How To Add Texture To Walls and Ceilings | DIY Tips | Zillow | basement wall decor ideas |

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How To Add Texture To Walls and Ceilings | DIY Tips | Zillow

How To Add Texture To Walls and Ceilings | DIY Tips | Zillow | basement wall decor ideas |

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Adding texture to your walls and ceilings can give your home an artistic flair. Leah from See Jane Drill gives you tips on how to make several different patterns with household tools. Watch as Leah adds texture using a broad leaf roller, sponge, stipple brush, smooth trowel, midget trowel, swimming pool trowel, finished trowel, tile trowel, and more. Follow these steps to add texture to your walls and ceilings.

1) Add water to joint compound to achieve your desired consistency.
2) Use a 1/2 inch nap roller or a trowel to apply the joint compound to your wall or ceiling.
3) Use your desired tool to add the perfect texture

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basement wall decor ideas



  1. Drexel Lake says:

    Excellent video. Thanks

  2. Gilbert Amis says:

    Thank you very much. very informative. I am a visual learner and this really showed me how to use the options.

  3. This is a GREAT video. It is made well and the speakert is very well spoken. Thank you Leah!

  4. Lisa Tran says:

    You're awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Fox MacLeod says:

    Excellent video; largely thanks to Leah here.

    But Zillow, on the other hand, can go straight to hell.

  6. That was great . I tore down a valance from the ceiling leaving a wider space between the wall and existing textured ceiling. Your demo showed me how to add on to the texture. Thank you 🙂

  7. jcurbelo76 says:

    Muchas gracias!!!

  8. Where can I get these texturing tools

  9. How do I do this in Ghana for my clients

  10. I agree with River's Edge … You Are A Rockstar.! Well done..great confidence builder. You are a good teacher ! Explain and demonstrate … Thank You .

  11. Tinh Lam says:

    You are the best

  12. You're the best, Leah! Thank you so much- really gonna save my bacon on an upcoming job.

  13. You get a "star" Leah! Thank you for sharing this video! Excellent content. A+

  14. wyrm says:

    She made me feel so capable and confident with her warm enthusiasm. Thanks Leah!

  15. Thanks for the great tutorial. Just wondering if you can use this method on exterior fibre cement sheeting?

  16. Bob D says:

    This was what I was looking for. Thanks.. great information

  17. Thank you again for coming to my rescue….
    Hugs ~:}

  18. maxamad13 says:

    You mentioned joint compound to do the pattern. My ceiling has color white. So do they come in colors and can you give me the specific brand you used please. Thanks

  19. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing

  20. shenya davis says:

    Thank you Leah for teaching more in 6:38 video about diy home improvement than ANY other video out there…that lag on about everything but the task at hand. You're a true professional and talented craftsman. I'm going to try them all. Kudos Leah. You should do more videos.

  21. Hey big thanx Jane
    You're a natural teacher /calm healing voice!

  22. D W says:

    Finally a clear concise video with someone who is easy to understand and well spoken. LOVE this video, exactly what I needed thank you!

  23. Great advice and thanks for sharing

  24. Didnt-I says:

    Leah you are the best, thank you!!!

  25. Ron M says:

    i could listen to you all day

  26. Kamandab says:

    How awesome is Ms. Leah!! What a great teacher. Thank you.

  27. poshko41 says:

    The most helpful/likable home improvement personality ever.

  28. edgard deon says:

    Dang save money's to crappie wet paint

  29. EmmKaa says:

    Leah, you are wonderful! …clear and concise… You showed the technique I'd planned on using as well as a few more, now I just have to decide… or rather re-decide… which one to use.Thank you so very much! MK

  30. Do you mix with water? Or do you mix with plaster for the consistency?

  31. Kelley Saint says:

    Can you come do my house for me !?!?!?!?!?! Please

  32. Thanks for the info! 🤙🏼

  33. Thank you Leah for believing in me but I just got fired for using a live cat for a texture.

  34. OMG You are so cute! I love your video.. You have a nice voice and you are so natural.. easy to watch.

  35. Danksley says:

    great host but textured ceilings / walls are a disease

  36. You know how many old homes [Bungalow's especially] have that old school roll on 'antique' texture??? This shows you how to achieve, or replicate, it… [When repairing holes/cracks, (something you find all the time in old homes) and retexturing…] What you thought that the surface was too rough to fix and not make it stand out when completed??? With your mud knife.knock down that rough texture surface [immediate area around hole or crack line] first… Then mud… Sand after dry… Then roll on 'antique' texture [let it dry], prime, paint, done…

  37. Invictus_1 says:

    Wish I would have watched this 5 hours ago…. 😪 😩

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