Cleaning Bronze Veteran Ground Level Flat Grave Marker Headstone | diy grave decoration ideas |

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August 17, 2022
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August 17, 2022
Cleaning Bronze Veteran Ground Level Flat Grave Marker Headstone

Cleaning Bronze Veteran Ground Level Flat Grave Marker Headstone | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Trae Zipperer demonstrates how to properly clean a bronze veteran ground level flat grave marker headstone issued by the National Cemetery Administration. Some veteran headstones made of bronze, marble, or granite are installed at ground level. These veteran grave markers begin to disappear as the grave marker settles and sinks below the surface, grass encroaches on all sides, and sediment such as dirt, sand, grass clippings, and fallen leaves accumulate on top of ground level veteran grave markers.

Ground level veteran grave markers made of bronze are affixed to a base stone, slightly larger than the bronze marker, made of concrete, marble, or granite. First, uncover the veteran grave marker out to the edge of the base stone. Second, remove approximately an inch of soil from around the edge of the base stone to allow water used for cleaning to run off the grave marker. Otherwise, water and debris will pool on top of the grave marker during the cleaning process. Third, sweep debris from atop the grave marker using a broom or bench brush. Fourth, clean the bronze veteran grave marker headstone using water and a soft bristle bathtub scrub brush. Fifth, clean the base stone using water, D/2 Biological Solution, and a soft bristle bathtub scrub brush. Finally, install a new American flag using a 15-inches long piece of 1/2 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe as the flag holder.
diy grave decoration ideas



  1. Thank you so much . I love the pvc pipe

  2. Beth Morano says:

    What do you do when the stone is lower than the grass?

  3. Beanie Gamer says:

    One great service to fellow human…..bless your heart ❤️ 💙 💜

  4. Shawn Bugg says:

    It looks good thank you for the advice now I can go eat lunch and clean my Nannie’s head stone. Means a lot to me I appreciate the video.

  5. Elaine says:

    That D/2 works crazy good! My Dad is buried in a National Cemetery that is extremely well maintained. I have 4 cemeteries near me that I will begin to identify Veterans that are buried within them and those needing to be restored to their original glory. Thank you for what you're doing for our Veterans 🙏🏼

  6. Thank you Don Johnson

  7. Thank you! This was a great tutorial! I have just received my D2 and looking forward to honoring those in the local cemetery

  8. C F says:

    Looks great and thank you for all your hard work & dedication to our deceased veterans.

  9. thejdawg569 says:

    I was told also you could use some super fine sandpaper to lightly brush the tops of the letters to make them stand out is that true

  10. thejdawg569 says:

    Isn't the flag supposed to go on the saluting arm side that is what I was told by one of the sextants from a cemetery

  11. A job well done and befitting a hero! Please though, PLEASE, stop encouraging people to go into local cemeteries to restore headstones. All but the most basic of maintenance should be performed by professionals. Not using proper techniques or cleaning agents/chemicals can do irreparable damage to headstones. I know that people have the noblest of intentions but their ignorance can destroy a historical marker, soldier or ordinary citizen. Great work, you have a good soul! ❤

  12. Doing a wonderful task Thank you, sir 🇬🇧

  13. Billy Wild says:

    Amateur genealogists can do a lot of damage. It is not ok to throw flour on a gravestone or to use just any old household cleaner. Educate yourself first.

  14. Standing ovation to you, Sir.

  15. John Carter says:

    Thank you for honoring our veterans ❤️.

  16. Anybody in Vegas wanna come out to the memorial and help before Memorial Day?

  17. Uzuriuk says:

    You gave great care and attention to this grave marker. You are a good man, his family, if alive would be truly proud. If only we had such respect for our veterans in the UK.

  18. Go and clean the headstones of all the people innocent people he killed

  19. Katie Belton says:

    Thanks for doing this for our fallen soldiers. My grandfather was killed in Normandy when my father was 16 months old and unfortunately we didn't get to know him but are proud to know how he fought for our country. We have always been very loyal to all memorials and his name is on the wall in Bedford va and the memorial there and have him in our local memorial building here and very proud to be his child and grandchildren. Thank you for all you do it is not gone unnoticed!!

  20. How do you get permission?

  21. Ken K says:

    Not a big fan of this type of marker. I've run across a couple that were almost completely covered over by grass. Most cemetery lawn mowers couldn't care less, and the graves just disappear.

  22. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping the sites of our heroes clean.

  23. I haven't started looking here in Oklahoma, but I think most are like that here, I haven't seen many marble ones at all, above or below.

  24. Wow it turned out wonderful, definitely was getting overgrown & needed a trim. And then cleaning it, it turned out so shiny & as it should be

  25. Zach T. says:

    This man passed on my actual birthday.

  26. HunterShows says:

    A little metal polish will really help it out.

  27. Thanks Brother you’re a good man!

  28. T Stahler says:

    Never Dull, would have been faster and made the bronze look brand new.

  29. Was the burial headstone too badly rusted to get all of the brown rust off of it?

  30. See if you can't find some never dull to hit the bronze with.

  31. Awesome I just did the same for my son's grave ❤

  32. The best way to honor these veterans sacrifice is to see that no more men have to make that sacrifice ever again!

  33. pjheath5 says:

    I wish you would post or say where are these markers are located so families can appreciate your efforts

  34. Roy Peck says:

    I’m Canadian and First Nation your doing a great job. I’m thinking about our graveyard thanks for the idea

  35. debbinz says:

    I use a utility knife to cut a clean line around the base. Thank you for caring for those who have no one to look after their memorials.

  36. Thanks for this video. I would like to start doing this.

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