How to Make Homemade Tiered Cakes : Decorating Cakes | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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How to Make Homemade Tiered Cakes : Decorating Cakes

How to Make Homemade Tiered Cakes : Decorating Cakes | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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When making homemade tiered cakes, you’re always going to want to keep a few key things in mind. Make homemade tiered cakes with help from a cake designer and decorator in this free video clip.

Expert: Elizabeth Corbett
Bio: Elizabeth Corbett is the sole cake designer and decorator for Cakes by Liz, including original-design wedding cakes for private clients seeking one-of-a-kind customized cakes.
Filmmaker: Alan Mack

Series Description: Decorating cakes is a great way for you to express your own creativity in what is arguably the most delicious way possible. Get tips on decorating cakes with help from a cake designer and decorator in this free video series.
3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. Can we use thesimple straws

  2. Michele D says:

    Great job! Thank you

  3. If you use a Viva paper towel it will come out even smoother! Those paper towels don’t have a pattern on them. And you can use a fondant smoother instead of your hand for a really sharp look.

  4. Hey, why don't you make Harry Potter cakes.. They will be awesome

  5. Della Hicks says:

    Thank You for a straight forward video on constructing the layers into a tier. I have never done a cake this way, but a friend asked me to make one for her daughter, so I needed visual assistance!

  6. I’m just here for the comments 👀

  7. Areida Cruz says:

    Do we have to use buttercream frosting for the cake

  8. Every time I make home made buttercream it comes out very thin and creamy.. I'm trying to use fondant but I'm not sure what icing to use under inorder for it to stick?

  9. Çolethe god says:

    This could be better. I'm ,not saying it sucks, but it could be better

  10. Irene Mason says:

    I agree no need for rude comments. I enjoyed watching this video. As she said this is homemade so what do you expect., and Onrayia the top layer is fine it can be any size you wish. I have been asked to make a wedding cake with the top tier being 7" and the bottom 10". Sizing is up to the individual. And using a paper towel also is used by a lot of professional cake decorators to smooth the icing. Some of you ladies that have commented negatively need to view a few more videos and you will find this ladies video is perfectly fine. Only criticism I have is the camera was too close to view most of the times, I think you would have a better view if the camera was a bit further away, apart from that thank you very much for your instruction.

  11. Molly Pugh says:

    This video helped a lot was making a two layer cake for my husband's birthday but never have made one and this explained very well thank you

  12. oh dear! not very good are you? you really shouldn't be teaching

  13. very nice !!! Thank you .

  14. Rawan daou says:

    plz can you reply

  15. Rawan daou says:

    can you don't put these straws???

  16. Lola Ruffin says:

    I love how easy she made it look* The trick with the paper towel is new to me. I'm going to try it.

  17. Stacy says:

    Its not all that cute, but i can imagine how yummy it is…

  18. MICA says:

    thank you for the video. I'm such a noob when it comes to this. I used wooden dowels and they failed me so terribly. My cake underneath crumbled in where the dowel was inserted the next day. I'm going to try the bubble tea straws. #WinForTheBubbleTea

    😂😂😂 btw all the comments are so "proper". Yet I'm over here still eating the frosting off my fingers and licking the bowl. 😂😂😂 #yuuuum

  19. Sheerin Khan says:

    I'm 13 and making a cake for the first time😬 but this video REALLY helped me THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH❤️❤️☺️☺️

  20. if we making chocolate cake without gum paste pure chocolate cake in that can we use cake board of top cake ..or no plz tell me i am confused

  21. Ahzam Zafar says:

    I think that is butter cream

  22. I am making a 2 tier tres Leches cake (4" over a 6"). Is it still necessary to put the top tier on a cardboard or can I just put it directly on to the bottom tier without cardboard and without the straw supports? Thank you

  23. Fashionav3 says:

    This is so ghetto. lol I'm thinking she bout to whip out the icing smoother…nope she uses a paper towel. I just can't. When you're dealing with any form of food you either take off your jewelry or wear food gloves.

  24. Can I use the tissue technique with royal icing?

  25. Key Mcelwee says:

    Thank you for this easy and very simple tutorial. I am a beginning cake decorator and I have a wedding 2 tier cake due later in December and this helped a lot so thanks for your time ❤

  26. my daughter had to do a two page essay and she said it was hard because they dont give important details so she can write the details down

  27. Durre says:

    thank you very much. this was helpful. I make cakes quite a bit but I have never made a tiered one, hence why I was looking for a guide on how to stack them. many thanks!

  28. It was a turn off to watch you touch the cake with wedding bands on and one on the other hand. You shouldn't ever do this. Bad showmanship. Yuck!

  29. GoodOne917 says:

    Liz just decorated a cake in less time it takes to go pick one and for probably a 1/5 of the cost and the finished product gets totally crapped on. she also made it look super easy and unique. everybody is professional all the sudden. but your first cakes probably didn't look half as good as this one.

    I thought bakers were supposed to be sweet. I guess too much sugar can make ya rotten.

    (that tip about the straws is quality.)

  30. I like how Jennifer Wayman keeps calling people "rood."

  31. Irma562 Mart says:

    You can see the marks of the paper towel .. Lol

  32. this is a horrible tutorial. the top layer is too small for the bottom layer. Flat out stupid.

  33. thumbs up for you. its not everyone who can conduct a tutorial on video and remain as calm as you were. my opinion, people……..

  34. Sofia Rosas says:

    it was zoomed in so close the entire time i could not even see what was going on

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