How To Build A Koi Pond | Minecraft Tutorial | diy grave decoration ideas |

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How To Build A Koi Pond | Minecraft Tutorial

How To Build A Koi Pond | Minecraft Tutorial | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Today we do a block for block tutorial for a lovely Koi Pond, a great addition to your Japanese home or village.

Zen Garden Tutorial:
Farmland Path Tutorial:
Yin Yang Rock Garden Tutorial:
Fairy Gate Tutorial:

Materials List:

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diy grave decoration ideas



  1. I can put the sea pickle on top of the green-tinted glass.

  2. Ih kebanyakan ngomong

  3. For the water lily part of it’s not working just use bubble coral for some reason that works

  4. I made it the wrong way- it’s still really pretty! I made it to impress my mom!

  5. Alexa says:

    This build was amazing!but it took me 5 hours:,) u did a lot of things that I thought would look best as of the leaves I use the one with flowers and I put candels on the bridge and added a couch. But both designs are beautiful!

  6. idk if this helps anyone, but since the Brain Coral Fan kept dying for me -probably because I'm playing in Bedrock, I just put regular Brain Coral on the trap door -seems to work. For the reeds, I put a temporary block in the water and put a green candle on top, u can even light the candle with flint n steel (thank u update). Then removed my temporary block and put the glass pane where the temporary block was.

    edit: I ended up using Bubble Coral (not Bubble Coral FAN, looks like some ppl are getting confused in the comments) it is shorter and looks more like a lily imo than Brain Coral. Also wanted to say, amazing tutorial love the outcome <3

  7. AYAN YT says:

    Support my channel

  8. shawty 101 says:

    I really liked this but I just didn’t like that the inventory kept changing without warning. But overall very good tutorial thank you

  9. Fracture. says:

    Nice video but please LIST THE THE ITEMS I can’t keep switching and switching. Especially in survival.

  10. Paperpencil says:

    Hello cortezerino I'm making tutorials of anything but I can copy it

  11. Joey4352 says:

    Whenever I put the coral on the door, the coral goes gray, also to place the coral on the door u need to crouch

  12. crappy gamer says:

    Me out here using mangrove instead of acacia

  13. yong A says:

    I love koi ponds!!!!!!!

  14. I made them both and joined them by making a tunnel through the water

  15. themoises 68 says:

    Why does my sugar cane always get destroyed no matter what I’ve been redoing it for over an hour and it breaks every single time

  16. Oscar Torres says:

    Am I the only one that can’t keep the sugar cane without the water destroying it?

  17. JongPro says:

    Why you don’t say what i items must use

  18. I Love the way you go step by step in your Tutorials I built them in my world thanks.

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