HOW TO UPDATE WICKER FURNITURE- More tips and tricks for wicker and rattan | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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August 5, 2022
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HOW TO UPDATE WICKER FURNITURE- More tips and tricks for wicker and rattan

HOW TO UPDATE WICKER FURNITURE- More tips and tricks for wicker and rattan | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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Here’s another video with DIY ideas for cleaning, painting, or updating wicker, cane, and rattan furniture. I’ll show how to achieve three different wicker finishes to go with your home decor or to flip furniture. Grab my furniture flipper’s pricing worksheet here:
Here’s the first wicker vid if you missed it:
If you have white or painted wicker and you want it to look like natural, watch this video:
Also I didn’t show it in the video but I used the Restor-a-finish on the woven cane part of the cabinet too and it looked great. Here’s a link to that product since I forgot to include photo of the can:
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  1. Do you know where I can find information on adding knobs to wicker that doesn’t already have knobs?

  2. CreativeGirl says:

    Wicker & Rattan + spray paint = outside. There, don't even have to do a video on that.

  3. If you wanted it full colour you must put oil paint as a undercoat

  4. Thank you for your video! Why type of paint/stain would you recommend to make an "orangy" sealed wicker chest just a little less orangy or perhaps lightly white or color washed?

  5. Hi! I bought a dresser that is the same exact color/ style of this small dresser. I wanted to know what color of the restore furniture you used?

  6. Ginger Law says:

    I'm starting a project so researching. I may be a ding dong but have no clue what the shape of the end table/side table is called? Then I believe it's rattan & Reed but others say bamboo. I don't think it is bamboo but I obviously could be wrong

  7. Ginger Law says:

    So happy to find your video!! Really hard to find info regarding updating painted wicker. Thank you . Subscribing

  8. Sue Dillard says:

    The upgrade you did on the wood part of that wicker cabinet inspired me to pull out an ancient can of furniture refinisher and clean up the legs and arms of an equally ancient dining chair. Much improved! It's always been comfortable; now it's comfortable and pretty.

  9. Loris Cook says:

    That little sewing basket could be a Lloyd loom piece. Manufactured from 1917 until the 1950’s it is valuable and very collectable. Try and do some research on woven pieces, you will then be able to recognise real treasures. Lloyd loom manufactured armchairs, small tables, laundry hampers, sewing baskets, baby cribs and carriages etc. l have a 1920’s armchair, with a lift out sprung seat painted in the original old dusky rose with rose patterned fabric.

  10. Great job on the 3 projects. I love the way you explain the process. I'm working on a cute round wicker stool or it can be use as a side table. I'm painting it whitewash, sealing with satin poly and it has 4 feet that I'll paint gold for a pop. It's so cute but I'm flipping it for $35.00. It was given to me…do you think that's a good price?

  11. I love wicker and have a huge haul up in the barn. I wish I had a air compressor that would blast away the dust. Great job!

  12. Hi Amy, I'm new to your channel, I really enjoyed this video. I have a storage box, it's very solid but it has some kind of fake twisted wicker on the outside that pulls towards the orange so I'm not enjoying it very much although it's handy for my small house. I'm a little afraid of painting it because I don't know how whatever it's made of would absorb the paint or not. I'm thinking dry brushing would look like the paint is just sitting on top of that orange finish, I wish I could show you a picture so you could help me out…Watching from Canada….Take care…stay safe…

  13. These are great ideas! I hadn't thought about painting wicker pieces but your finished products here look really nice!

  14. Mark V says:

    Now that I saw you refurbish the wicker sider table, I think I'll try to apply some of those tricks to a few pieces of older of furniture that we inherited. Thanks for the information.

  15. On Guard says:

    These ideas for flipping wicker are really creative, especially some of the ways you painted them. Thanks for the video Amy! 🙂

  16. I have never flipped a piece of rattan, so I needed some ideas and came upon your video. Thank you! I love how you used different techniques so it gives me some ideas for a goodwill piece I purchased for 7.50 It is a small wicker side table that I had no idea how I was going to flip and did not even know where to begin. Yet, I could not pass it up at such an amazing price. Thank you for some great ideas. 👍🙂

  17. Amy Dillard says:

    Have you cleaned, restored or painted wicker or rattan pieces? What did you use and how did it turn out?

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