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Mother's Day Cakes Design #shorts #mothersdayspecial #youtubeshorts #mother'sdaycakes#cake #reels
Mother's Day Cakes Design #shorts #mothersdayspecial #youtubeshorts #mother'sdaycakes#cake #reels | mothers day cake decorating ideas | 55designers.com
August 7, 2022
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August 7, 2022

10 COOLEST TENTS IN THE WORLD | indoor picnic decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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1. QUECHUA Arpenaz family 5.2

2. Nano Cure Tent

3. Flying Tent

4. iKamper SKYCAMP

5. Ohnana

6. Tentsile Stingray

7. The Crua Clan

8. Cave Tent

9. Camping Cube

10. Bubble Tent

indoor picnic decorating ideas



  1. John Jackson says:

    The last three were basically not even worth mentioning for all the draw backs

  2. Secureteam10 baby 😂🔥

  3. Magkano ganito tent kalaki?

  4. Mixing feet and meters, Fahrenheit and Celsius and price in dollars…give both

  5. Rose Ranger says:

    Bought a fancy big tent but it rotted so fast the fabric doesn’t last more than one summer.

  6. member888lb says:

    They should make cooling tents for extreme heat locals. They make solar tents, lighted tents, and heated tents.

  7. mogeking56 says:

    Try living in a blue dumpster for 7 days it’s waterproof 💦 and it has wheels 🛞 you can move it anywhere and it’s free

  8. I looked up the camping cube, sadly i discovered that the peak they show here did NOT come with any of the packages i found for this tent….not much good without it….kind of sketchy to me really.

  9. Austingabe13 says:

    The first one is violating No food in the tent so get a dining fly and cook outside

  10. There are some really cool tents in your video. Sharing your Chanel. Please take a look at my expandable truck and trailer. I know it is not a tent, but it might be interesting for you. Please Also help me get some feed back on its functionality as a traveling accommodation and what would be the best set up for something like that. I am not trying to be in the video business I want to start manufacturing the above. Thank you in advance.

  11. The song playing at 5:10 is my brothers song shame you didn't give credit to .Anonymous. exe.

  12. I made the song at 5:10 when i was in high school

  13. Zane Miller says:

    I love going camping in white voids, it is super magical.

  14. Like your channel, love the places you go

  15. I agree on there needs to be mattresses and tents that seal or heal

  16. TheBulletin says:

    Everyone should have a tent of their own; one they can carry easily as well. In these days you never know when you might become homeless or you get stuck in bad weather so you can't make it home. A tent can always come in useful in bad situations.

  17. We really love the first tent and we are looking around to try to find a place to buy it. Ideas?

  18. There is another amazing tent it's its called arabest

  19. Johnny says:

    Smash with some pingas bruh.. that tune at the start. Forget tents let’s bounce & get off chops.. throw down some hardstyle. Boom .. watch me 2 step and grind my teeth

  20. hope wang says:

    Made by solo grazier ?

  21. Larry Davis says:

    They need to make a tent like Kevlar but stronger make it BEAR and BIGFOOT proof and still be lightweight with a electric mesh all the way around the outside of the tent that you can control from inside the tent so you can turn it on and scare off any predator and then turn it off when no longer needed and you would be able to charge it with a solar power charger and with a hand crank just in case it's cloudy outside and there's no sun to charge it and it would have to be able to give one hell of a zap and not use a lot of power doing it because all these tents they're nice and there beautiful but you're not very safe in them if something or someone wants in they're going to get in with no problems and something or someone can get in the tent faster than you can get out because most people are all snug in their sleeping bags laying there in there tents like a human burrito with no escape so this is a thought because I have never seen or heard of anyone trying to make a tent that you could be safe in or at least to slow the predator down yeah the tents are cool they're bigger wider and a whole lot more polls to put together to me I high tech tent would be one with the one hell of a awesome security defense system so your not something lunch 🐻 or 👣

  22. Juan Cruz says:

    They all look so brittle & expensive. I'd rather have the first one. It's much better in price & better made i think. I like it much better.

  23. Daremo6969 says:

    4:22– Discussing heat an being light (non heavy) and I don't think they noticed that the guy climing out of the red tent, he's exiting because its ON FIRE. As he exits, you can see the heat shimmers at the top and as the clip ends, you can see at the top, the dome is melting away from the supports at the top.

  24. Josh Amos says:

    These tents suck

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