Mortar Repair, 1 Hour – Easy Tuckpointing, Repointing Caulk Stops Water | high ledge decorating ideas |

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August 3, 2022
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Mortar Repair, 1 Hour - Easy Tuckpointing, Repointing Caulk Stops Water

Mortar Repair, 1 Hour – Easy Tuckpointing, Repointing Caulk Stops Water | high ledge decorating ideas |

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See mortar repair by tuckpointing and repointing that protects your brick against water infiltration and damage.
I used QUIKRETE® Mortar Repair – gray (No. 8620-09) with a standard caulking gun. The stuff is a sanded latex acrylic that sticks to brick, block, stone and concrete. The texture and color blends with the surrounding mortar. And the square applicator tip is designed to smooth mortar joints. Puncture the tube and apply it deep into the joint, and fill from back to front. The unique square applicator tip is designed to fit between the bricks and smooth-out the caulk as it’s being applied.
Mortar joints get damaged from bad, harsh weather, mostly water and temperature changes creating and contraction, and ice. Bricks can last a century, but mortar less than 25 years.
Cleaning out decaying mortar, and tuckpointing and, repointing joints with the caulk is easy enough if you have patience and time.
Tuckpointing and repointing can’t fix cracking bricks, or wall cracks from a shifting foundation.
Remove the bad mortar and clean the joints to a depth of ¼ inch to 1 inch. You can use a screw driver, hammer and chisel, wire brush, raker bar or an angle grinder with a masonry blade.
Then clean the joint with a broom, leaf blower or even a little water.
Apply the mortar repair caulk.
Keep the applicator tip clean as well as your hands with a rag and water or you will have caulk staining everything. Be patient, and take your time. And clean the brick around the mortar line to create a clear line.
After a week, you can apply a sealer to the area, but it’s not really needed.

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  1. TY Ineed to fix my front porch steps where the mortar fell out. glad I dont have to mix cement and can just use this. ty again !!

  2. I type/kind of color caulk do you use on the cracked bricks?

  3. A Man says:

    You need 2 different colored caulks

  4. Thanks for this practical video. I need to do this and was wondering how to go about it. Good to know about the Quickcrete products. This will make my job much easier. Thank you so much!!!!!

  5. 😂😂 dogs are always so nosey lol

  6. B W says:

    I like to do my work in flip flops, and as long as your across the street no one will ever know…

  7. Just put painter blue tape ok the brick before use the caulk gun.

  8. The Dude says:

    I have some mortar that is missing from my brick under my window in the front room. (Not the chimney). Are there drainage holes there too or is that good to repair? Thank you my friend.

  9. Jason Fields says:

    Calk or cock lol 😆

  10. Dawan Jones says:

    Great video and instructions. Very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  11. Jack Wilson says:

    You should use cement for tuckpointing instead of caulk.

  12. Can I hire you to fix my brick house this is not a joke I'm being serious

  13. Kennedy L says:

    "I want some serious caulk in here" a similar complaint my old lady constantly has.

  14. Adam Lamb says:

    This video made me laugh. Would make a great drinking game. Take a drink everytime he says caulk

  15. Great video! Thx for sharing! I do have a question. May I know what is the product you used to fix the crack in a brick? The brown color one. I’m looking for one as well and I’d like to purchase one if you can share the product info with me. Thx!

  16. Ace Wilson says:

    I can't watch this. The way literally everything sounds is too friggin hilarious. Jesus

  17. Very instructional video. Not sure he had to talk about caulk that much though. Too funny…😂

  18. Flylikechris says:

    Beautiful St. Clair Flats in the background. Thank you for sharing the great tips.

  19. Nathan Cates says:

    how many times is this guy gonna say COCK

  20. Jane Hanlon says:

    What anyone who does this should is use masking tape on the edge of the bricks that way you don’t get any on the actual bricks which is near impossible to get off , and you end up with a super straight line and nothing on the bricks ,that’s what I do. Cheers

  21. Alex Gordon says:

    "i wipe my finger every time i touch the caulk"

  22. holy shit, FUCK YOU Mr. Hardware, on behalf of every mason that sees this video and wants to kill you for suggesting caulking mortar joints. the shit doesn't work, and it makes our job much harder on us when we have to fix the mess you make trying to use this shit, DO NOT BUY IT! regular mortar is MUCH cheaper and a monkey could tuck-point if properly motivated!

  23. Chuck Zinner says:

    Is there a clear caulk that is not silicone based to use for hair line brick? It cannot shine.

  24. Jack Jack says:

    The phrase "putting a band aid on a bullet wound" comes to mind.

  25. J*nxyCast says:

    You gotta drive that caulk deep into the crack.

  26. MAGA MAN says:

    This is a temporary patch at best. If you are going to do it, do it right. This is not how you do it right.

  27. A man and his caulk gun.

  28. Donnie says:

    Okay Cocker You are insulting to a mason tuckpointing caulk give me a break

  29. Rick62153 says:

    Does that come in flesh color for use on plumbers?

  30. Tony Linardi says:

    607 Masons watched this video. The cracks in the bricks show their is a more serious problem. Sometimes you need to call a professional!

  31. Sean Baker says:

    It's terrible when caulk gets all over ya.

  32. Alex East says:

    “I want some serious caulk in here”. You and me both buddy..

  33. rgp63 says:

    Excellent Mr. Harware, and thank you!!

  34. Robert Smith says:

    Friend sent me this. He was laughing. Now I know why.

  35. Semih D says:

    What is the name of the brown caulk he uses in 6:22 ?

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