Designers Favorite Paint Colors! | Interior Design Secrets | diy grave decoration ideas |

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August 5, 2022
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August 5, 2022
Designers Favorite Paint Colors! | Interior Design Secrets

Designers Favorite Paint Colors! | Interior Design Secrets | diy grave decoration ideas |

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About the video:
Designer Mollie Openshaw of Design Loves Detail, shares her favorite
go-to paint colors that she used in her own home & in clients homes too!
Great examples of how paint colors look on the wall & tips for getting
the right color. Her tried & true favorites are a great place to start
as you select colors for your home. Sharing her thoughts on painted
doors, trim colors with wall colors, what sheen to use and how to pair
colors together! Also some great tips on getting the color right for
your home and what factors affect how paint looks in a space.

About the Channel:
Sharing the best deals for your home, product reviews + tips/tricks we’ve learned along the way for building and remodeling. Interior designer & stylist, Mollie of shares her extensive knowledge on decor, furniture & finishes for the home. She’s mastered creating spaces that look both high end and inviting and she does it all for a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

Follow along as she and her husband, Ben share their experiences with designing and building their own 3 homes from the ground up! You’ll be amazed at these cost savvy ideas to get that designer look for less!

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Instagram: @designlovesdetail
diy grave decoration ideas



  1. What sheen is the super white on the door there?

  2. Love your designs! We’re building a home now I plan I using your video tips👍

  3. Is the Duxbury Grey you used at full strength?

  4. RSH says:

    We see more of you just standing and talking about what we'd rather see.

  5. Lucie says:

    Thank you for this! What color is your island?

  6. Hello,

    what do you think for a large open air room combining living room and dining room floor are Red Oak quite dark, Benjamin moore boothbay gray for an accent wall or maybe benjamin moore Aegean Teal or benjamin moore duxbury gray. For all the other walls of the roomBENJMAIN MOORE WHITE DOVE and for the moldings and doors BENJAMIN MOORE SUPER WHITE ?

    Thank you

  7. Sue W says:

    Do you use flat paint in the kitchen on the ceiling?

  8. is the saturation for the Door with Duxbury Gray 100%? Because i got a sample and it looks way deeper then the color of the door

  9. Anro says:

    Im sorry your content is good but the camera guy really distracts me..the constent camera movement is very noticeable and annoying. Maybe you could just set it on a tripod..instead of hand held..or if you did this in your video software to give it a hand held look its really not working..distracting and annoying but i do like the content..

  10. Vanessa Amon says:

    The door your standing next to, you said it was Duxbury Gray. I got a sample and it was really dark…almost muddy. Careful when ordering, Thier may be 2 color codes, or you misquoted the name.

  11. Gloria A says:

    Explained why each color worked in that space. Great video!

  12. We used the white dove in the hallway of our flip house with duxbury gray on the doors. Looks beautiful. Also used the boothbay gray on the wainscoting in the bath with classic gray on the walls. Wonderful combo with the matte black fixtures. Your color design advice gave us a starting point for figuring out the palette, which is not easy for non-designers. Thankful

  13. How many GUYS do you think are watching? 😝 This was great info, thank you!

  14. Your photos are overexposed and definitely not helpful to see the real colors of the paint.

  15. I ran across a color its called real Gray has a greenish tint I fell in love with it

  16. Very nice!
    Soothing color accents w/ bronze hardware.👌

  17. Dan The Man says:

    The colors look like an Eastern European hospital…very cold and clinical

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