Hit!!.. Beautiful DIY Chandelier Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home | 3 tier stand decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Hit!!.. Beautiful DIY Chandelier Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

Hit!!.. Beautiful DIY Chandelier Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home | 3 tier stand decorating ideas | 55designers.com


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Hit!!.. Beautiful DIY Chandelier Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home
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3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. Is the size of the holes possible?

  2. farah ali says:

    Which string are you using?

  3. Hi may I know which type of string or thread did you use ?

    Thank you for sharing
    It is very beautiful

  4. daniela says:

    where do we put the lghts?
    is that white ordnary cordel?
    how soes she made a knot after every bean?

  5. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘

  6. Rahat says:

    Talented lady MashAllah.. Respect from 🇵🇰…. Awesome work. Keep it up

  7. Ai stone gulo kolkata r kothay pabo

  8. richa mishra says:

    Your videos are beautiful, bit quite fast to understand for a beginner. Can you please make some videos in step up step and look n normal speed

  9. Hello may i know what string or thread you use?

  10. Joshwin Joy says:

    Where can she get this type of beads?

  11. Ye white transfaront dimond kaha milte hai please say me

  12. GEMINI says:

    Can you please share what sizes of beads you're using or materials you used.. Thanks ☺️☺️

  13. He'll kya aap apna number da sakte hoo
    Boo ya sab kaha sa mila gaa
    Ya mara number la lo

  14. How to buy these stones

  15. which type or thread u have used ??

  16. Make Design says:

    I like it😍😍

  17. Sakina Momin says:

    Hii can you sold the jhumar?

  18. what type of beading do you use and where do you get it from?

  19. Mam from where u bring this crystal pearls?

  20. Vimi's steps says:

    Crystal and diamonds kaha milenge chandelier banane k liye

  21. Malak Bilal says:

    You ddnt give magermants so thas why i ddnt like it

  22. Просто замечательно спасибо за идеи

  23. Nandhini M says:

    Can u mention 13.25 work Measurement

  24. Thread konsa use kiyaa..??

  25. Material provide kra do plz

  26. Kindly share the size of transparent and coloured pearls and also what kind of thread you have used.

  27. true story says:

    thanks place creative table and bed place

  28. U&R COOKING says:

    Truly amezing .lots of ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Bhakti Sagar says:

    Please tell materials also

  30. I LOVE this channel so much!!! ❤💕Amazing projects that I always want to recreate, but get discouraged because I need more information lol
    It would be really nice if you put more specific directions and what materials you use and where you get them etc. In the videos or description. Your videos are awesome but we only get like a 1 minute sped up jumpy tutorial to guide us. Don't get me wrong I do love the jump cut edits(is that the word for it?lol). It looks really cool!! I just want more info so I can try it myself😊
    You say in the description please comment and let us know how we can make videos better etc…And I have commented this on numerous other videos and have seen sooo many other comments from people asking for the same thing. I know you do like 10 to 20 projects a video so I know it would take a lot of time to add all that in. Maybe only do like 3 or 4 projects in one video so you can give more details or something like that. Idk just some ideas. I just know I would really appreciate it and I am sure everyone else that wants to recreate your projects would too. 😊

  31. World Of Art says:

    Can you tell me that which thread to use?

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