?  My overhang was made 3' but without any means of support (eg posts).  With snow in the winter, my house developed cracks.   What is easier: to cut back the overhang to 2' or install a post at each end?

  25. Bob Haddock says:

    for every foot out = 2 ft in sideex = 4 ft out 8 ft inside

  26. Is it possible length and width to your home? 5ft length and 8ft width

  27. PRedd 3 says:

    Is there any reason why you wouldnt use screws instead of nails?

  28. Why didn't you show how to add an over hang on the other side?

  29. I have a patio cover already, but the guy that built it, left the overhang lined up with the base of the patio which allows rain to come into the porched area. I had wanted an overhang to prevent this. Now, I'm ready to extend the roof line to prevent this. Any tips on extending the roof another 16 inches?

  30. Janice Y says:

    what about the roof air flaw?

  31. Dougie Quick says:

    My idea is to extend much farther creating basically a patio cover type overhand supported by a beam and posts. Your's is the only video I have found though that visualizes the tie in …everything else is scabbing underneath existing roof which seems half baked…

  32. BiHlover80's says:

    I tried recently to extend the roof using your method with extending 2×4 and it didn't work. I realized later that roof came to low then I was expecting. I then started from the shedding edding 2x6x16 to get recommended hight of the extended porch roof. .

  33. you don't have to strip off roof, just add ledger board with hangers you dope

  34. the builder didn't go by specs and overhang isn't the way the owner wants. The problem is the bricks already up to roof. Can this be still done without ripping brick down for facia to be placed. She is very upset he didn't do it the way she wants we need to add 12 inches to overhang

  35. jim sanker says:

    Putting the blocks in we lost all ventilation right???????   Isn't that the purpose of putting the over hangs in?????

  36. I know any house I look to buy or if I'm lucky build…. I WANT overhangs … and I want them as deep as possible … like 4 feet or more!

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