DIY Home Theater Seating Riser Construction 🍿 | high ledge decorating ideas |

Tutorial- Como decorar un Aula en casa de forma fácil, rápida y accesible.
Tutorial- Como decorar un Aula en casa de forma fácil, rápida y accesible. | ideas para decorar habitacion de niña |
August 5, 2022
August 5, 2022
DIY Home Theater Seating Riser Construction 🍿

DIY Home Theater Seating Riser Construction 🍿 | high ledge decorating ideas |

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In this video I show you how to build a simple home theater seating riser. This home theater platform is about 15″ tall which will allow the back row to see over the front. It also has a recessed step for easy access.

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high ledge decorating ideas



  1. Earl Chee says:

    Joining to learn and build.

  2. F D says:

    Subscribed to your beautiful girl friend ! 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  3. Great thank you very much buddy 👍🏼

  4. Nick Waldron says:

    Very nice, what are the dimensions of the riser besides the height?

  5. Joey Miller says:

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  6. You should leave space between your riser and walls (don't connect them), and use a hole saw to create 'vents' in the sides and backs of the riser. Also, you do not want to create any isolated cavities if you can help it. By following these steps, you'll prevent a lot of low freq. sound issues in your riser.

  7. Caswell S says:

    What’s the room size?

  8. As an amateur with woodworker, I typically feel overpowered with the entire arrangement. Be that as it may, this arrangements drove me through with much clarity and effortlessness I now work like a genius. That is great!

  9. Did you finish? What's the finished project look like

  10. hi bro i need to know about the storage of this design not in drawer type but in the top to open to up
    can u tell me the ideas

  11. what is the name of sound proof material?

  12. So cool that your wife is super involved 👌

  13. Laura Brown says:

    One of the Best Ideas of SoundProofing is "SoundProof Curtains" it actually Block outside Noise coming from Windows. Check Here:

  14. Aby Mathew says:

    Can you please let me know what was the cost to build that riser?

  15. Adam M says:

    was the 16" tall enough for the second row?

  16. Thanks! I painted the top black and put 2 red bed skirts around the edge to match the red curtains around my screen and it looks great! I used the skirts because this wouldn't fit nicely in a corner and is visible from all sides, but it thankfully doesn't get in the way of anything. .

  17. SuperChicken says:

    Why do you need sound proof in the riser?

  18. Nickey Taber says:

    Should I put metal corner round on the exposed corners to protect the carpet pad from the rough edges?

  19. Nicole Taber says:

    How did you trim it out with baseboard? Did you use a stair skirt?

  20. Jacek says:

    Putting roxul without gloves.. 🙂 I respect.

  21. What are the dimensionns of your tehater?

  22. flashstar99 says:

    Great detailed tutorial. Not a big deal given the small cost difference but all of these steps may not be required.

    1. If your house is reasonably new there will be plastic sheeting under the concrete pad so no PT lumber should be required.
    2. Subfloor glue is great but probably not necessary. Squeaks shouldn't happen if the flooring is thick enough and joist spacing close enough.


    3. You can always build a subfloor with diagonal boards if you don't have a truck and don't want to pay for OSB delivery.
    4. 15" is pretty tall for a platform.
    5. You will save time by using a framing nailer. Just be careful!

  23. alina says:

    I just want a catwalk I-…

  24. Chris Caputo says:

    I built my platform using this spec. It came out great. Challenges were existing electrical boxes, adding LED strips to steps, and extending existing forced air heat vent. Material costs were around $600, but the labor was tough especially if you don't have a workshop/table where you can easily cut your wood to size. However, I bought a couple more tools, borrowed some, and we made it work. Thank you very much for your plans. We love it. I'd post a picture here if I could, but I don't see that option.

  25. Jeremy Cody says:

    Can this be put on carpet

  26. Hi. I am from South pé América, and me and my wife, love your wife working togheter. Prety Nice your new and beautifull roon theather. With God'grace and if been alive, we Will buit it too, like yours. God bless your whole family. FROM Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

  27. She handles that Batt Insulation with no gloves "Like a boss"

  28. What is dimension of theatre room?

  29. For anyone watching this, definately use the treated lumber with a concrete floor but don't neglect, as they did, using some form of vapor barrier below (or under) the mineral wool (sound-dampening material). They have created a wick for moisture, which basically undermines the benefit of the treated lumber for controlling leached moisture in that structure. While mold will have a hard time harvesting in the wool, the wicking effect will bridge the gap to the surfaces it will grow on very well. Yuck

  30. Hello
    How big is this room please ?

  31. Thanks for the video! I made my own riser following your directions with slightly different specs. I did 2 levels of 2×6's. I wasn't satisfied with the height so I added an additional level of 2×4's. I saw your instagram post of the carpet you got from Home Depot, and I actually may end up using the same. Looks like you got the Lifeproof latice carpet, but I can't tell what color it is. Any chance you will post a walkthrough video of the theater room?

  32. What about the hole under the riser after many years, I´m scared about that; I think that is better fill the complete hole with Sand.

  33. wweman11 says:

    Planning on hiring someone to do this. Just curious what should the average price be for materials if I were to hire someone for the riser and some electrical components into the riser that things can be plugged into.

  34. Freddy G says:

    Awesome video!! Can't wait to see what else you do and how you will finish the room.
    I am about to start building my house and i'm gonna have a dedicated theater room. In your opinion, would you recommend I build the riser after they put in the Drywall or before? Thanks so much!

  35. Mayavi says:

    What is the platform measurement?

  36. Guinevere M. says:

    Maybe your screen will be really low on the wall, but that's pretty high for a riser. Ours is 8" (same as commercial movie theater seating) which still gives the back row a really good "screen-center-even-with-eyes" experience, the sound is adjusted good for them too, and they see over the front seat just fine.

  37. Mike Meireis says:

    Shouldn't you have run electrical ? Plug ins for electric recliners, ropelights, light sconce for the stair ?

  38. Where are more videos?! 😀

  39. Joe Slone says:

    What are the dimensions of your theater room?

  40. I respect the fact that you respond to questions with honest answers!

    I've really enjoyed watching your visions come to life.

    Keep it up!

  41. Clyde Decker says:

    Is it me or is that floor not level as in does it slope down from left to right? Anyway, its still gonna be a great space. BTW, are those electrical outlets in the wall?

  42. Looking forward to see how this comes along. I am planning the same thing for our new house build! You are about 2yrs father down the process than I am!

  43. Brilliant way to make your theater room that much more awesome! Look forward to seeing how you finish this room.

  44. Why do you need treated lumber when it is touching concrete?

  45. Paul Harder says:

    How big are your foundation walls? Curious to know the head room in the back row

  46. Solen Serto says:

    First person to hit like

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