How to Caulk BIG GAPS!!!! | high ledge decorating ideas |

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August 15, 2022
Master Bedroom Addition (Long) - Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford (S3|E6)
Master Bedroom Addition (Long) – Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford (S3|E6) | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |
August 15, 2022
How to Caulk BIG GAPS!!!!

How to Caulk BIG GAPS!!!! | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Big gaps happen!!! and when you don’t have a stone stretcher YOU CAULK IT!!! But what is the best way?
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Here is the backer rod:

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high ledge decorating ideas



  1. san mac says:

    That last big gap I would go with molding, and there is caulking tap available

  2. Cae Rule says:

    hahahahah that intro got me rollin'

  3. MAGA MAN says:

    If you do you job correctly, you won't have to fill a massive gap.
    Also, Monkey hands. Eeew!

  4. mirycreek says:

    What are all the gaps from?

  5. Dustin Clark says:

    You're awesome dude. That's all there is to say.

  6. Really descriptive, step by step video. I appreciate the tips and now feel more confident to attempt this myself. I am a perfectionist and your advice at the end really hit home for me. Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you so much! I was looking for this filler stuff but had no idea what it was called. Thanks!

  8. Tyler Shane says:

    If you do an Ikea kitchen. This video is the final step.

  9. Where's your link for caulking?! I like to support.

  10. John Bonson says:

    Great hint about perfectionism. At these moments I usually think that it is too much of perfection and no one really notice if I made a mistake other than myself.

  11. Lux Man says:

    So if this was drywall on both walls could spray foam be used to fill the gap? Then trimmed and the corner then taped and mudded?

  12. leokimvideo says:

    That gap near the ceiling, leave it alone and call it a high shelf

  13. Los Moore says:

    Latex caulking. So I don't use silicone? Or is silicone for the tub area ?

  14. Los Moore says:

    In my shower area may I do the same above the inserted shower wall too ? For the corners above the shower inserted walls it looks like there's some corner paper of some sort peeling off from a former contractor. U did well on your video. Thank u.

  15. Christy J says:

    That was great advice. Step back and take a breath. I've wasted too much time fussing over the tiny imperfections! So thanks!

  16. Elaine V says:

    Hello, thanks for this video. I was looking for a method to fill the gap behind my wardrobe and the wall without cutting off my baseboard coz it was glued rather than nailed. Gonna try your method! Thanks a lot!

  17. Valerie K says:

    O boy…I have popcorn……………….can I use the finger method. Never knew about backer stuff. Thank you

  18. LED says:

    Thank you! So few tutorials on how to install this, and how to install properly

  19. Bob Jackman says:

    Adding Sunlight soap to mud to avoid fisheye or pin holes (bubbles)

    Watch "Drywall Finishing Tip – Sunlight Soap" on YouTube

  20. Gail Oleaga says:

    Great Video, Thank You. Do I use Dynaflex 230 elastomeric for the caulk? Also what type of tape did you use? I have a 1 in gap between the wall and countertop and it tapers as one wall is crooked. So, do I put the 1inch backer rod in the larger space and then use the 1/4 inch where they meet and just continue the line? oh . . . did you say 1 1/2 in putty knife that was stiff, flexible, angled? No, I am no Carpenter, I am a Realtor trying to fix a problem in my own home. Appreciate your advice Thanks Again!

  21. kat says:

    Why not wood filler?

  22. JamesT says:

    Somebody sounds hungover….

  23. M R says:

    Thank you very much. I'm glad there are you tubers doing this, especially, for girls that have no idea how to be more "hands on" projects.

  24. Ivan says:

    I love caulk. I love white ones. I love black ones. I love fat ones. I love skinny ones. I love short ones. I love long ones. I simply love caulk.

  25. I got OCD ,so its a matter of getting it the best I can !

  26. mugentuner says:

    This is by far the best KB on caulking large gaps on the whole of YouTube. Everything else out there is fairly sloppy

  27. tyson sittu says:

    I had a small area of about a foot that had a gap of about 3/8” gap. So I used paper tower and that seemed like it did the job. I did that because 1. I was lazy and didn’t want to leave the house for such a small area and 2. I didn’t want to buy a roll of 10 feet and have so much left over. Question- the paper towel I used worked perfectly and fixed my problem. The question I have is what will this do in the long term? Am I okay or am I over thinking this?

  28. "Caulking….some….big…..gaps…."

    I'm dying…..

  29. Cameron P says:

    I did this while hanging on top of a roof doing gables. I can caulk goo carpentry easy. But when I have a mile wide gap it looks like I went finger painting. This made me think I wonder if I have to run multiple beads and wait for it to set to come back.

    Sure enough. Thank you for the video

  30. Chris Rhodes says:

    As a old guy I used to work with said….."Looks good from my house!"

  31. hex hex says:

    Perfect last little bit of advice! Take a step back….:) Fresh look

  32. Can I use these steps for drywall gaps?

  33. OldSkoolWayy says:

    Can I just use foam instead of a backerod

  34. How long do you leave tape on before removing?

  35. I have a big gap between bottom of bathtub tile and top of tub, too big for extra tile, seems too big to just grout, any thoughts?

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