Behind The Set Of Squid Game | baseball room decor ideas |

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Behind The Set Of Squid Game

Behind The Set Of Squid Game | baseball room decor ideas |

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Squid Game impresses in so many ways – and their sets throughout the show are no different! Shockingly, very little CGI was used in cases it would be pretty typical in – outdoor scenes, larger than life objects… but the team behind the Netflix hit went all out and built loads of the sets from the ground up.
The scale and variety is impressive, but what makes us love the work even more is the little hidden messages throughout the show. There are murals on a wall, stacked metal beds alluding to themes in the show – truly every aspect was considered.
The realistic sets were a bit help in getting the actors into character and one cast member in particular had a major nostalgia moment when he walked onto the sets of the marbles game. These impactful sets could actually transport performers! Some actors felt like they were in a fantasy land, from the colourful and nonsensical staircases to giant children’s playgrounds to tug-of-war platforms. The staircase itself is actually inspired by a famous piece of art!
While the dorms may have been somewhat dull looking, the size of the set was enormous and some actors felt like they were performing in a colosseum! The prison-like aesthetic is a strong contrast to all the environments we see during the games. The sets weren’t the only huge parts of the show – Red Light, Green Light featured a huge and terrifying prop that managed to steal the show.
So many worlds were created in just one small space, a filming studio about an hour outside of Seoul, South Korea – a studio where the magic of Squid Game came to life!


00:00 Intro
00:18 Tug-of-War
01:11 The Dorms
01:49 Hidden Messages
02:39 Artistic Stairs
03:22 Giant Playground
04:08 Giant Doll
04:54 Marbles Nostalgia
05:34 Little CGI
06:21 Reality vs Expectations
07:12 Home Base
07:42 Outro

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Edited by: Joaquin Carlvaho

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  1. MrMannirism says:

    Green light red light

  2. My family is part Dutch so that is a surprise

  3. E Z says:

    This video seemed like a last minute book report. You said nothing about anything in your rambles. Sets were expensive, how expensive??? Actors were in awww by the size of the sets, how would you know??? These actors were so happy to be apart of this. Like WTF??? you could say that about any film production.

  4. I started this show yesterday, binged watched all day and finished it today.

  5. This webseries has just blown my mind. Can't express in word's that how outstanding this masterpiece is.

  6. MOHD NIZAM says:

    Jadi macam mana yang orang mati tu betul betul ka mati atau tidak

  7. Şhadow boos says:

    Did the actually use guns

  8. Pls time me shout out I subscribed and like and watch whole video.

  9. Explaining Squid Games Behind The Scenes Set Secrets: 👉

    Squid Game is Netflix’s latest surprise smash hit, with the Korean-language horror drama on track to be the streaming platform’s most-watched show ever. Because of this, a lot of people have come across different theories on TikTok and Reddit, and since we have no idea when we’ll get a second season, let’s unpack them all.

  10. Big Bearn says:

    Squid games is nothing compared to hell.

  11. Shay Marie says:

    This is some good talent!!!

  12. They literally said no to green screen lmao

  13. eggsplash says:

    It was quite painful eight minutes to watch. The subtitles were misleading and the voice is annoying

  14. Shane Veatch says:

    Okay but did they actually die?!

  15. Nikolai Uy says:

    Was the Squid game Guns was Just a Nerf gun?

  16. Anthony Chen says:

    Mr. Beast: interesting…

  17. Kristina says:

    My favorite scene was the playground.

  18. I was wondering if that was in real life?? And wonder what are in inside the squid game masks

  19. Did they die with out cgi

  20. Camera man in green light red light😂

  21. James says:

    I thought they draw the background when they were kids

  22. glad it's not real people dieing

  23. What about the guns are they real or fake do they die

  24. squid game be like: Someone says damn subtitles says f***

  25. some one says:

    At 6:04, the actual number is 456.

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