How to Build a Cattle Panel Garden Arch Trellis | diy grave decoration ideas |

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How to Build a Cattle Panel Garden Arch Trellis

How to Build a Cattle Panel Garden Arch Trellis | diy grave decoration ideas |

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A garden arch trellis can add beauty to your garden and is a great support for many plants. It is simple to construct using a cattle panel and metal T-posts. Deciding how wide to construct it and high high you want it are important factors; Gardener Scott demonstrates different widths and how they look. Securing the panels to vertical supports reduces instability and swaying while creating vertical sides to the arch. It is advisable to use a post drive for pounding in the T-posts.

Post driver:
Cable staples:

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  1. hi ther what are the measurements of the raised beds please id like to get some wood but im not good with maths and measuring would it be possible to tell me how longhand how wide and what the depth is on the inside if I can get the measurements of the wood then I can take the measurements to the shop and ask them to cut them to the right size could you please help me also I was unable to get cattle panel but I was able to get a polly tunnel that is 200cm high 200cm wide 400cm long do you think that these beds would be subtle for the measurements of the polly tunnel I appreshat your time and hello best wishes ken

  2. semsem7890 says:

    Love the autism shirt 👍

  3. I did five cattle panels with 2 8-ft posts for each side of each panel. I use galvanized t-post connectors to connect the panel to the posts and galvanized wire to connect each of the panels together.

    Perhaps a bit overkill but I shouldn't have to worry about it for quite a while. If you do use zip ties, Make sure they're rated for UV exposure or you'll be replacing them when they break.

  4. hi ther do you have a video that shows how to build these raised beds also what size wood and what type of would im really intrested in building this also will 12 gauge wire be ok thanks again love the video

  5. Patti Criss says:

    Thank you Gardener Scott. I have spent way too much time today watching you teach. What an amazing experience. I enjoyed it very much. I’m a mediocre gardener that just keeps trying to get better. I enjoyed it so very much. Thank you for your time and knowledge and for sharing it.

  6. straight to the point!

  7. Nice looking BEDS AND ARCH

  8. Marilyn May says:

    Hi Gary. Thank you for this video. You are a good teacher, clear and concise directions. We are making tunnels this weekend, I am so glad that I watched this. How wide are these beds, I think you said 18” tall and 10’ long? Thank you again.

  9. Sarah Cox says:

    I already have filled raised beds — do you think it would be possible to install something like this without emptying them?

  10. Thank you for the tutorial. Can the trellis support climbing rose? and how long it's gonna last?

  11. Sulaiman A says:

    Simple & Awesome. Great presentation

  12. A. G says:

    I absolutely love this video. Thank you so much! I plan to make a 3’ arch and a couple steel planters. I think this is one of my favorite videos you’ve done Scott. THANKS AGAIN!!!!

  13. Can you come help me in my garden? Lol I just bought 16 acres, huge garden!😊

  14. The990990990 says:

    Im trying to grow a bit early here in finland, i want to make a harvest mid june in something like this covered in poly. Would this work to avoid possible frost outside the “hoop house”?

  15. Really want to do this but I’m worried about it getting too hot and burning my plants? I’m in south Louisiana

  16. Jj Jj says:

    Very very informative

  17. I absolutely love this so much! And it is exactly what I was looking for to create a beautiful entrance to our side yard where we have our chicken run and bee hives! Now my 9yo will be able to grow his loofah and sunflowers! 🥰🥰🥰

  18. Thank you so much for this useful tutorial 🙏 exactly what I was looking for 😍

  19. What type of plants can I put in my bed if I'm going to use the trellis for pickling cucumbers

  20. Good tutorial. My experience is that the zip ties, any of the plastic parts, weather and break in less than 6 months.

  21. Do you have a video that shows how you made those garden boxes?

  22. Neeraj Gulia says:

    From where we can buy cattle panel . Please share details of some well knows stores

  23. mogeking56 says:

    Not easy and not cheap seriously 😒 suppliers are charging a butt load of money for everything seriously 😳

  24. This is fantastic. Looks beautiful and very functional. Appreciate your videos very much

  25. Thank You Gardener Scott..💚😉👍

  26. this is an excellent idea, ⟟ will try it in my garden. Thank you so much.

  27. How wide apart are the raised beds?

  28. kathryn lu says:

    thanks for posting this very informative video… loved your shirt too, it raises awareness & acceptance of people with autism. you're awesome!

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